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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of a membrane diaphragm type
speaker, FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing a conventional diaphragm holding structure and
external terminal connection means, and FIG. 3 is an embodiment of this invention. 4 is a front
view and a side sectional view showing the structure of the holding plate, and FIG. 5 amb is a
front view showing the state where the vibration plate is attached to the holding plate. FIG. 6 is a
characteristic diagram showing the relationship between the rise in voice coil temperature of the
peristaltic plate and the input when the conventional art and the holding plate of the present
invention are used. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 10 ····· Diaphragm, 11 ··· ··· Voice coil, 12 · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · side port, 15 ...... insulating substrate, 16.16 "...
mountain-conductive film, 17 and 17" ...... external terminal, 18 ..... holding plate, 19 ...... opening
[Detailed description of the invention] In this invention, after adhering a thin metal foil such as
aluminum, silver or copper to the insulating film or depositing it by vacuum evaporation etc., by
photochemical etching, etc. The present invention relates to a holding plate structure for holding
a diaphragm of a speaker in which a voice coil is formed, and as a speaker using this diaphragm,
a known one as shown in FIG. The configuration of the Here, 1 is an iron plate, 2 is a spacer, 3 is
a diaphragm, 4 is a holding plate of the diaphragm 3, 5 is a voice coil, 6 is a magnet, and 7 is an
iron plate. As a conventional diaphragm holding structure, one shown in FIG. 2 is generally used,
and the diaphragm 3 is sandwiched between insulating holding plates 4 and 4 'such as two glass
epoxy plates, and The lead wire 8 is drawn from the input terminal of the voice coil 5 and
connected to the external insulator 9. However, in such a structure, it is necessary to solder a
total of four places of the input part of the voice coil 5 and the two places of the external
connection terminals, and to connect with a thin lead wire, the lead There are wire breakages and
defective soldering, and further, there is a drawback that the heat dissipation effect from the
insulating plate is not taken into consideration in the holding plate of the diaphragm. This device
eliminates such a drawback and will be described below by way of the embodiment shown in the
drawings. (2) FIG. 3 is an exploded perspective view showing the imaging plate erecting
configuration, in which 10 is a diaphragm, 11 is a voice coil formed on the surface, 12 is an input
portion of the voice coil, and 13 is the above imaging plate Two conductive films +6, +6
'separated (electrically) from each other are applied to one surface of a frame-shaped insulating
substrate 15 having an opening 14 at its center, and each of these conductive layers The films j6
and +6 'are directly provided with external terminals +7 and +7', respectively. Reference numeral
18 denotes another holding plate for holding the mud diaphragm 10 together with the hand
holding plate 13. The holding plate 13 has an opening 19 at the center as in the case of the
holding plate 13 to facilitate the vibration of the vibration plate 10. Fig. 4 (al, (b)) is a plan view
and a side sectional view showing the detailed structure of the holding plate 13 described above.
FIG. 5 shows a state in which the diaphragm 10 and the holding plate 13 are superimposed and
the input portion 12 of the voice coil 1102 of the diaphragm 10 is connected to the external
terminals +7 and +7 ′, For this connection, each input section 12 either applies solder 20
directly to the conductive film +6, +6 ′ on the lower holding plate (3) 13 side, or dimensioned to
fix the eyelet (not shown). Connect.
This eliminates the need to use any lead wire for connection between the input section 12 and
the external terminals +7 and +7 ', and the conductive films 16 and j6' play a role. In addition to
the above-mentioned advantages in connection, this device has conductive films +6, +6 'on at
least one surface of the insulating substrate 15 of the holding plate 13; in other words, silver foil
with good thermal conductivity, copper foil, aluminum Since a material such as a foil is deposited,
the heat from the voice coil 11 is transmitted to the conductive films +6 and +6 ′ to produce an
effect to be dissipated, and by enhancing this, an effect to significantly enhance the input
resistance is obtained. is there. Fig. 6 is a characteristic diagram showing the relationship
between human voice and temperature rise of voice coil of diaphragm using the conventional one
and the holding plate in this invention, and the curve A is obtained by using the conventional
holding plate, The eight curves are based on the use of the holding plate of the present invention,
which makes it possible to significantly reduce the temperature rise. (4)