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Description 1, the title of the invention
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker fL provided
with an immunity stop @ junction 1. As shown in FIG. 2A, a low resonance frequency f. The
sound pressure characteristics are adversely affected by the fact that the deep pit 1 occurs at the
point 1 and the admittance decreases even in the region 4 and the characteristic becomes
extremely uneven. Therefore, an impedance circuit is connected to the non-committee # 4 Heuss
coil of the speaker to flatten the admittance characteristics as viewed from the input side of the
speaker, and to solve the above-mentioned problems. In the following, the figure # will be
illuminated by one real m? Denoting lJ, in FIG. 1, reference numeral 1 denotes a speaker, which is
connected to an impedance circuit in which a resistor R is connected in series to a parallel circuit
of a capacitor C and a coil L in the tzh row to its voice coil. This impedant 11g circuit is for the
purpose of sensitizing the admittance property of the second bad a EndPage: 1 or the song 1III
which can be dropped in the low range by the coil L component! The admittance characteristic of
b 'c 4 N cont / The G component makes it possible to obtain the admittance 脣 a of the song l 1
lild in the region. In this case, it is determined by the value of curve 9's song 9's L coil L! +, Ill
sparse (! Determined by #ll of capacitor C, both curves, the level v4 low at one end of d is
determined by the value of resistance R. And select the value of vCl capacitor C1 coil LX
starvation R so that the curve maim island level and the lowest level 'D path 1 + 4 (D rehe Qfca i
Z, ilJkallml), (1 is -kj The admittance% seen from the input end 2, 2 'is a common 1l II connection,
L = 2. 25 飄 H 1 G = 3 μF, R = 40 when the input end 2.2' to 7! It is a 7-order attance
characteristic. From this, it can be seen that the lower band, ^ (235r4) is flattened to a large scale
compared to one song 1Illla. Further, it is the admittance characteristic viewed from the input
end 2, 2 'when the curve g company L = 2.0 mJO = 3 μF, R = 80. This Ω is becoming more
complete. From the above, according to the present invention, the admittance characteristics of
the entire speaker can be flattened and made possible. 4 Quick description # 1: Figure 1 is a
circuit diagram of an embodiment of the present invention, and Figure 2 is a custom-made
diagram of atomicity. 出 願 Applicant Pioneer Corporation Company Dan) 4EndPage: 2