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Description of the Invention Method of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm A continuous
member formed by delaying the number of core members having the same shape, and a sheetlike member in which a continuous member is arranged in a form of holding from above and
below in the thickness direction In the method of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm having the
above-mentioned structure, the connecting member is connected to the connecting member at a
stage prior to making it 'kR, and the sheet-like member is connected to the connecting member at
a step before combining it. A method of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm, wherein a layer for
impregnating a damping agent is formed in advance on one or both surfaces of each of the core
bodies and the sheet-like body.
The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm, and more
particularly to a method of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm having a core body such as a
honeycomb core. In recent years, due to the ratio of shear modulus to density being large, a
sandwich of sheet members / 2 and 13 made of a so-called honeycomb core // f aluminum
material film having a hexagonal column shape as shown in FIG. A diaphragm / C that has been
incorporated into the shape has been proposed. In this case, in order to form the honeycomb
core //, in the stock shown in FIG. 2, seven ribbons J are aligned with one side of the hexagonal
column and divided into portions Jl) 'a and QOb. Apply the agent. The small number of ribbons J
are prepared and bonded together, and then they are bent at a point 21 which becomes a
boundary of the division so as to form a hexagonal shape between the respective ribbons.
Alternatively, an adhesive may be applied to the sheet in a so-called checkered pattern, a plurality
of sheets may be stacked and adhered, and then cut into a width necessary for the diaphragm of
the diaphragm. In any case, in this type of diaphragm, in order to make the internal loss of the
diaphragm large, it is necessary to make the diaphragm tg a damping agent such as a moite or a
polymer material. (FIG. 1 (a). It was not possible to carry out this type of impregnation on (b)).
Further, even if a damping agent is applied to the sheet at a rate, it is possible to obtain 1 of
uniform EndPage: 1 thickness (it is not possible to adversely affect the vibration of the
diaphragm. The present invention was made in an attempt to eliminate the above-mentioned
drawbacks of the prior art, and a method of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm capable of
easily impregnating a core body or a sheet body with an even and appropriate amount of a
damping agent. Intended to provide. In order to achieve this purpose, according to the present
invention, the core body of the same shape is 0.. In a method of manufacturing a speaker
frequency comprising: a plurality of continuously arranged bodies; and a sheet-like body in which
the plurality of arranged bodies are arranged in a form of holding from above and below in the
thickness direction In the prior stage of manufacturing this, and in the case of the front 6c sheetlike body prior to combining with the above-mentioned series, braking is applied to one or both
surfaces of each core of the series and the sheet-like body. It is intended to pre-form a layer for
impregnating the agent.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail according to the attached drawings.
FIG. 3 shows a sheet body 30 corresponding to, for example, the sheet body 3 of FIG. 1, and
according to the present invention, there are three layers. In other words, prepare 2% 3.2, which
has a property of impregnating Japanese paper, cloth, etc., to the first layer made of a film such
as aluminum @ gold material, iron IJIJum @ firefly material, and bivalve titanium alloy. . By
applying the damping agent to the impregnated layer 32 which is the second layer, it is possible
to form a damping agent layer of the same thickness. It is desirable that the layer containing the
damping agent has a thickness of about 7 to 3θ% with respect to the thickness of the first layer
if the sheet is vll. Take a third layer 3.7 similar to the first layer 3 / to the second layer / 1lltJ 2
formed by taking it. Similarly, the damping agent may be impregnated later depending on the
situation, in which case, the third layer 33 may be provided with a large number of small holes,
or the third)%,? ,? Can be reticulated. Further, in some cases, the third nose 3.7 may not be
provided. According to the present invention, a sheet having such an impregnated layer is built
prior to combining with the connecting member. The impregnation of the damping agent into the
impregnatable layer may be performed before or after the combination with the connecting
member. In addition, it is necessary to apply the above-mentioned double layer or triple layer
structure to the honeycomb core □□□□ of the connection body shown in FIG. That is, the layer
2 'of the damping agent is located on the inner surface 9111 of each face / surface constituting
the core body, and the surface of the same material as the surface 4L on the further inner side of
the layer 2' of damping agent. 3ft is provided. Also in this case, if necessary, a hole may be
provided in one or both of the surfaces g / and tI-J, or it may be a reticulated body, or may be a
two-layer structure. The connection body which spreads this simple core body is manufactured
as the following stock. As shown in FIG. 5, a non-impregnable sheet 1 r * tr / consisting of a
material such as gold dust, plastic or paper is used as a sheet in a collapsible colleague such as
Japanese paper or cloth. Prepare λ, 2 Next, a coating agent I) is applied to the first layer layer to
form a damping agent layer tick 1 of uniform thickness. It is desirable that this layer v21 has a
thickness of about 30% with respect to the thickness of the first layer of the sheet, for example.
In this way, a third skin louver 3, which is the same as the 1st /, l @ hiro /, is laid with respect to
the second layer ko, 2 (or v21) thus formed. As for the damping agent, the 3rd tier Hiro. After the
whole formation, it may be impregnated, (5) a case where a large number of small holes are
provided in the third layer, or 3j 曽 3,? It is sufficient to make the shape uniform.
Here, the surface of the third skin 3 of the sheet 3 is squared according to the height h and @W
of the entire core body and divided into nine parts, and each part is made into a so-called
checkerboard-like adhesive '. What to do. Such a sheet body is U-sheet # -layered, and cut after
50 days after production. By opening and bending the cut valleys, a honeycomb-shaped
continuous body having a layer in which the damping agent is dipped in the trough is formed. In
this case, the laminated layers may be bamboo to a number such that each of the cut pieces
becomes one vibrating plate, or the cut pieces may be stacked in history to form one vibrating
plate. In the above, a diaphragm having a structure in which a honeycomb core or L :) sand, a
continuous member is sandwiched between sheet members is described, but the core of the
continuous member may not have a hexagonal column shape and may have any shape It is good.
Although it is preferable that the connecting members and the sheet members are separately
formed, it may be integrally formed with the connecting members. FIG. 6 shows a diaphragm bo
in which the core body is formed into an equilateral triangle to compensate for the defect of the
honeycomb core shape, and one side of the sheet body is integrally formed with (6) EndPage: 2
film body. That is, the cross section of each core body 6 / ha is configured to be an equilateral
triangle, and the bottom portion A2 of the core body 6 / which defines a plane is integrally
formed with the core body t /. The bottom portion A2 (which is not formed by the sheet body but
defines one plane, and this stock case is also referred to as a sheet-like body. Taking a
longitudinal cross section of this core body 4 / as shown in FIG. 7, the ribs 6 / σ + 6 ′ ′ +
constituting each core body 6 // C and the bottom sheet-like body form a series ing. The present
invention can also be applied to this simple diaphragm. The present invention provides a method
of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm which can easily impregnate an IJy continuous body or a
sheet body with a uniform amount of an appropriate amount of an agent by forming the abovementioned strain. Can be provided.
-BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway perspective view ta + and
a partial top view (a) of a diaphragm having a honeycomb core, and FIG. 2 is an explanatory view
of a method of manufacturing the diaphragm of FIG. 3 and 1 are partially cutaway perspective
views of the embodiment of the present invention, FIG. S is an explanatory view of the
manufacturing method according to the present invention, FIG. 6 and FIG. In the real corridor
sound "V 係 る 係 る 係 る 斜 一部 一部 一部 で 5 5 5. / C 960 · · · diaphragm, l /, 6 / · · · · / / 3,
30 ° 6 pieces, 63 · · · sheet-like body, 3 pieces · · · · ·, SO ·················································· 3