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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a portable radio
according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a
printed circuit board. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Printed circuit board, 2 ... voice coil, 3 ...
diaphragm, 4 ... electronic component, 5 ... sound transmission hole, 6 ... plate-like magnet, a ...
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a working sound
absorber and, more particularly, to a snare sound converter for use with a band. uii 蓼 は ラ ジ オ
、 、 プ レ ラ ジ オ ラ ジ オ 利用 さ れ 蓼 蓼 蓼 蓼 ラ ジ オ ラ ジ オ ラ ジ オ ラ ジ オ ラ ジ オ ラ
オ ラ ジ オ ラ ジ オ ラ ジ オ ラ ジ オ ラ ジ オ ラ ジ オ ラ ジ オ ラ ジ オIt is an obstacle to heat
form, and in order to solve this, a voice coil is purine on a flat root-like diaphragm (υ / υpυlute, thin speaker intervened between flat stones) Have been developed. This ** uses the abovementioned lid <speaker, and a voice coil is printed on a substrate integrated with the printed
circuit board to which amplification, abbreviation and Muroko Miyako are attached, and this is
#jt rigid root Therefore, the sound thinning forest is made into an ultra-thin shape, and the
configuration is made for a part, and it is an eye 811 to provide a small-sized (thin) thin (a 141 #
transducer at low cost). Below, about the portable subtotal USHIO with the example of this study
in the attached drawing, about kFU4 about a film-like flexible-fresh xifle printed circuit board l,
the voice coil 2 and the dino '1 piece! , Print the reception rule # ll111 circuit on the other side of
the Brit group l121 and attach the moving part 4 and attach an arrow to the case 7 which can be
opened and closed. A sheet-like 1 stone 6 provided with a large number of sound transmission
holes 5 in a sheet 7 is supported against a swing Th & 8 through an upper layer-supporting
support 8.8, and the electron of the print base i1 The part 4 mounting part is held by 11 * I 11.9
integrated with the case 7 and in the figure, lO is a battery (day-small and n-ring Zo-Division
Room, 11 is a weight IIXI! The operation of I ^ 4 is one part of thermal parts, 12 is sound
absorbing fitted in sound transmission hole 5 of power plate stone 6, 1B is a sound emission
window opened in case 7 and heavy There is a possibility of filling up the filling foamy resin
roots and stopping the #B series or attaching a reinforcement teaching to the base l to make it
appear. This iTh is printed on the voice coil 2 on one half of a sheet of B / t t to form a flat platelike vibration cage 8 and a plate (the other half is a print of a circuit such as an amplifier and the
like). Since the voice coil 2 can be used simultaneously with the blitting of circuits such as an
amplification stand, etc., the tanks H and Q will be deweighted, and the 5 tatami mats will have a
flat plate-like vibration relief 8 for intelligence. Paper is attached with a plate-like magnet 68.8
through the support 8 (since it is easy to make, it is easy to make it small, and it is particularly
easy to separate it from one piece, and it is convenient for other devices) It can be made bulky
and inexpensive even when it is used for built-in stools.