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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are diagrams showing the structure of
a conventional speaker diaphragm, and FIG. 3 is a diagram showing the structure and
manufacturing method of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention, FIG. The figure is an
enlarged view of the same part. 4 is a diaphragm substrate, 5 is a coating for forming a coating,
and 7 is a non-air-permeable film.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention: For a speaker, which is a
diaphragm for a speaker, characterized in that a non-air-permeable film is formed by a very
simple manufacturing method on one side or both sides of a semi-permeable diaphragm
substrate. It is desirable that the diaphragm vibrates in a wide single wave number band for
piston oscillation, but for that purpose, it is desirable that the diaphragm has a large rigidity and
it is difficult to cause split imaging motion, and at the same time acoustic radiation It is desirable
to be lightweight to increase efficiency. In the past, a standard achievement has been used as a
diaphragm base material, but recently, a foam metal such as nickel having a high degree of
foaming or an aluminum ··· nickel core is assembled into a plate shape · · · · · A speaker moving
plate has been developed and put to practical use, using as a diaphragm base material. These
diaphragm base materials have excellent properties in that they are large and lightweight, but
they have the following deficiencies. That is, the foam metal 'has a cancellous structure having a
three-dimensional network 1. Also, a structure in which a honeycomb core (which is hollow) of
nikham taa body 1d aluminum is assembled in a plate shape and adhered Because both types of
moving plate base materials have air permeability, as the vibrating plate, as shown in FIGS. 1 and
2, one side or both sides of the metal foam (1) and the honeycomb structure (2) Non-airpermeable aluminum foil and synthetic resin 3 fats: Therefore, such a bonded structure is poor in
workability and inferior in mass productivity, and also has disadvantages such as the increase in
the mass of the movable plate due to the aluminum shop and the synthetic resin / to (3) and the
decrease in the acoustic activity rate. was there. In the present invention, such a conventional
defect is eliminated, and a single-sided or double-sided film of a yarn composition for forming a
film is blown in the form of fine fibers on one side or both sides of a breathable diaphragm
substrate such as foam metal and nick structure. To form a non-air-permeable film. An
embodiment will be described below with reference to the drawings. A foam metal molded into a
cono shape is used as a diaphragm base material (4), which is subjected to a degreasing step to
remove oil and dust. This degreasing step can be omitted if no oil or dust adheres to the base
material (4). {Circle over (1)} 100-parts by weight of a yarn coating (5) such as "Fan-T-Da" (trade
name: Two Ohashi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.) diluted with 40- After dilution with 100 parts by
weight, it is jetted in the form of fine fibers from a distance of about 100 a by compressed air A
(3 to 4 K9 / d) using a gun 4 with a 1.5 to 3 gun bore (6) (4) to form a spider-like, interspersed
foundation layer suspended like a bridge in the pores of the substrate (4).
The coating process of this roving is for increasing the adhesion of the coating composition-use
yarn coating (5) to the surface of the substrate (4), and the substrate (4) itself is a coating for the
coating composition. It may be omitted if it has strong adhesion to the adhesion of 14 (5). ■,
Coating fine yarn of coat-forming random yarn paint (5) by spraying a large amount of thin film
(intermediate, '1i1) coating on the foundation layer with many spider web-like gaps by coating
coarse yarn coating and non-air-permeable film (7) After diluting 100 i parts by weight of the
coating composition forming yarn (5) with 80 to 200 parts by weight of a dilution liquid (/
noner), which is a step of forming a film and thickness as much as possible. According to (6), the
mixture is jetted in the form of fine fibers from a short distance of 20 to 30 cmt D, and the
surface of the base layer is applied with a gauze 5 to form a non-air-permeable coating (7) of a
certain thickness. 11)) By coating only the coating fine yarn (intermediate layer) of the knob
layer, a non-air-permeable film (7) is formed, but still more sufficient non-air-permeable property
is obtained and the surface is made smooth It is a process to make it look like the surface of
leather, and it may be omitted if necessary. After diluting 100 parts by weight of the yarn coating
(5) for film construction with 150 to 250 parts by weight of a diluted solution (nonner), spray in
the form of fine fibers from a short distance of about 20 pots and spray on the surface of the
intermediate layer Form the top layer. {Circle over (3)} Drying and drying are carried out under
the conditions of 50 to 60 ° C. for 20 minutes (hot air drying). Here, a polyurethane-based paint
having the property of being able to be spray-painted into fine fibers by spraying with a spray
can is used as a yarn coating for film construction, but the same non-air permeability is also
possible with, for example, a vinyl chloride-based paint A film is formed. Although the foam metal
is used as the diaphragm substrate in this embodiment, it may be a breathable diaphragm
substrate such as a nick structure. In this way, the film-constituting yarn coating (5) adheres in
the form of fine fibers through the coating of the roving yarn (base layer), the fine yarn
(intermediate layer), and the top layer on the surface of the pliery (4). First of all, the step of
imparting non-air permeability to the substrate (4) is extremely simplified because the airpermeable film (7) is formed. That is, after dilution of the coating composition-constituting yarn
coating (5) with respect to the conventional laminated structure of the base material and the non-
air-permeable imparting material, the spray is coated with a spray gano (6) and non-airpermeable Forming coating film (7), the coating process is extremely simple, the workability is
good, the mass productivity is rich, and the dilution degree, spraying distance and coating
amount of the irregular yarn coating (5) for film formation are appropriate Arbitrary non-airpermeable coating (7) can be formed by setting them appropriately and combining them
Second, the weight of the non-air-permeable film (7) is about 1/3 compared to the conventional
non-air-permeable material (aluminum foil or synthetic resin / to), so the increase in diaphragm
mass is minimal It is suppressed to 7 and therefore there is little reduction in the acoustic activity
rate. Third, the coat-constituting yarn coating (5) forms a suspended bridging film on the pores
of the substrate (4) and adheres to the entire surface of the substrate (4) to form a non-airpermeable film (7). As it is formed, the adhesion between the substrate (4) and the non-airpermeable coating (7) is strong, and it has excellent advantages such as no delamination. As
described in the following, the present invention is a non-air-permeable coating by spraying a
film-forming irregular yarn coating (5) in the form of fine fibers on one side or both sides of the
breathable imaging plate base (4). 7), which differs from the conventional laminating structure, in
particular, the application process of the coating yarn coating (5) for forming the non-airpermeable film (7) is extremely simplified, and the workability is improved. It has a well-probable
profit change, such as mass production.