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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an axial sectional view of a conventional
ultrasonic probe, and FIG. 2 is an axial sectional view of one embodiment of the ultrasonic probe
of the present invention. Lll ...... vibrator, 2 ...... holder, j, 13, ...... body, 3a, 3b, 13a + 13b ......
Chushinko L4 · · · · · Coating, 5, 6, 18, 19 °. · · · Lead wire, 9, 17 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · O ring, 15 · · · ··· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · terminal, 21 · · · · · · · space.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention: 1 ′ ′ i has little
functional influence even on temperature change and high pressure 1) It is strong enough to
withstand liquid tight and easy to clean even against liquid contamination 1-Jl- Go to 22 related
ultrasonic probes Now that 22 ultrasonic probes have been applied in many fields, it is requested
that their ability to be used under strict regulations is also required. Q: As an example, seawater
may be used as a ballast in a tanker of Tucker as an example, but recently it can be abandoned
directly outboard due to pollution control-once it is transferred to a Suronobu tank, oil water is
After separating to a certain extent and then discarding only the part where the oil-water mixing
ratio is below the specified level, ultrasonic waves are one way to know what level of oil-water
concentration exists in which level in the slop tank. Using an interface meter, this is an ultrasonic
probe Face-to-face taking a constant detection distance. When sending No. 4 to the other hand,
ultrasonic waves are transmitted to the other through the liquid, but the attenuation ratio differs
depending on the mixing ratio of seawater and oil between 9, so the attenuation data of the oil /
water mixture ratio liquid in advance So that you can know the oil-water mixing ratio of the
liquid being detected 0 so either move the probe in the depth direction or discard multiple
probes by installing multiple sets of probes in the depth direction beforehand The level should be
reduced to navel (・ ・ ・ 海水 ・ 海水 水 海水 2-2−). However, the ultrasonic probe used for
slonopter has a high pressure such as pressure from the head of oil water, water hammer due to
the motion of the ship, and the impact of jets to clean up the major contamination with oil (25 匈,
f / Tide degree] and temperature change is also intense (0 to 80 ° C) where the ultrasonic probe
similar to the conventional ultrasonic probe for flaw detection prevents the liquid leakage from
the external force by the liquid pressure and friction of the vibrator. For this purpose, the front
surface is coated with an adhesive such as epoxy resin, but it can not withstand high pressure in
one strength, and expansion of adjacent dissimilar material parts due to temperature change:
between nine parts due to wrinkle contraction There is a disadvantage in that there is a gap due
to exfoliation, so that the sparrow is not deep. In addition, the above coating may pollute the
surface of the interface J 界面 when it is contaminated with oil or r, so it is necessary to wash it
from time to time, but it is difficult to get dirty with a mere water jet and it is necessary to wash it
by steam or hot water jet It becomes. The back of the vibrator is filled with a filler 6 such as
foamable / recon rubber to a suitable thickness in order to have a notched / popped effect, and
further, an adhesive for the purpose of fixing the lead including waterproof and coaxial cable at
the rear. In the case where the adhesive is filled with a large amount of temperature change, it
causes expansion and contraction of the adhesive to change the degree of pressure on the light
agent and the imaging moving member, which greatly affects the planet of the oscillator. It is.
The present invention has high strength, high strength and sufficient strength to eliminate the
disadvantages of the above-mentioned conventional ultrasonic probe. And attach the imaging
moving element to the rear with the imaging moving element, and attach it to the main body with
the front lfi clamp plate via the ring such as D ring etc. Filler such as material no ffl double
surrounding rubber with a thickness that does not change elasticity by temperature and pour it
into a suitable thickness, and its rear 1 (by providing a space, withstand high pressure,
temperature change is large, too It is also an object of the present invention to provide an
ultrasonic glove having a stable sensitivity without destroying several sounds. The purpose is to
provide an ultrasonic probe that can be easily cleaned with jet 4-water using an inactive
substance in the +1 ll Hl lm temporarily. In the axial sectional view of the ultrasonic glove, the
vibrator 1 is bonded with a holder 2VC adhesive, and the holder 2 is further adhered to the main
body 6 and the front of the central hole 3a in front of the main body 6 is embossed / resin An
adhesive such as 9 is cast flat with the front surface of the main body to finish flat to form the
coating 4 and a lead wire 5.6 is welded on the back surface and the forward direction of the
vibrator 1 fL. The wire 3C enters the wire hole 3C of the main body 3, and the removal is
electrically connected to the two wires of the coaxial cable 8 stopped by the stop iron wire 7. On
the other hand, the back of the vibrator is filled with a filler 9 such as foamable / recon rubber to
a suitable thickness as a nodum damper, and the adhesive 10 is further poured into the central
hole 3b of the main body 6 at the rear to liquid-tighten the rear of the main body 6 The
ultrasonic probe C has a structure in which the coaxial cable and the wire are fixed while keeping
the 0. However, the coating 5-to 4 made of an adhesive such as epoxy resin or resin has a high
pressure of 25 kg · f / cd (τ can withstand Destroy it. There is also a temperature change of 0 to
80 ° C. If this is repeated, the main unit 6. Even if the holding body 2 is made of the same
material, the coating 4 and the vibrator 1 are different materials and pages having different
swelling coefficients, and peeling between the outer diameter portion of the coating 4 and the
central hole 3a of the main body 3 may occur. There is a drawback that the gap between the
coating 4 and the holding body 2 and the vibrator 1 and between the vibrator 1 and the holding
body 2 exfoliate and the liquid infiltrates and loses its function. 0 Furthermore, the adhesive 10
expands and contracts As a result, the pressure exerted on the vibrator 1 via the filler 9 is
changed and the sensitivity is affected. If the coating 4 is contaminated with oil etc., it will need
to be cleaned appropriately to cause a decrease in sensitivity, but since the material is an epoxy
resin adhesive and is an active material, a jet of steam or hot water is sprayed in the slonopter.
The ultrasonic glove of the present invention, in which the defects of the present invention are
improved, will be described in the embodiment of FIG. The 6-front plate 12 is attached to the
main body 13 via the D-ring 14 and the deflection plate holding plate 15.
A conductor 18 ° 19 is welded to the rear face p and the front face of the oscillator 11 attached
by the screw 16 and electrically connected to the terminal 20 attached to the rear face of the
main body 13. A filler such as foamable 7 recon rubber which is a material whose elasticity does
not change properly is poured into the center hole 13a of the rear 9 main body 13 to make it a
notched / bar and also to fix the lead 18.19. The center hole 13b of the main body 13 between
the terminal 17 and the terminal 200 is left as a space 21.] Note that the reference numeral 22
denotes a space between the tip attachment 23 of the glove arm and the main body 13 when
used as an ultrasonic interface meter (C It is a packing that prevents the liquid from coming in
from the outside, and 13C is a mounting hole provided in the main body 13 0. Next, against the
three-point elevation (about 25 yu · f / m) described for its function and effect Is the front If the
plate 12 is thick enough to break down, it will not be broken ((If the thickness is set to be an
integral multiple of half a wavelength, the sensitivity is not good either. Also, because of the Oring 14 for liquid tightness, it can not only withstand high pressure liquid. Even if the
temperature change is large (0 to 80 ° C), even if the parts around it expand and contract, they
follow sufficiently to contact and prevent the liquid from infiltrating from the outside Q (in this
example, we use QIJ as a packing, If there is a bending habit, it can function as a packing 0) The
adhesive is used at only one place for bonding the vibrator 11 and the forward plate 12.
However, this is the expansion coefficient of both Since it is a flat adhesive surface on almost the
same surface and does not affect the expansion and contraction of other parts, it has not been
peeled even in the test of repeated changes in temperature, while the vibrator 11 It is known to
provide a filler 17 as Noftda in the rear part to keep the excessive vibration even if the vibration
is sudden, and to not affect the sensitivity to a large temperature change. As the temperature
change (there is little change in the elastic coefficient Ejection / Rico / 凡Ra rubber also generally
be a good to use n Dale has its rear by the one of the merits feature set aside as a space 218-.
The change in the degree of pressure on the filler and the vibrator affected the sensitivity due to
expansion and contraction due to the temperature change of the filler that used to be in this part
in the past, but this lack is eliminated because the space 21 is provided in the 0 proposal. Even if
the surface plate is contaminated with dirt and oil, etc., it is easily removed by a jet of water, so
cleaning in the slop tank is possible. It is simple, and it is possible to remove the contamination
by the water jet even if the specimen is interposed.
As is apparent from the above description, the ultrasonic probe of this invention has a severe use
under the condition of 1 barn in the evening / car slop tank etc., that is, the high 1 king also
takes 1 large temperature change, and 7 There is no risk of destruction, liquid ingress or
sensitivity change even if the product is opened in a repetitive place or if the inertness of the
front plate is used, the water jet easily contaminates the water jet. The ultrasonic probe can be
cleaned not only by washing but also by interposing the 9-test solution.