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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway perspective view of the
present invention applied to a chair. FIG. 2 is a block diagram of the electric circuit in the present
invention. 4 ...... electro - mechanical transducer, 5 ...... capsules, 6 ° 7 ...... woofer, 9,10 ...... in
speaker for treble.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic
system which allows a user to enjoy music while fully feeling the bass with a small output. When
enjoying the music, the ratio of listening to the ear in the bass part and feeling the sound
pressure with the skin is the sound pressure of the bath (05 / J, -7, -φ f--5) It is analyzed that
there are more people who feel the In the current sound system, a speaker for bass and middle
and high tone is provided at the front to listen to the sound from the speaker at a distant
position, but the bass has a large attenuation ratio so that the bass can be sufficiently sensed. In
order to achieve this, it is necessary to increase the capacity of the output, and there is a problem
that noise pollution occurs if every time you enjoy music with a large capacity of output. In order
to solve this, it is possible to enjoy music with a small volume of output using a headphone,
however, the effect that the low pressure is heard by the ear while the sound pressure
transmitted by the air vibration is felt by the wind 1 The way of enjoyment with the headphone is
to ignore the sound pressure transmitted by the air vibration in the way of enjoyment with the
headphone, and the music effect will not be sufficiently exhibited. The present invention solves
the above-mentioned problems, and it is possible to use a) a) small space of a sound space so that
the sound from the low-pitched, medium-high-pitched speaker can be sufficiently heard based on
the small-capacity output. Further, it is characterized in that it is configured to generate
mechanical vibration synchronized with the sound from the speaker not accompanied by the
audible sound based on the audio current in the low temperature range. Hereinafter,
embodiments of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. The first
figure is an application of the present invention to a chair, and a diaphragm 2 for emitting
mechanical vibration is attached to a frame 1 & of the chair 1 by an electro-mechanical converter
described later. The diaphragm 2 also serves to disperse and support the weight of the human
body sitting on the chair 1. Further, on the surface of the diaphragm 2, a cushion layer 6 such as
polyurethane which transmits the vibration of the diaphragm 2 [present] * □□□ to the chair 1
is provided. The cushioning layer 6 also functions to improve comfort when sitting on the chair
1. The diaphragm 2 has an electro-mechanical transducer 4 removed. The electro-mechanical
converter 4 is a structure that generates an audible sound (a mechanical vibration not
accompanied by an audible sound) due to the mutual magnetic interference between the
magnetic force generated in the coil and the magnetic force of the magnet due to the low sound
current. belongs to. In addition, since it has become clear from experiments that the seating part
of a chair that is generally marketed is a structure that easily transmits vibration, the magic box 4
is embedded in a diaphragm with oJ flexibility and this is a chair 1 It may be installed as it is laid,
or it may be installed internally.
The upper part of the chair 1 is attached with a capsule 5 which has a small space for a sound
expansion space, and the lower part speaker 6.7 of the bottom 5 of the capsule 5 makes the
space closer. When the head body is placed in the capsule 5, the speaker 6.7 approaches the ear
sufficiently and the close-up effect is broken. The trace of the speaker for medium and highpitched sound 9.1 which was made to approach the speaker 6.7 on the support f4 + 8 of the
capsule bottom part, it is pivoted so that the direction of the sound can be changed. Speaker 9, 1
og) is to make the sound reach the ear. 11 is a stereo device built into the chair's chair 1. (A) 1, ...,
1 "more" Fig. 2 is a block diagram of the electric circuit in the present invention ◎ Loudspeaker
6 at the output end of the left channel L from the dedicated amplifier 12 of the stereo device 11
The high tone speaker 9 is connected respectively, and the low tone speaker 7 and the middle
high tone speaker 0 are respectively connected to the output end of the right channel ま た The
voice and sound of the left and right channels are outputted to the output end of the amplifier 12
A mixer 16 for mixing current is connected, an amplifier 14 having a limiter function is
connected to the mixer 13, and an electromechanical converter 4 is connected to the amplifier
14 via a low pass filter 5. The cutoff frequency of the sea pass filter 5 is about 150 Hz. In the
neck acoustic system according to the above-described configuration, first, the user sits on the
chair 1, places the head in the capsule 5, and causes the ear to face the bass speaker 6.7. Then,
the user operates the stereo equipment 11 such as a tape recorder attached to the elbow 1- to
cause the speaker to output a low tone and a middle high tone. In this case, it is not
necessary to increase the output capacity of the speaker because the speaker 10 is positioned
close to the ear, and the capsule 5 defines -tV space. Therefore, not only can the evening sound
effect be transmitted sufficiently, but the external and intercepted stereo sound pickup y1- is
formed in the capsule 5 without losing the whistle to the outside. The stereo displacement 11 is
not limited to being attached to the part of the armrest 1b. On the other hand, the output of the
amplifier 12 is given to the converter 4 via the amplifier 11 and the low pass filter 15, and the
mechanical NI "1" is transmitted to the human body from the vibration +: j2. As a result, from the
sound of the bass, from the seven loudspeakers 6.7, with the 涜 <, with the 味 摂 動 perturbation
felt on the skin, the bass is sufficiently distracted.
In this case, it is necessary to sufficiently give the ear effect of the speaker 6.7 and to make the
mechanical QI corresponding to 1 king transmitted by air vibration be prone to bending. There is
no need to thicken the capacity of the output (you can fully enjoy Kagura with the output of the A
capacity. In the real dragon example, the present invention is applied to a chair, but it is not
limited thereto. As described above, according to the present invention, the acoustic space has a
small capacity, and the mechanical vibration corresponding to the sound pressure transmitted by
the air vibration in the bass portion is felt on the skin, so the output of the speaker is not large.
Anyway, I can feel the bass with a small capacity output and enjoy the music, I can expect a
sufficient music effect without becoming a sense of others and I think it is useful enough
considering from the aspect of noise pollution .