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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
piezoelectric buzzer device, FIG. 2 is a partial side view of the piezoelectric buzzer device of the
present invention, and FIG. 1 is a metal plate, 2 is an insulating member, 3 is a plate spring, 5 is a
circuit board, 6 is a background sound piece, 7 is a piezoelectric ceramic plate, and 9 is a
piezoelectric buzzer element.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of an fCIE buzzer device provided on an enveloped circuit board. For example, as shown in FIG. 1,
the piezoelectric buzzer comprises a piezoelectric buzzer element including a piezoelectric
ceramic plate 7 and a background sound piece (for example, a metal plate) 6, a case 10 for
supporting the piezoelectric buzzer element, and pressure Wa porcelain. Since the piezoelectric
buzzer element receives an AC signal voltage from a signal source (not shown) from the
connection path 11j1 for applying a cross voltage to the plate, the mechanical buzzer vibrates to
generate mechanical vibration. The vibration of the royal buzzer element is changed to a sound
wave from the round hole 10a provided in the case 10 and transmitted to the outside from the
hole 9a provided in the case 10. Such a piezoelectric buzzer or royal buzzer element is
overprinted in a box, but if this type of piezoelectric buzzer or piezoelectric buzzer element is
mounted on a circuit board such as t and * cine camera and surrounded by an outer shell, the
circuit Since the substrate is sealed, the sound may not be transmitted to the inside and the
desired sound may not be taken out. Especially when applied to the case of a cine camera, this
kind of royal chamber buzzer or piezoelectric buzzer element has a film feeding failure It may be
used as a warning device for generating a warning sound when it occurs or when an
overexposure occurs, and when the cine camera is used outdoors such as in a noisy place, a small
warning sound will cancel out by noise. It causes the problem of In the case of a cine camera, in
order to solve this problem, conventionally, a method of forming a common circuit with
transistors, coils, capacitors, etc. to increase the input voltage to the piezoelectric buzzer 1 is
adopted. Due to the defect that the number of parts is increased more than necessary, the
disadvantage that the battery life is shortened due to the increase of the manual voltage, and the
characteristic 6 of the piezoelectric buzzer cable. There was a defect that the sound was changed
when the input electron became large A. In the present invention, as described in F, when the
Senichi Buda-element or one-dimensional piezoelectric buzzer is mounted on a circuit board and
surrounded by an outer shell, the circuit board is sealed and the sound is trapped inside and the
desired sound is generated. The purpose of the present invention is to solve the problem that it
can not be extracted with a simple structure, and the present invention will be described with
reference to the embodiment in FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 below. FIG. 2 is a partial side view of the heavy
electric buzzer device of the present invention. Bonded to the outer cover 16 covering the cover
5 and the pedi 4 *: from the button of the bonding material etc., and from the circular royal patch
board 7 and the circular base sound piece 6 The surface of the piezoelectric buzzer element & on
the side of the base sound piece 6 is attached to a plate-like brass substrate 4 having legs 4a and
4b at both ends by a good conductive member such as solder, brass S plate 4 As shown in FIG. 3,
the leg portions 4a and 4b are attached to the conductive foils 5a and 5a provided with the Lpass substrate 5FK respectively by means of a good conductive member such as solder.
-5---'The other king of the piezoelectric buzzer element name! The surface of the magnetic plate
7 is always in contact with the head 8b of the conductive contact 8 having the head 8b and the
portion 8a, and the portion 8a of the conductive contact 8 is a conductive foil on the printed
circuit board 5 One good conductive member such as solder is seen in 5b. The yellow @ substrate
4 is always at zero potential, and the conductive contact 8 is, for example, in the case of a sniper
t11! ! circuit! ! Exchange input voltage is applied. Then, in response to the mixed input input
power, the royal fixture board 7 of the king 1 buzzer element 9 expands and contracts 7, and the
base background sound piece 6 moves along with the expansion and contraction of the
piezoelectric and fixture board 7. As shown in FIG. 6, the yellow 4 I 4 @ plate 41 has a
substantially '-shaped leaf spring 5! A metal plate 1 whose head 6b forms a part of an outer
casing through a thin insulating member 2 as shown in FIG.押 b b b. Thus, the leaf spring 3
transmits the wR @ of the piezoelectric buzzer element 9 to the gold on the mounting plate 1,
and the metal plate 1 and the heavy electric buzzer element,! ! A resonance effect is produced at
+ 4I-. The round holes 1a, 1a are drilled on the metal plate 1 to efficiently propagate the sound
waves. In addition, the metal plate 1 may be a whole of 4-> 4 or a part of the mantle, and the
portion connected by the plate spring may be a metal plate. A plate spring is provided between
the metal plate forming a part of the outer ring and the piezoelectric element so as to transmit
@@ of the piezoelectric buzzer element to the metal plate. When it is attached to the substrate H
and surrounded by an external matter, it is A by removing the inconvenience that the sound is
stuck inside and the desired sound can not be taken out with a simple configuration. If you apply
this invention to the history in history, there is no need to increase the alternating current
rickshaw + to 1 or more, so there is no clutter, so there is no need to amplify with transistor 4
and the battery life is extended. Produce additional effects such as reduction of parts cost. In
addition, it is not necessary to fix the plate spring on the stainless steel base plate especially, l! !
The leaf spring head on the lie right side 1C can be fixed with a non-conductive screw or the like,
and the brass substrate can be pressed F-F :, + as in the present invention 7) Young fruits can be