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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a microphone
provided with the present invention and a cable with a connection connector. 1 is a microphone
body, 2 is a receptacle, 3 is a push rod, 4 is an electrode contact terminal, 5 is a switch, 6 is a
cable, and 7 is a connector.
Detailed Description of the Invention The utility model was mounted on the microphone body. It
relates to the function of the receptacle for cable connection. One of the structures of the
microphone is one having a built-in battery serving as a power source, such as an electret
condenser miter lower on 7, for example. Heretofore, the disconnection of the internal power
supply has manually switched on and off the switch attached to the microphone body. Also, it is
shared with a certain book, an audio signal switch. For this reason, when the switch 1-'7 ', =' knee
7 J, 1 'is turned off at the time of use, the electrical signal is greatly mixed in the signal circuit as
noise. In order to prevent this, there is a method of omitting the power supply switch. In this
case, even when the microphone is not used at all, the power is not turned on, and the battery
may be removed when stored. The draft was carefully designed to eliminate these drawbacks,
and let me explain it with reference to the drawings. (A) Microphone body 1g A receptacle 2 for
cable connection is attached. (-) Attach the push button switch 5 as shown in (]) to this receptacle
2. The push button switch 5 has a push frame 3 and when the push frame is pushed, the switch
is a person 9. The spring is used to return to the original state and switch off. In particular, the
pressing frame 3 is taken out toward the electrode contact terminal 4. Since the present scheme
has the above-mentioned structure, the power supply of the microphone is automatically
connected when the fuser 7 attached to the cable 6 is connected by configuring an undesirable
circuit for connecting and disconnecting the power supply with this switch. enter. When the
microphone is used and stored, the power is automatically turned off when the connector is
removed. 2-Since it is only necessary to attach a manual audio signal switch to the microphone,
noise at the time of switching on and off can be reduced to one microphone without internal
power supply.