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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing the main part of the
present device, FIG. 2 is a block diagram showing a specific embodiment. 1 ······· Stereo left signal,
2 ······· Stereo right signal, 3 ······ Difference component extractor, 4 ··· Amplifier, 5 ··· · · · · · ·
Additional speaker, 6 · · · · · · · · microphone output, · · · · · · · · · · · · microphone input circuit, 8 · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ······· Car stereo reproduction device, C ········
Stereo left speaker, D ······ Stereo right speaker-, E ········ Microphone.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a car loudspeaker
system for car stereos, in which the power and presence of the car stereos are increased while
the microphone loudspeaker function is added, in a car stereo reproduction system for a car
interior. (1) Jn-x / j, F / -a car car stereos are often placed with the left and right speakers behind
the seat, and the front seat is not strong enough. A speaker expansion device for car stereos has
been developed which adds speakers, increases the difference component between stereo left
and right signals, and drives the speakers to increase the force and presence. On the other hand,
there is a tendency for so-called karaoke to sing along with the accompaniment of music, or socalled karaoke (/ rC, or this is also noise pollution to the neighborhood because it is loudened by
the microphone). However, if the car is inside, at least the surrounding area from the air tight
space, noise concerns are almost eliminated, and it is extremely suitable as a practice area for
karaoke. Therefore, a karaoke device that can sing at the same time the power of car stereo
increases by adding the microphone input rating to the amplifier by effectively using the
amplifier in the car stereo speaker expansion device of the previous criminal. It is intended to
bring out its function as well. Next, the structure Tft of the device of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. (2) FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing the main part of
the device of the present invention. There are a difference component extractor 3 and an
amplifier 4 for amplifying the difference component, and an additional speaker 5 driven by its
output. Then, a not-known miter input circuit 7 for adding the microphone output 6 to the
amplifier 4 is connected to the input side of the amplifier 42. Of course, it goes without saying
that a volume control device 8 capable of freely adjusting the volume of the microphone
separately from the volume of the difference component is also provided. The operation of the
device according to the present invention having the above-described configuration will be
described with reference to FIG. 1 and a block structure showing a specific example of loosening,
with reference to FIG. The left and right signals of the left and right speakers C and D connected
to the stereo reproduction apparatus B are supplied to the present apparatus A and the output of
the microphone E can also be supplied. Is installed in the same room as the beaker 7 beaker.
Now, when the music tape of car stereo is reproduced (3), normal -t stereo is reproduced from
the stereo left and right speakers C and D, and the additional book speaker 5 or both banks are
the sound of the stereo difference component At the same time, when playing a song from the
microphone E, the output of the microphone E is amplified by the microphone input circuit 7 in
the device A, while the song is played from the microphone E. ;-'?
It is added to the vessel 4 and amplified, so that it can be expanded and reproduced more than
the extra-spoony 1 vinegar 5 car. The device according to the present invention having the
above-described configuration and operation is adapted to the stereo 1-tape accompaniment by
effectively utilizing an additional speaker, a driver, an H driver and an amplifier driven by the
difference component of the car stereo. A microphone device for the prevention of microphones
in cars, which has been used as a prescription, and it is extremely easy to install the car stereo
itself without any need to '=-process, and it is economical for car karaoke equipment Provide the
In addition, since this microphone loudspeaker can be used in a very airtight and soundproof
vehicle, it can be used to practice table speech and moderators using a microphone without
disturbing the surrounding people. I'm facing. Furthermore, the sound of one tape is reproduced
in stereo from the rear speaker, and the voice of the microphone is enlarged and reproduced
from another additional speaker, which is a feature of the proposal. Excellent effects can be
exhibited. The proposed device thus constructed is added to the car stereo reproduction device,
and the sound effects of the car stereo 'itself are significantly increased by reproducing the three
speakers, and the microphone loudspeaker function is added. In addition to the extremely high
utilization 1IIIi value, the device itself can be provided at extremely low cost despite its many