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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
bolster, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the bolster according to the present invention, FIG. 3AD are process explanatory views of molding, FIG. FIG. 5 is a sectional view of another
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 5 shows an exploded view thereof. 8 ...... storage
case, 9 ...... core, 10 ...... coil, 11 ...... permanent magnet, 12 ...... magnetic metal diaphragm.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a buzzer for
moving a magnetic metal moving plate by magnetic interaction between an electromagnet and a
permanent magnet provided to surround a stack electromagnet. FIG. 1 shows a prior art example
of the boom of this bag. As shown in the figure, a conventional buzzing coil, coil li-winding 1 / -nn-9 mind 2 is set up on a disc type 1-ku 6 V and cylindrically shaped to the yoke 5θ outer
peripheral image Permanent magnet 4 tubes magnetically J! ! L71F−! Furthermore, since
the ring-shaped spacer 5 at the open end 4 of the permanent magnet 1 and the magnetic metal
moving plate 6 having the weight 7 attached to the center s by the acid 9 have the following
structure: There was a drawback like. (1) Since the imaging and movement interlocking of the
imaging plate 6 depends on the sky @ G formed between the imaging plate 6 and the tip surface
of the iron core 2, the distance of the gap G is strictly a predetermined value So you need to
manage. However, with the structure shown in FIG. 1, the yoke 3, the permanent magnet 4 and
the spacers 5σ J, '7 [1] process errors and assembly errors on the contact surfaces of the
respective parts are accumulated, so the position of the moving plate 6 The distance of the air
gap G, which is not constant, floats, causing variations in sound quality and volume, which is one.
(21 In the prior art, therefore, as shown in FIG. 1, the iron core 2 is screwed on the yoke 6 or
screwed on the yoke 6t-permanent magnet 4 and the screwing tft BJ 14 in the gap G, a
predetermined value It was a vague thing to set it up. However, it is necessary to set the gap G to
a small value of about 100 ± 10 + w, and even if an adjustment means such as the above or this
is used, the gap Ql is cast to a predetermined value here. This book is easy 5. In addition, with the
above-mentioned structure, since the yoke 3, iron B2 or the permanent magnet 4 must be
damaged by screwing, an increase in the amount of reciprocity is caused, resulting in a cost
increase. (5) Permanent magnet 4, yoke 3 and iron core 2! '! A magnetic metal material with It
must be internally machined by 1I11-completion, etc., resulting in an increase in the size and
shape of the entire boss, such as the buzzer's pager or watch of this bag The book must be
designed to be as light and compact as possible because it is a book incorporated into a smallsized device, and conventional braces can not sufficiently meet these requirements. (4) The first
1AK AK shown in the figure is usually used as an iron case in an outer case made of nonmagnetic
material such as synthetic resin. However, it is practically impossible to attach the cover to the
exterior gate with a complete screed in the exterior gate: fcF that creates a gap between the outer
surface direction of the permanent magnet 4 or the yaw 3 and the exterior case The so-called
"buzzing sound" is generated at the time of the addressing operation of the buzzer, and the
moving image quality becomes worse.
The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks and can reliably
set the predetermined value without requiring any adjustment mechanism for the air gap
distance between the i moving plate and the iron core, and only 41 peristaltic sound quality is
good An object of the present invention is to provide an easy-to-use, compact and lightweight
bouzer. In order to achieve the above-mentioned object, the present invention relates to an
electromagnet and a magnetic interaction between a permanent a stone provided so as to
surround the electromagnet. A nonmagnetic storage gear formed in a bottomed cylindrical shape
and having a support [10] for supporting the magnetic gold 14N stiffening plate in a bushing
adapted to be oscillated with a magnetic gold Il field working plate and the storage case And an
iron core of an 11j 4-magnet set up on the bottom of the frame. Hereinafter, the contents of the
present invention will be described in detail with reference to the accompanying drawings. The
cross section 1A1r of the busher according to the second invention and the present invention is
shown in FIG. In the figure, reference numeral 8 denotes a storage case formed in a bottomed
cylindrical shape using a nonmagnetic material such as a synthetic resin, and the like. An upper
opening end & & of this storage case 8 is an fj-shaped step 8a. It is an arrangement. It is an iron
core wound with a coil 10. The iron core 9 is integrally erected substantially on the axis of the
bottom 8 b of the storage case S. The position 11 of the tip 9a of the iron core 9 is set to a
position lower than the height of the step 8m. In addition, although molding shadowing is
integrally carried out to storage case 8 and iron core 9 beforehand, the details will be described
later. 11 is a cylindrical permanent magnet. 7) The water absorption stone 11 is provided old on
the inner peripheral surface of the storage case 8 so as to surround the electromagnet consisting
of the iron core 9 and the coil 10, and the position of the end @ (jy 11a is higher than the step 8a
G is determined to be low. The permanent magnet 11 may be a gold bridge permanent magnet,
but the rubber magnet 9 is preferably a magnet made of an elastic magnetic material such as a
resin magnet. The rubber magnet or LwM oil magnet also has flexibility and elasticity, so even if
it is made a little larger than the inner diameter of the storage case 8, it can be easily pushed into
the storage case 8 and after insertion it is self-elastic. This is because the inner circumferential
surface of the storage case 8 is wound by Wj without generating a gap due to the force to
prevent the generation of a squeaking noise. Reference numeral 12 is a thin disk-shaped
magnetic metal moving plate. The magnetic metal moving plate 12 supports the step 8a of the
storage rack 1 as a support surface. As described above, the step 8a is higher than the tip end
surface 9m of the iron core 9 only to the height, and is higher than the end [1111a of the
permanent magnet 11]. However, in the state where the magnetic metal imaging plate 12 is
supported by the step portion 8a, between the lower surface 12m of the magnetic metal imaging
plate 12 and the tip surface 9a of the iron core 9 and the end surface 11i of the permanent
magnet 11 G and G are also formed in the air gaps corresponding to the respective difference in
Due to the presence of the air gap G3, the air gap 02 between the end surface 9a of the iron core
9 and the magnetic metal imaging plate 12 and the support surface of the magnetic metal
imaging plate 12 in the storage case 8, that is, the end surface of the iron core 9 with respect to
the step haa It becomes settled only by the position of 9a, and machining i14 of the permanent
magnet 11 becomes completely irrelevant to the assembly error and the assembly error. That is,
in the buzzer according to the present invention, the tip of iron core 9 with respect to stage% lla
of storage case 8 +1! It is possible to easily maintain the distance of the most important gap G2
in the weir of this bag at a constant value simply by taking l [109 m position into a
predetermined relationship. Further, making the gap uniform can be easily achieved by molding
integrally with the storage case 8 and the iron core 9 in an integral manner. FIGS. 3 (2), (e, D and
6) are specific explanatory views of molding. In the figure, the human is male and B is female.
The male mold A is provided with a step 8'a corresponding to the step 8a of the storage case 8
on the outer periphery thereof, and a recessed groove 9 'for inserting the iron core 9 in the
center thereof. Axial distance L between the bottom 9a of the recess 9 and the step 8a? The gap
is almost equal to # 1. Further, a projection 9b is provided at the rear end of the iron core 9 to be
inserted into the concave @ 9, and a crushing solo to be crushed by the female die 8 at the time
of molding is taken on the tip of the projection 9b. It is. That is, in Fig. & (2), when the position of
the bottom FkC of the female mold B when holding in contact with each other is C ', the end point
of the male A and the female B is C'. The surface 9a is brought into contact with the bottom
surface 9a of the concave $ 9 'so that the projection 9b of the youshin 9 projects in the direction
of the female mold B by a length l beyond the position C and this length i is It is considered to be
smashing. When the female core A is inserted into the concave groove 9 of the bowl-shaped
person and the female die A and the female die B are pushed until the directions a and b press
each other, the protrusion 9b of the core 9 is recessed. By the pressing force applied between the
bottom of # 19 [11 l 9 a and the bottom 6 c of the female die B, only the length will be squeezed
(, i $ A, e). In this case, the front end surface 9ao position of the iron core 9 coincides with the
bottom surface 9 heat, and is maintained at a predetermined distance G2 with respect to the step
8'1 corresponding to the support surface of the magnetic metal moving plate 12. Next, after
injecting a synthetic resin from the inlet d and molding it (fluorine 3 FIG. 0), the male A and the
female B are separated from each other, and the iron core 9 is integrally molded on the bottom
8b of the storage case 8 [FIG. The molded product is obtained (FIG. 6O). The position of the light
leak rkJ 9 m of the iron core 9 with respect to the storage case 80 throw portion 8 m which
becomes the support surface of the magnetic metal imaging plate 12 in the above-mentioned
mold forming curling is set within the entertainment curve determined by the mold. Can manage
the sky @ 02 with high ellipticity.
-Also iron, C? Since the crushing 70 is a part of the projection 9b which is sunk in 9, it is possible
to reverse the processing error of the machining 9 in the part of this crushing white. However, 9
processing of iron I) 9) +11 Iv may be relatively rough, and the processing cost of iron core 9 can
be reduced. FIG. 4 is a cut If! In another example of Zubu's other powers according to the present
invention. Fig. 5 shows an exploded view thereof. The poem 411 of this practical power is to put
a metal plate 13 made of magnetic material seeded with iron core 9 in the storage case 8 and to
set a permanent 1511 on the washer 13 soil. If it is such fR construction, case 15 storing washer
15, sono L? Chikino L? Independent from 9 and eliminating the trap for nitrogen 4 Ck wings. 9,sweat metal S pregnancy motive 12, permanent scale 11 11 circuit 13 around the magnetic
circuit 4, reducing the magnetic resistance of L2, it is possible to improve the performance of the
revival Buza. Moreover, since it is supported by the 1 flange portion 8b of the washer + 5d
storage case 8, it is not necessary to have a large storage hand Dt as in Fig. 1; It is possible to go
back here to the financial rate. In addition, "completion of CC alloy 15" will be simplified, and it
will contribute to thinning of the entire bushing. Further, in order to insert the washer 13 into
the storage case δ, the center hole 13aK iron core 9 may be inserted and inserted, so that the
assembly becomes very easy. Reference numeral 14 denotes a printed circuit board, which has a
solder for relaying the lead machine of the coil 10 and a lead terminal 15.16. As described above
in detail, the present invention is not limited to (a magnetic interaction between a magnet and a
permanent magnet provided so as to surround the electromagnet causes the tip of the four-way
permanent magnet to be opposed to the tip 4111 [1 In the squeegee for sliding the metal loss
plate, the support surface for supporting the d-character gold 481138 is formed into a singlebottomed cylindrical shape Ill: a magnetic storage case, and a bottom portion of the crucible
storage case As it is characterized in that it is integrally molded with the iron core of the
electromagnet set up, the following effects can be obtained. (114 Ii gold @ fi motive and the end
face of the iron core and the air gap between 0 and 0 are collected in the molding error @ 1111 j
at the time of molding. Therefore, the accuracy of the air gap is very high, providing a high
quality buzzer. Q) There is little variation in the accuracy of the air gap, and it will be provided at
low cost with a constant high quality and excellent mass productivity. 3) The sky l! It becomes C
that provides an inexpensive Nabza that does not require the JW 4-section mechanism and is
easy to handle.
(4) It will be provided small and lightweight. (As shown in the 9th embodiment, the processing
error and the forming error of the core 9 are absorbed like the crushing area provided in the%
iron core 9 so as to facilitate the processing of the core 9 and reduce the cost significantly.
Become. (6) By adopting a rubber magnet or a downturned d magnet or the like as the
permanent weir 511, it is possible to prevent the noise and to count the sound quality.