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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a conventional
piezoelectric speaker, and FIG. Fig. 3 is a mounting explanatory view of the conventional
piezoelectric sounding body, Fig. 4, Fig. 5 and Fig. 6 are respectively an explanatory view of one
embodiment of the button type piezoelectric sounding body according to the present invention It
is explanatory drawing of the attachment state to the apparatus wall of the button type
piezoelectric sounding body which concerns on invention. 11: container-like elastic thin plate, 12:
first piezoelectric plate, 15a, 15bt 15c, 15d: electrode, 16: insulator, 17: second elastic thin plate,
18.19 · · Lead wire, 20 · · · second piezoelectric plate.
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention is a button-type piezoelectric of a
sealed structure which is sufficiently durable even in a hostile environment, generates a soft
juice, has a large volume, and is very easy to attach to and remove from equipment. It relates to
the issuing body. Conventionally, as shown in FIG. 1, the piezoelectric plate 2 is simply adhered
and integrated to the flat elastic thin plate 1, and the expansion m + of the piezoelectric plate
generated by the AC signal applied to the piezoelectric plate is converted into bending vibration.
A piezoelectric sounding body of unimorph structure is known which utilizes acoustic
characteristics to be generated. As apparent from the figure, since the piezoelectric plate 2 is
exposed, it may be damaged during handling, or under adverse circumstances such as high
temperature and humidity, the physical properties of the +21 piezoelectric plate and the
electrodes formed on the surface thereof, Deterioration of the electrical characteristics is
accelerated and accelerated, the life of the piezoelectric sounding body is shortened, and the
usable range is limited. It's weird. When such a piezoelectric sounding body is built in and
attached to a device etc., as shown in FIG. 2, the outer peripheral edge of the elastic thin plate 1
is fixed to the device wall 3 etc. with an adhesive 4 or as shown in FIG. Although the support 5Vc
is fixed by the adhesive 4 at the node of vibration of the piezoelectric sounding body, the work of
fixing by the adhesive at a predetermined place of the elastic thin plate is extremely troublesome,
and it is pulled out from the electrode. The processing of the lead wire is also troublesome, and
there is also a disadvantage that mass productivity (f is lacking). The purpose of the present
invention is to eliminate such lack of prior art, Q, to withstand v'C use for a long time even under
a bad environment, to generate no loud noise, loud volume, slippage to equipment Another object
of the present invention is to provide a sound generator that can be easily used widely in various
fields. The present invention will be described in more detail below. A. 4 FIG. I = is an
embodiment of the present invention. The piezoelectric plate 12 of the pole 1 provided with the
electrodes 15a and + 5b on both sides is adhered to the concave bottom of the container-like,
elastic (3,)-shaped metallic elastic sheet 11, and the metallic elastic sheet 17 of the pole 2 The
piezoelectric plate 20 of Fang 2 provided with electrodes + 5e and 15d on both sides is also
adhered to the inner surface of the insulator, and both elastic thin plates I + and +7 are placed on
the insulator 16 so that the piezoelectric plate 12.20 is positioned inside. Seal through. The
electrode j5a of the piezoelectric plate 12 of jPl is non-adhered 1itl: The electrode j5a of the
piezoelectric plate 12 and the elastic thin plate 11 of the arm 2 are electrically connected by the
lead wires 18, and similarly; The st * + 5c and the container-like elastic thin plate 11 are
electrically connected by a + 1-wire 19. Of course, the electrodes 15b and + 5d of the bonding
surface $ 111 are electrically connected to the container-like elastic thin plate 11 and the elastic
sheet 17 and 20, respectively.
In this embodiment, both the outer surfaces of the elastic thin plates 11 and 170 and the
electrodes of the piezoelectric plate 12.20 are electrically connected to each other, and both
piezoelectric plates 12.20 are connected as shown in FIG. As shown by the arrows, they are
polarized in the same direction. Therefore, both elastic lamina! , 17 when the signal (.1) is applied
between both electrodes of the piezoelectric plate 12.20, the piezoelectric plate 12.20 spreads
and vibrates, whereby the elastic thin plate 11.2. +7 will be bent and vibrated, and will be
pronounced. 5 is another embodiment of the present invention, wherein the elastic thin plate 17
of the key 2 is also formed into a container shape. Fig. 6 shows still another embodiment of the
present invention, in which elastic thin plates 11. Both +7 form a conductive layer 22 on both
surfaces of the nonmetal plate 21 and provide a hole at the center of the nonmetal plate 21 and
fill the conductive material 23 to make the two conductive layers conductive. The electrodes + 5a
and + 5c on the non-sticking surface side are connected by an 11-t wire 24. In either case, since
the remaining configuration is almost the same as in the case of FIG. 4, the description thereof
will be omitted. According to the present invention V, the sounding body has a water ring
structure, and the co-image frequency shifts to the low frequency band, so that the conventional
fc timbre does not occur, and two piezoelectric plates are used. Because it is a structure that
combines and integrates at the same time, this sound pressure is doubled together with the
shape effect as shown in the following table (5). Since the sounding body according to the
present invention is completely sealed and sealed with two elastic thin plates M and +7, and the
piezoelectric plate 12.20 is placed in the inside, it is shielded from the outside air. The
piezoelectric plate does not deteriorate due to dust, oil droplets, water droplets, moisture or other
harmful gases. In particular, the electrodes + 5a and + 5b formed on both sides of the
piezoelectric plate 120 are generally obtained by baking a silver paste. However, in the case of
high humidity and voltage application, silver moves with the so-called norborn-figurine
phenomenon, which causes problems such as short circuit and dropout of electrodes. Moreover,
it goes without saying that there is a difficulty in forming an acid scale and the like when the
electrode is used for a frame of nickel, copper or the like (6). Therefore, particularly when high
reliability is required, noble metals such as gold and platinum must be used. However, according
to the present invention, since the sealing structure is as described above, no problem occurs
even if the silver paste is baked to form the snow pole. In order to attach the piezoelectric body
of the present invention to a device or the like, it may be performed as follows.
As shown in FIG. 7, an annular metal support 32 having a flange is fixed to the case 31 of the
device, and the flange of the container-like elastic thin plate 11 of the sound producing body
according to the present invention is mounted on the flange / portion thereof. The conductive
rubber J rubber 33 is placed on the outer peripheral edge of the second 1ll thin sheet 17. The
metal holding plate 34 is pressed from above. In this case, if the output from the oscillator 35 is
supplied to the gold between the support 32 and the metal holding plate 34, the button type
sounding body vibrates, and the generated sound wave is perforated in the case 31 of the device.
It radiates from one or more sonic radiation holes 36. It goes without saying that, for example,
the conductive rubber ring 33 is press-fixed by a spring or the like (7). The present invention is a
button-type piezoelectric speaker configured as described above, and the piezoelectric plate is
completely sealed and protected by two elastic thin plates, so the reliability is significantly
improved and it is sufficiently used even in a bad environment for a long time Since it can be
simultaneously supported and fixed and electrically connected by the flange of the sound
generating body, mounting and replacement to the device is extremely easy, and further,
adhesion to the inside of the device by the adhesive is unnecessary, and the lead wire The
number of man-hours in the connection is reduced because the end processing of the terminal is
also unnecessary, and no jarring sound is produced due to the shape effect of the sealed
structure, and the number of piezoelectric plates is combined to increase the volume. Impact on