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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an example of a
main part of a conventional speaker system, FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram showing one embodiment
of the circuit of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is FIG. Fig. 4A1 Fig. 5A shows each side of the
speaker cabinet, Fig. 4B and Fig. 5B show each side of sound pressure response versus frequency
characteristics by diffraction. FIG. 1 · · · · · · · · audio signal input terminal, 4 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· ... Operational amplifier.
Detailed Description of the Invention [email protected] ヤ ス ピ ー カ 1 σ speaker system 1 σ る る る 舟 舟 舟
実 用 ll [[曾 鱈 曾 鱈 range of speakers 堀 げ よ る よ る e よ る ヒ ヒ 1 by Sound pressure level xj
and 畝 住 惰 惰 惰 補正 補正 補正 補正 補正 補正 補正 補正 補正 補正 補正 号 号 d d d d d 砧 鯛
砧 鯛 砧 鯛 砧 鯛 砧 鯛 誠 誠 岳ス ピ ー カ 讐 涛 ス ピ ー カ 讐 & & & & ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ 焙 焙 焙 焙
カ を 2 2σ る る [[シ ス テ ム シ ス テ ム 府 gl gl gl 、 ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー
ッ ト キ ャ ビ ネ ッ ト る キ ャ ビ ネ ッ ト 主 主 主 主 主 こ. 1 correction of the entry of the
master of lf 1 Eri, Takeshi bell 周 幻 を 醋 醋 も っ て も っ て も っ て も っ て も っ て も っ て
も っ て も っ て け け け け タ イ タ イThe expansion of the range is expanded by the following:
· 18 Let 18 be a tiger-a'J.安 jA1; v; 安 統 j circuit tree diagram of the Marnachan uncertainty
speaker system that is widely used in the United States. Figure f, 1 from the program source ·-):
Lu (1) ζ S-/ = To the p3 input terminal, the signal that has entered this area to the Nayan filter
filter 2 Frequency confidence and low frequency band LJI1. The signal is divided into frequency
monks. The above-mentioned No. 1 frequency signal is marked JD on the speaker 4 for the
speaker,-m34r-pregnancy, -i, and is over 8 yuan. -Power, the above-mentioned wide-area
frequency 100 issue sbi ビ ー 1 for-I 111 i 4: Remove # 5 and 1 speaker 5 ic I: 1 J / JCI nl nl ル
酋 酋 ゐ. In the case of the well-known speaker system of the upper ml, it is known that one
cabinet will be closed by the cabinet. Here is the size of the fact that it is this time to say that
when it passes through a round of giraffes in a row with a diffraction and one to one, it is the size
of a long notice for this-prayer. The sound pressure response to the frequency goes to the 1st
lane for 6 times. In the conventional speaker system, the speaker system for the speaker 4.1 juice
is as good as the sound pressure level reaper LJj LCt, the axis of the speaker 6 juice, or the
speaker release from the speaker release fIlNo. Back pressure level for a thousand ya vinets,
there was a mermaid when i 叙 住 比 power ratio. The present study is based on the abovementioned drawbacks, and (2)-1 below; Fig. 2a Season 1 Central row A of the Jiji circuit is shown
in the form of a double-ended pillow, and I will explain what is the same item as Fig. 1 in terms of
the same item. The juice voice 1 on the large-screen from the input terminal 1 is converted into a
special character IgI 鮎 7 after the $.
In this addition, the annotation correction recovery 7 is an A4 · · device 8 and 7 Q anti-personal
strength i child and input force l connected usli こ 仇 a 仇 仇 、, and the above-mentioned
inverted input 届And a 1-to-1 output of a pickled nose 41 @ threat 8: a capacitor C1 and a
resistance bird, which are followed by a shellfish IJ, and a resistance rod which is parallel to the
capacitor C3 and which has a resistance of 7 It is done. The frequency of vomiting of this
frequency vomiting Nakagen-7 is 1-7 shown in Fig. 3-1: 100 million pan R 6 anti capacitor C 11 c
犬 周 以 f, frequency of the following In the formula, it is flat, dirt as soil, and capacitor C ++, the
frequency on the frequency f2μ is λ thousand-and f, L, f21)) 6 df 310 ct M sc scmf; b → nature
and Become. By the way, the 7th straight ball 6151 shown in the 41st bowl (3)-\ -shaped cave-t's
home birth shown by 8P ◆ This speaker can be thin and the response heart frequency hunting
by 1 row is The same district-)-こ こ こ キ ャ ビ ネ ッ ト 伝, cabinet direct transmission and
reversion of t 匝 technology or more V ゐ ゐ t t soil or bcld 4 points and raised mouth. In
addition, in Fig. 5 (5), the response of the meshing light Q where the speaker is watched directly
to the side of the SP of the cabinet. The same as the field of the cabinet, the size of the cabinet
through the theory of the theory of the most, V or more V and the effect ratio is -G smoothed to
become a custom-made rise 6dB ○ However, the frequency As shown in Fig. 43, which is
complementary to the axialness shown in Fig. 4 (p. 4 prefecture) or -5 p. Accumulation level
(response) which is generated by the 41st or 5th factor 4th Boyayaytsu) 1 (due) because the
Zhouin reign is granted, stop the 1st order of the special order Can. This V, the sound pressure
level of the speaker system is flatter than before, and accordingly, (4) the speaker is more
brightly lit and the speaker for one speaker 6 It is better to have something more original. In
addition, the above (in 9 large + 111 ships the fourth bad four interims 2 · · j (Ding, spending a
wood-carved cabinet is a place where the sweet 600 600Mz is the castle, also the phase shown in
6145 Figure 4) 2 cabinet-d -For private use, one group of about 300 kr and one group, one
group, one group, one channel, two channel filters 2 and one 9 house number, but this 1j You
may rub it on your foot to reduce the area. Other than the small section in Fig. 5 ^ in section 4,
section 4, even if I sgoal to Q kahi noto, I will be king by seven cabinets + 8!
Correct the change of IS'r's angle J first time and correct it * The above-mentioned λ port <, * J4
2 ij 1O 1 fn 梱 1 word of the speaker system which becomes ま, the speaker stands up (1 by
Purabi ッ ト ッ ト ッ ト by 近 王 王 b b # # # # 圧 圧 圧 硼 硼 叔 注 注 注 注 注 注 注 注 時 時 時,
谷 時, 万 万, 1.! 1 3 3 Das Bika for mobility · Bevel ring number to supply #, so the pressure buildup level vs. frequency, xi 浩 I-to change 2 oil positive that can be generated by the abovementioned bait, and therefore from 健 よ りAre faithful to voice 4a (5)) \ one from the speaker,
each person who can expand T イ ツ ク レ ン 成 of C 域 S domain from 匠 U ・It is necessary to
be in the mind to be 0