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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional view of a conventional speaker,
and FIG. 2 is a half sectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker of the present
invention. 9 ······························································································
········································································································· •
Detailed Description of the Invention In the present invention (1. V-shaped diaphragm with voice
coil formed by printing or the like) 1. A speaker purchased by incorporating it into a magnetic
circuit, the voice coiler 5C It is characterized in that it is arranged to arrange a circular cross
section of magnetic material 1'l material so as to increase the percussion magnetic flux density
and to spread the sound wave to widen the listening sound field. In the past, as a speaker of this
god who puts it in O (Fig. 1), it was mowed to make this work. 7, l </ 1 Nozo 5 · 'C 2, that is, the
plate 2 provided with the center pole 1, the ring-shaped magnet 3, and the synthetic resin on the
top surface of the magnetic circuit 5 similarly constituted by the ring-shaped single-portion plate
4 A diaphragm 6 constituted by a film or the like is closely disposed, and a print etc. is formed at
a position corresponding to the magnetic gap 7 formed between the center pole 1 of the
magnetic circuit 5 and the upper plate 4 on the lower surface of the diaphragm 6. il: x,
configured to form a review coil 8 b. With this configuration, h (4, the voice coil 8 is positioned at
the top of the magnetic gap 7, but the magnetic flux effectively acting on the voice coil 8 is 5 to
1% of the magnetic flux in the magnetic gap 7). Therefore, if you want to obtain a large acoustic
output, it is necessary to use the magnetic force of the magnetic circuit 5, that is, the b magnet 3
of the amount of magnetization, which is a cost. In the present invention, which is
disadvantageous in terms of the present invention (which also eliminates the above-mentioned
conventional drawbacks) is j5-1. One embodiment of the present invention will be described with
reference to FIG. 9 is a magnetic circuit, and the magnetic circuit 9 (a plate 11 having a center
pole 1o, a ring-shaped magnet 12-also called an external magnet type constituted by a ringshaped upper plate 13) As another configuration of the magnetic circuit, it may be referred to as
an internal magnet type configured by incorporating a columnar magnet or a laminate of a
columnar magnet and a pole piece in an ovoid yoke. (The diaphragm 14 made of a synthetic
resin film or the like is in close contact with the upper surface of such a magnetic circuit 9 (a
synthetic resin film, etc. tている。 A voice coil 16 is provided on a portion of the lower surface
of the diaphragm 14 corresponding to the magnetic cap 15 of the magnetic circuit 9 according
to a printing method or the like. And, at a position corresponding to the voice coil 16 on the
upper surface side of the diaphragm 14, a ferrite 3> having a circular cross section or a diffuser
14 made of a ferromagnetic material such as iron or the like is disposed at a constant interval. .
In the embodiment shown in the drawing, the diffuser 17 is formed in a ring shape. With this
grooved configuration, the magnetic flux of the magnetic gear knob 15 flows as it passes through
the diffuser 17 as shown by the arrows, so that a large amount of magnetic flux is effectively
operated by the voice coil 16G located above the magnetic gap 15. Do. 'F21i: In other words, the
magnetic flux which effectively acts on the voice coil 16V'c by the diffuser 1 (becomes 16 to 20%
of the magnetic flux of the magnetic gap 15, which is extremely efficient. In addition, the diffuser
according to the present invention can spread the sound field generated to spread the sound
wave generated from the diaphragm 14 along the circular cross-section. Therefore, the effective
magnetic flux to the voice coil provided on the mo-plate-like diaphragm significantly increases,
and the efficiency as a speaker can be improved, and the magnetic circuit by a magnet with little
magnetization distortion; The sound output can be obtained, and the sound waves from the
diaphragm or the like can also be effectively diffused to widen the listening sound field, which is
of great practical value.