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Description as the title of the invention
Support structure of piezoelectric diaphragm
3) Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a support structure of a
piezoelectric diaphragm which also serves as an electrical connection for applying a voltage to a
piezoelectric diaphragm made of ceramic or the like or for sprinkling a voltage generated in the
piezoelectric diaphragm. . The piezoelectric diaphragm has a characteristic that mechanical
deformation is generated by applying a voltage and a computer distribution is generated due to
the deformation, and the characteristic of the piezoelectric diaphragm according to this is used to
be combined with an electric circuit. In some cases, a buzzer and a transformer are configured.
Therefore, such a piezoelectric diaphragm needs to be elastically supported by the frame so that
the vibration of the piezoelectric diaphragm is not impeded, and the electrical connection wiring
connected to the electric circuit is also a machine other than the electrical characteristics Needs
to be considered. Under such conditions, an elastic body such as rubber is used as a support of
the piezoelectric diaphragm, and a speaker wire is generally used as an electrical connection
wiring. The speaker wire is an extremely thin wire wound in a copper foil f spiral shape around
the paper core and has appropriate mechanical softness □, but its strength is extremely weak
and extremely high level of caution in its handling One of the drawbacks of the present invention
is that it is difficult to automate the connection operation, and these drawbacks are the reason
for preventing the cost reduction of the electrical equipment using the piezoelectric diaphragm.
EndPage: 1 to improve the work efficiency by using a conductive elastic body as a support for
supporting the piezoelectric diaphragm and also using the conductive elastic body as an
electrical connection wiring. It is an object of the present invention to provide a measured and
improved piezoelectric diaphragm support structure. FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway perspective
view for explaining a supporting structure of a piezoelectric diaphragm according to the present
invention, showing an example used for a piezoelectric buzzer, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view
thereof. In the figure, 1 is a frame, 2 is a piezoelectric diaphragm, 5 is a printed circuit board, and
4 is a conductive elastic body. The frame 1 has a large diameter cylindrical envelope portion 11
and a small diameter cylindrical engaging portion 12 provided at an upper portion in the nuclear
envelope s11, an inner diameter smaller than the inner diameter of the engagement s12, and the
outer portion And an annular lid 15 having an outer diameter equal to the outer diameter of 11,
and integrally molded of a synthetic resin. The piezoelectric vibrator 1 plate 2 is in the form of a
disc having a diameter slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the envelope s11, and a voltage
is applied to the back surface of the circumference disposed inside the frame 1 and facing the
locking portion 12 A plurality of electrodes 21 for applying a voltage are formed, for example, by
silver plating, and are locked to the locking portion 12 in the upper direction.
The printing base 1 [3 is a disk having a diameter substantially the same as the inner diameter of
the envelope 11 and is identified by a screw 14 slightly above the lower end of the envelope 11
and the electrode on the upper surface thereof A grid pattern 51 is formed at a position facing
the surface 21. The grid pattern 61 is electrically connected to the grid pattern 31 on the lower
surface by a through hole, and an electrical component 52 is formed on the printed pattern 51
on the lower surface. Is arranged. The printed circuit board 3 does not have to be fixed to the
frame 1 as long as it is locked at least in the lower direction. The conductive elastic body 4 is one
in which a metal needle-like conductor is vertically embedded in silicone rubber, one in which
metal particles are diffused in silicone rubber, or one in which a conductive thin film is bonded to
silicone rubber. The conductive adhesive 4 is pressed into the gap between the electrode 21 and
the print pattern 751 facing the narrow electrode, and the contact portion between the
conductive elastic body 4 and the electrode 21 or the print pattern 61 As long as the conductive
elastic body 4 has a metal needle-like conductor embedded therein, it may be fixed by rubber
paste or the like. In the piezoelectric buzzer configured as described above, in the assembly
process, the piezoelectric diaphragm 2 and the printed circuit board 5 are fixed via the
conductive elastic body 4, and then the pressure ′ (the vibration rIJ plate 2 faces up It is only
necessary to insert the lower part of the body 1 into the inside of the envelope part 11, bring the
upper surface of the piezoelectric diaphragm 2 into contact with the locking part 12, and fix the
printed circuit board 6 to the outside eUg 11. The connection process between the pressure plate
11 and the printed circuit board 3 which has conventionally occupied most of the assembly steps
is greatly simplified. なお。 The piezoelectric diaphragm has a vibration mode inherent to its
shape, vibration cycle, etc., and produces a node with little vibration. For example, a disk-shaped
piezoelectric diaphragm has an inherent vibration mode based on its diameter and thickness, and
produces a node on the concentric circle of the disk. By forming an electrode at this node,
stopping at the node Ii11fgk, and further connecting the insulating elastic body along the node
so that the 4'It inertia body is continuous through the connection elastic body. If arranged, it is
possible to obtain a highly reliable piezoelectric diaphragm stable in operation. As described
above, according to the support structure of the piezoelectric diaphragm of the present invention,
the connection process can be easily automated and labor saving, and an electrical device using
the piezoelectric diaphragm of high reliability and low cost can be easily obtained. .
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway perspective view showing
an example of a piezoelectric buzzer using the support structure of a piezoelectric diaphragm
according to the present invention, and FIG. 1 is a sectional view thereof. DESCRIPTION OF
SYMBOLS 1 ... Frame 2 ... Piezoelectric diaphragm 5 ... Printed circuit board 4 ... Conductive
elastic body 21 ... Electrode 51 ... Print pattern EndPage: 2