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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic view showing a conventional
focusing type ultrasound probe, and FIG. 2 is a schematic view showing a variable focusing type
ultrasound probe which is one embodiment of the present invention. is there. In the figure, 1
indicates an ultrasonic transducer, 2 and 2 electrodes, 3 a lens, 4 a case, 5 a lens outer cylinder,
6 a cavity, 7 a liquid, F a focus and f a focal length. In the drawings, the same or corresponding
parts are denoted by the same reference numerals.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of an ultrasonic probe for detecting defects in a test material using ultrasonic waves. In general,
this raw probe is provided with a lens for focusing an ultrasonic wave made of acrylic or the like
on one side of an ultrasonic transducer. A more conventional ultrasound probe will be described
by means of drawings. Fig. 1 is the conventional super fl! i is a diagram showing a probe, in
which (11 is an ultrasonic transducer, tzo2rt1 ultrasonic sound>, + 1 + 7 recordings, electrodes
provided on both sides of a 4 漫 漫 フ 振動 子 振動 子 transducer, + 31 t 1 vibration) A lens for
focusing the ultrasonic waves generated from the child 111. It is attached to the opposing
surface with the to-be-tested material (not shown) of imaging lever tl). (4) is a case for housing
the vibrator. Since the above-described conventional arrangement is adopted, if an electric drive
signal is externally applied to the electrodes (2) (2) of both sides of the vibrator fi +, the
photographing mover fi + is mechanically moved and there The obtained ultrasound waves are
focused to the focal point F by the lens (3). The focal length f is given by the following equation.
Ij = B · · · · · · · · · (v)-v2 where vl = velocity of sound in the lens, v 2: velocity of sound in the
propagation medium, R = radius of curvature of the lens More generally this focal distance
mineral water distance This convention will be followed thereafter as it is given by As described
above, the focal length is fixed depending on the shape of the lens in the conventional focus-type
probe, so for flaw detection where it is necessary to change the focal length, prepare several east,
IX · (2) 蓼 probes. I had to. This invention is intended to improve such conventional problems,
and according to the formula +11, focusing on the speed of sound in the material constituting the
focal length * ti lens, providing a cavity inside the lens, It is an object of the present invention to
provide an ultrasonic probe in which the focal length can be varied by injecting a liquid into the
barrel and further providing means for changing the temperature of the liquid externally or
internally. An embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail below with
reference to the drawings. FIG. 2 is a view showing an embodiment of the present invention, in
which il + is a vibrator, (2) (2) electrode. Lens for focusing +31 Fi super lens, 鳳 4 は is the
vibrator storage case, (5) is an outer cylinder for storing the lens (3), -6) is a cavity provided
inside the lens (3), (7) is a liquid injected into the cavity 6). Further, the lens outer cylinder 5 is
provided at the port of the liquid 7 so that the inside is filled with the liquid 7 so that air or the
like does not enter during use. (8) is a heater which heats the liquid +7 in the lens (3).
Change the temperature of the liquid. This device has an sK cavity in the lens, injects a liquid into
the cavity, and changes the temperature of the liquid to change the speed of sound in the liquid.
Nine cases use water as the liquid. In this case, the water temperature is 20 ° C. (') f speed Fi
1482 "4 and the water speed T o C is 1565 m 4. である。 Therefore, since the speed of sound
changes due to the temperature change of the liquid, the focal length can be set according to the
temperature of the liquid. As described above, according to the present invention, since the focal
length can be varied by changing the temperature of the liquid injected into the lens, it is not
necessary to prepare a plurality of probes as in the prior art. In the case of a lens, the state
resolution may cause multiple reflections on the two surfaces of the lens outer cylinder, which
may deteriorate the flaw detection resolution. In this case, the thickness of the ultrasonic wave
passing portion of the lens outer cylinder is The ultrasonic wave wavelength can be improved by
making it 174. As a liquid to be injected into the lens, for example, water is used as the liquid to
be injected into the lens (4), but similar effects can be obtained even if using glycerin, oil of recon
and mineral oil.