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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a shoulder view of a shoulder type transistor
megaphone that radiates in the direction of 2 in the vicinity of the opening in two parts (FIG.
2 is a sectional view of the same; FIGS. 3 a-d show the change of the vertical cross section (A-A
cross section) applied to FIG. 1 for explaining the present invention, and FIG. 4 a% d shows each
change of p in FIG. Showing an example of vertical polar pattern directivity characteristics in the
case,-one "ゝ-4--()-", l \-I-
[Detailed description of the invention] This proposal draft Hi / Yordar type transomsta メ ガ ホ
ン あ る 拡: 拡 拡 拡 ブ リ ッ ク ア ド レ ス ア ド レ ス ア ド レ ス ア ド レ ス ア ド レ ス ° ° 6
° 6 6; '%% r% (7) fi% r- JWaf, fft F-j-% "4" In the case of a noyolder type transistor-mechaphone,
for example, which is aimed at mining to a large number of people at a relatively short distance,
the directivity characteristic is broad and surrounding Sound quality, it is good that the sound
quality is rosy, there is a case in which the inventors perform radiation in the conventional
direction of V / Jordar type tranozosta, megaphone t, 1 and the vicinity of the opening We have
proposed a device that includes 7 Jolter-type Trano / Star megaphones that divide the beam into
multiple radiations and split the radiation in multiple directions into 1 radiation and 4 radiations,
and Figure 1 3Ho) 3c) divided into 2 and 2 directions after ti'lI or G and this state, C sheet shot /
Jolda ˜ j Tran / Sta · Mechaho / There is an example of the external view of (Rifrenok horn In the
case of using the second [/ 1 is an example of the cross section 114 A, this, 1 is the main body, 2
is the driver unit, 3'-t horn, 3a is the first horn, 3b (the writing 2 horn, 3C is the third ho 4) The
direction, itl '36 is configured as above to indicate the dividing point /-I ruder type transomsant
megaphone is opposite to the conventional one way radiation 7C, because the directivity
characteristic is broad in the wide band, Low loudness and poor sound quality in the direction of
the site and at the back, and high loudness in a wide ambient lc is possible, but this megaphone
has broad directivity characteristics (this speaker's output sound The present invention, which
has the deficiency of requiring a pressure level or a low level and obtaining a sound pressure
equivalent to that of bt) and requiring a considerable increase in air pressure IJ, eliminates the
above deficiency, and is highly efficient and directed.侍 set 1s or float n yoruta "-type transition
Star Mekahon stupid, this useful payout device is provided as described above using the
drawings to explain examples of regrets, to broaden the directivity characteristics and prevent
the drop on the output sound by +1 (this j 6 · CC required horizontal directivity characteristic 2
for broadening o 2-Broadened as much as possible, and necessary for widening, it is desirable to
be as sharp as possible when connecting direct pointing) In order to rub how to rub V, it is also
possible to prevent howling by keeping the condition of stool 4 for Chuuka flight, as
experimentally determined, the directivity is from the division 6 to the opening, or j・ It is well
known that it is possible to sharpen horizontal directivity characteristics to be broad VC1 and
vertical directional custom by making the opening part i-shaped and using it as a vertical long as
it is found that it largely depends on the shape of the horn. From the dividing point 5 that would
be like an opening), this In the case of changing the cross-sectional area change in the horizontal
direction and the vertical direction, either one of the cross-sectional area changes in the
horizontal direction and the vertical direction is fixed and when the other changes completely,
the finger of the pattern in the fixed direction There is no difference in the characteristics, and
only the direction D pattern in which there is a change is greatly changed. Therefore, the water
pattern is broadened and the vertical pattern is sharpened by fixing one of the two and changing
the other. It is possible to determine the optimum shape of the cross sectional area change of the
horizontal and vertical ridge cross section, but fix the cross sectional area change of the cross
section in the horizontal direction from the dividing point 6 to the opening, Fig. 3 is a vertical
cross-section example (A-A cross-section) of Fig. 3 and Fig. 3 showing the change when only the
vertical direction is changed, and a is expanded so as to be equal to the opening diameter
immediately from the dividing point 6. Make the cross-sectional area change constant, and the
upper and lower horns In the case of a single parallel, b is gradually changed to a parallel ic, and
when C is changed conically so that the cross-sectional area changes linearly, d is expo failure.
When it changes in
Fig. 4 shows an example of the directivity characteristics of each vertical polar pattern in Fig. 3From this result, the cross-sectional area change of the vertical cross section is conically (in case
of C) or from the dividing point 6 to the opening It can be seen that the directional (in the case of
d) (the change is sharper) the vertical directivity. Also, in this case, there is a slight difference, but
there is not a large difference. Next, the change in cross-sectional area of the next VC vertical
direction and three cross sections is fixed, and the result when only the water finger direction is
changed is described. FIG. 6 shows an example of the cross section of water in the variation (BBQ plane)) 6 and d has a slope in the horn shape (side plate) in which the change in horizontal
cross section gradually increases from the dividing point 5 to the opening FIG. 6 shows an
example of each horizontal polar pattern directivity characteristic in FIG. 6, where b is an
example where the side plate is changed linearly from the division a 6 to the opening. From these
results, it can be seen from the results of two or more that two or more broad directional
characteristics can be obtained if the cross-sectional area change in the horizontal direction is
changed so as to be straight (parallel) from division point 6 to the opening The horn crosssection at point 6 is as follows: It is recommended that the ratio of this 昏 鰐 is 1 鰐-本, so that
the present invention is in the vicinity of the opening as in the following F (third horn 3c) is
divided into two, and it is two-directional In addition, the opening diameter is vertically
elongated, and the change in the cross-sectional area in the vicinity of the open J3 (the third horn
3c) is from the dividing point 5 to the opening in the vertical direction, Gradually increase it so
that the change in cross-sectional area of the straight section changes conically or exponentially,
and also horizontally in the vertical direction • its division a6 ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′-y facet
ratio By making the side plates close to straight (parallel) so that the force I ≦ 1 and the change
in cross sectional area of the horizontal cross section is slightly equal to the horizontal diameter
of 5 to the division, horizontal directivity ' + Is broad and vertical directivity characteristics can
be sharpened, so that the purpose of the shoulder type transistor megaphone is particularly
satisfied sufficiently, and the drop in output sound pressure level is small, and the linging 7 こ
ordar type transistor 1 can be obtained data, megaphone, In the above embodiments Te has been
described Te 就 split are two directions have the same effect when the unidirectional or
multidirectional ζ this division. In addition, not only horns and Frenoxhorno but also straight
horns used ○ The same as in the case of the present invention is useful not only for shoulder
type transistor and megaphone but also as a speaker for general PA () <brick address) is there. ,