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Specification 1 Title of the Invention Method of manufacturing speaker edge + 11 Using a mold
containing a preformed diaphragm and having an edge cavity of a predetermined shape on the
outer peripheral edge of the diaphragm, the cavity for the edge A method of manufacturing an
edge for a speaker, wherein q # pregnancy is to injection-mold the edge material.
2 Claims
The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing an edge for a speaker, and more
particularly, to a method of manufacturing an edge for a speaker which does not require a
bonding process to a diaphragm. The diaphragm of the speaker, for example, a cone-shaped
diaphragm central portion is supported by a damper, and the outer peripheral edge is supported
by the frame via an edge. In particular, the edge does not interfere with the piston movement of
the diaphragm and causes an inverse resonance phenomenon etc. Therefore, various measures
are applied to the edge to prevent the resonance phenomenon or the like. The former is known
as one in which the diaphragm and the edge are integral, and the process of bonding the two is
unnecessary, but there is a molding problem because it is necessary to make the thickness of the
edge thinner. In the latter case, the edge formed separately from the diaphragm is bonded to the
diaphragm, and there is an advantage that the material is freely selected. However, the process of
bonding to the diaphragm is required, which causes an increase in the number of working
processes. There is. When comparing the two, there is a problem that the manufacturing process
is complicated, but since the free edge has a linear piston motion, can thicken the amplitude and
can support the diaphragm softly, the compliance is This is the main stream in the next stage,
because it has advantages such as large and low minimum resonance frequency f0. EndPage: 1
Therefore, the present invention seeks to solve the problems in the manufacturing process while
taking advantage of the free edge. Therefore, the diaphragm is accommodated in the cavity of the
mold used in the manufacturing process of the edge. Thus, a cavity necessary for forming an
edge is formed, and an edge material is injected into the cavity. Hereinafter, the present invention
will be described in detail with reference to the attached drawings. First, in the figure, the symbol
I indicates a preformed preformed cone-shaped diaphragm such as metal, film, paper, etc., and
this peripheral portion / Ik of the cone-shaped diaphragm l is formed by the edge mold 10
Housed in. This edge mold 10 is composed of a convex type / 2 and a concave type 13 which are
divided up and down or front and back, and a cavity ti necessary for edge molding is formed by
the convex J11 and the concave 11/3. ing. The inner peripheral edge of this cavity // is in an
open state to accommodate the peripheral edge portion / a of the cone-shaped diaphragm I, and
in the state of accommodating the peripheral edge 117a, the convex lIl co and the concave ffi / J
When combined, the cavity ll is closed.
Hold the end of the runner / Ja open to the cavity l /! Then, the molten edge material supplied
from the injection nozzle ID is supplied during the lunch / break-in period. The cavity 11 to
which the edge material is supplied corresponds to the shape of the mesh so that a portion
corresponding to the inner peripheral edge core a of the edge 2 overlaps the peripheral edge
portion / a of the diaphragm I. 4 Therefore, in order to form the mesh with the above-described
edge mold IO, the outer peripheral edge / a of the preformed cone diaphragm l is accommodated
along the inner peripheral edge of the cavity //, and the star of the convex W113 Put the cabinet
in the closed state. Then, melt the edge material 5 such as acrylic, polycarbonate, borillard,
elastomer, polyurethane resin, etc. from the injection nozzle / 4 'into the cavity 11 and carry out
keying to make the cone diaphragm I and the edge 2 Get an integrated one. In this case, the outer
peripheral edge / a of the cone wedge-diaphragm I and the inner peripheral edge core a of the
mesh are not in abutment of the end faces but are in a polymerized state with each other and are
integrated by surface contact. An edge is obtained in one shot. The outer peripheral edge / a of
the 1 cone type diaphragm I and the polymerization state of the inner peripheral edge 2a of the
mesh are not limited to the above embodiment, but the inner peripheral edge of the mesh is the
outer peripheral edge / 'a of the cone type diaphragm 1 (FIG. 3), and the outer peripheral edge
711 may be integrated in a state of being pinched from both sides with the inner peripheral edge
of the nisshi (FIG. 4). In forming the edge, it is possible to use a foamed resin in addition to the
above-mentioned resin, or to increase the mass by making only the inner peripheral edge of the
edge closer to the diaphragm to prevent the edge from sticking. As apparent from the above
description, according to the method of manufacturing the speaker edge of the present invention,
the outer peripheral edge of the diaphragm is accommodated in the cavity of the mold used for
the edge molding, so that the edge molding cavity is completely completed. It is possible to
obtain an edge integrated with the diaphragm by injecting the edge material into the free edge,
and a free edge can be manufactured without a bonding step.
The M1 figure is a partially enlarged sectional view of the mold used in the practice of the
present invention, the second brick is an edge formed cavity and an enlarged cross section
showing the shape of the edge, 菖 3 and 4 The figure is an enlarged sectional view showing an
example of a state in which the diaphragm and the edge are integrated. 1 ··· Cone-shaped
diaphragm, / & · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · edge edge 2a 1 · · · · · · · · · · · convex ffi, / · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · nozzle. Patent Assignee Pioneer Co., Ltd. Mogami Electric Co., Ltd. EndPage: 2