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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing a collapsing multiway reproducing apparatus, FIG. 1 is a prior art example, and FIG. 2 is an embodiment of the
present invention. 6.7 is an amplifier, 8 is a differential amplifier circuit, 4 is a low band speaker,
and 4 'is a high band speaker.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is an apparatus for preplaying with a plurality of speakers. The forward multiway playback apparatus is configured such
that, if it is a child, it is divided by A power signal / low pass filter 11 and bypass filter 12I, and
these outputs are reproduced by respective amplifiers f31i3 + and speakers 41 + 41 ( See Figure
1). In this case, it is necessary to match the low-pass filter (11 with the bypass filter (21). The
present invention relates to a novel multi-way playback device that does not require such
matching. , R-t-, r! ? 2) Detailed description will be made with reference to FIG. (51 is an input
terminal to which an input signal is applied, +6 '+ 71 is an amplifier, +81 is a differential
amplifier, (4) is a low range speaker, and (4) is a high range speaker. The input signal applied to
the input terminal (51 is applied to the differential amplifier (81 and the output of the booster IIi
(6) as an input. Now, let us say that there is an amplifier (a flat-up, low-pass amplifier that does
not have a flat 用 characteristic of 61). That is, it is assumed that the amplifier (61 can be
regarded as a low-pass filter H plus ring H @ custom-made as a flat amplifier and the like. In this
case the MAflt number component of the signal at xq is low pass filtered from the input signal!
The result is the subtraction of the IA wave number component, that is, the signal and the eye
obtained when the input signal is passed through two bypass filters. Therefore, the output of the
amplifier 16) is applied to the low band speaker 41 and the output of the differential amplifier
18) is applied to the amplifier having flat characteristics (speaker for high band 4) I = Im! If this
is done, equipment equivalent to that of the V-way regenerating apparatus shown in the first rg3
will be obtained. With regard to the phase shift, either an amplifier (one having no phase shift
may be used, or it may be inserted in a circuit Y summer having three characteristics opposite to
the phase characteristics of the amplifier (61). When the amplifier (6) is a large circuit, the Y
signal is a distortion component of the input signal, which is input to the negative side of the
differential amplifier 1g + and the original input signal is positive Then, the output of the
differential amplifier (8) is only a distortion component. Therefore, if the voice coil of the C1
speaker is doubled (‒, and the distortion component (negative) is applied to another coil by 4
input signals and 10 distortion components to other coils, the low distortion front teeth
regeneration output is obtained Be ラ、1::::::m::::1m、、? 2-22-2 is obtained.