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Title: Loudspeaker diaphragm and method of manufacturing the same-The present invention
relates to a plurality of parts of @l defining a plane and a core body of the same shape integrally
formed with the seventh part and projecting in a direction substantially perpendicular to the
plane A speaker diaphragm comprising: a second portion connected in series; and a sheet body
provided at a position symmetrical to the first portion with respect to the first portion.
The present invention relates to a speaker for high fidelity reproduction, and more particularly to
an improvement in the structure of a speaker diaphragm and a novel manufacturing method
thereof. Conventionally, various studies have been made on a speaker having a flat diaphragm,
and this type of speaker is desirable from the viewpoint of suppressing and controlling divided
vibrations. As a diaphragm of a speaker of a seed type, one having a honeycomb structure with a
hexagonal column shape as shown in FIG. 1 (a) K and / or an aluminum material film or the like
because of a large ratio of shear modulus to density. A diaphragm 10 is proposed in which a
sheet of sheet material / 2, / J is swallowed in a sandwich shape. In this case, K forming the
honeycomb core /// divides one ribbon m into partial χ la and lb according to one side of the
hexagonal column as shown in FIG. Apply A plurality of such ribbons J are prepared, and they are
bent at a dotted line と な る which becomes a boundary of the division so as to form a
hexagonal shape between the respective ribbons. Such a honeycomb core / l is somewhat good
against shear stress, but is easily deformed with respect to lateral forces F / and F- as shown in
the top view of FIG. 1). In particular, although it is so so for the force F / in the longitudinal
direction of the ribbon I, it is only due to the support by the adhesion of the sheet material / 2 for
the lateral force F co It was not enough as stiffness. In addition, in order to make internal loss of
the diaphragm large, it may be necessary to impregnate the diaphragm with a moite or a polymer
material, but it is impossible to perform this kind of impregnation on the bonding portion 1 m. .
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention has been made in order to eliminate the
above-mentioned drawbacks of the prior art, and has as its object to provide a loudspeaker
diaphragm having necessary rigidity and easy application of an impregnating agent, and a
method of manufacturing the same. In order to achieve this object, according to the present
invention, there are provided a first portion defining a plane, and a plurality of core bodies of the
same shape which are integrally formed with the first portion and project in a direction
substantially perpendicular to the plane. The same shape pattern continuously repeats a speaker
diaphragm comprising a first portion formed in a row and a sheet body provided at a position
symmetrical to the first portion with respect to the first portion. Columnar bodies are arranged
on a single substrate so as to form a slit, and a first paper making tool provided with small holes
on the substrate at the bottom of the slit, a cut-out portion that fits loosely with the slit, The first
papermaking tool comprises a first papermaking tool having a wire-like first papermaking tool,
and the first papermaking tool is combined with the first papermaking tool to make a paper
material while applying back pressure to the small holes. The paper material at the bottom of the
slit slightly floats the papermaking tool after a certain degree. Further the paper making paper
material was dried thereafter, manufactured as pressure molding.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail according to the attached drawings.
FIG. 3 is a view showing an embodiment of the present invention, in which each core body 31
has an upper cross section which is an equilateral triangle. Further, three bottom portions of the
core body 31 which defines a plane are integrally formed with the core body 31. That is, the
vertical cross section of the core body 31 shown in FIG. 3 is as shown in FIG. 5. As shown in FIG.
3, ribs J / m, J / b, J / c and three bottom portions constituting each core body 31 are shown. Is a
series of things. Each core body 3 / is substantially perpendicular to the bottom three. The core
body 31 and the bottom 32 integrally formed can be made of various materials such as a paper
material, a metal material, and a plastic material. The sheet body 33 is laid at a position
symmetrical to the bottom portion 3 with respect to the core body 31 integrally formed in this
manner, that is, on the upper portion of the core body 31. The sheet 33 can be made of an
aluminum alloy thin film, a beryllium alloy thin film, or the like. The size and weight of the core
body alone and the surface density etc. for arranging the core body are appropriately selected
according to the frequency band to be reproduced by the speaker. A core body <S> having a
height of about 0.5 to 9 with respect to the diameter of the diaphragm of about 1 to 30 would be
appropriate. As described above, since the core body 31 is made into an equilateral triangle in
section, the force F3 as shown in FIG. The component force of F is always distributed on a
straight lip. That is, the force F3 is resolved on the rib 3 / m as a component force F, 7a, Fjb on
the rib 31b, and the force Fil is a force F41a on the lips J / a, 7 / e. It is decomposed as F4Ie.
However, the diaphragm according to the present invention has sufficient rigidity against lateral
stress. On the other hand, according to the conventional hexagonal shape, since the ribs are not
arranged in a straight line, the transverse stress is not dispersed on the ribs and is uncertain.
Further, according to the present invention, since the core body 31 and the bottom portion 3.2
are integrally formed and no adhesive is used anywhere, the application of the impregnating
material later can be completely performed. The speaker voice coil (not shown) is preferably
provided on the bottom 3 sides. At this time, means for holding or fitting the voice coil may be
further integrally formed on the three bottom portions. The size of the diaphragm X may or may
not be equal to the voice coil diameter. (6) EndPage: 2 As described above, the speaker
diaphragm as described above can be manufactured using various materials, but it has a core
body 31 and three bottoms integrally formed of the following K, paper material A method of
manufacturing a speaker diaphragm will be described. First, according to the embodiment of the
present invention, a paper making tool 60 as shown in FIG. 6 is used.
The papermaking tool 60 arranges columnar blocks 6 having an equilateral triangular cross
section on a substrate 6 / made of a metal plate or a plastic plate, and forms slits 63 so that the
equilateral-triangular triangular pattern repeats continuously. The slit 63 corresponds to the core
body 31. Thus, the slit width is several μ to several ■. Here, the six blocks need only be closed
at a constant density at the top, and may be flexible or hollow, or may be fixed on the
substrate 61 with solder or an adhesive, or may be punched out. You may The block 62 is made
of metal or plastic material and may be the same or different material as the substrate 61. As
shown in FIG. 6 and FIG. 7 (bottom view), small holes 6S are provided on the substrate 61 at the
bottom of the slit 63. A cylindrical portion 66 (FIG. 3) for pipe connection, which will be
described later, may be provided on the outside of the small hole 6S, that is, on the side opposite
to the block 62 with respect to the base plate /. Further, the small holes 6S may be
communicated with each other by a pipe or the like. The whole of the paper making tool 60 has
substantially the same shape as the whole shape of the diaphragm, and the side plate 6 is
provided at the peripheral edge. The height of the side plate is approximately equal to the height
of the block 62, but in some cases it may be desirable to increase slightly. It is to form a holding
part with the voice coil. Also, according to an embodiment of the present invention, a first
papermaking tool O as shown in FIG. The paper making tool go has a cut-out portion 1 / that fits
loosely into the slit 63 of the first paper making tool 60 and a flat portion 1 that supports it, and
has a mesh-like gold, metal or plastic material. Become. The cut portion t / may consist of a
single plate or it may be a hollow body. The procedure for producing a diaphragm X as shown in
FIG. 3 using such first and first paper making tools 40.10 will be described with reference to FIG.
FIG. 7 is a partial cross-sectional view of the first papermaking tool cut along the crystal plane of
FIG. (A) As shown in the drawing, the first paper making tool 10 is fitted and combined with the
first paper making tool 6 o to make a fluidized paper material (not shown). In this case, since the
width of the slit 63 is several μ to several 6 as described above, the paper material does not
easily intrude into the slit 63. For this reason, attaching a chape to the small hole 65 sucks the
paper material by the back pressure P. By doing this, the bottom 631 and the side portion 6 of
the slit 63 are obtained. ? The paper material stays in b. The paper material does not remain so
much near the top 61 of the six blocks. Therefore, after the paper material stays in the bottom 4
Ja to some extent, the first paper making tool 10 is slightly floated in the direction of arrow B to
further paper material.
As described above, the first papermaking tool m determines the thickness of the core body while
the first papermaking tool 6o shapes the shape of the core body. After the paper making process,
it is possible to manufacture a diaphragm as shown in FIG. The impregnation material may be
applied to the core body integrally formed with the bottom portion 32 and the sheet material 33
may be attached in a normal manner. (De) In the above, although the case where a core body of
cross section equilateral triangle shape was formed with paper material was explained,
papermaking manufacture can be carried out in one. According to the present invention, by
adopting the above-described configuration, it is possible to provide a speaker diaphragm having
necessary rigidity and easy application of the impregnating agent, and a method of
manufacturing the same. Thus, the speaker using the diaphragm according to the present
invention can achieve good reproduction characteristics with appropriate rigidity and internal
Brief description of the drawings
1 and 1 illustrate the conventional honeycomb core type diaphragm and its manufacturing
method, respectively, FIG. 3 is a diagram showing an embodiment of the present invention, and
FIG. 3 is a diagram of FIG. FIG. 5 is a partial longitudinal cross-sectional view of a wound
embodiment, FIG. 5 is a principle diagram for describing the present invention in detail, FIG. 6 is
an explanatory view of a first papermaking tool according to the present invention, and FIG. FIG.
1 is an explanatory view of a manufacturing method according to (io) EndPage: 3 according to
the present invention. X: speaker diaphragm, 31: core body, 3 core: bottom, JJ: sheet body, J / a, J
/ b, J / c lip, 40: first Paper making tool, 6 / ... board, 6 co ..... block, 63 .. slit, 6 II .. side plate, 6s ..
small hole, to-- first paper making tool, t / .. · · · · · · · · · · · · · Flat portion. Applicant agent 猪 猪 (l /)
hand 1 回 2 早 3 嵜 2 幅 2 茅 4 @ EndPage: 4