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Description 1, title of the invention
Loudspeaker diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a fibrous diaphragm that
improves the output sound pressure level of a loudspeaker. In the past, in order to improve the
output sound pressure level of the loudspeaker, as a method of reducing the air permeability of
the diaphragm, the degree of beating of the fibers was increased or an additive for closing was
added. When the degree is increased, the same amount of fibers is reduced (the finished
thickness decreases, which is not preferable in terms of frequency characteristics, and the
beating time is long or the workability is deteriorated). The addition of the additive is not
preferable in terms of frequency characteristics because the additive is mainly inorganic and the
specific gravity is 2.0 or more, and there is no adhesion, resulting in an increase in weight of the
diaphragm and a decrease in Young's modulus. In addition, as a diaphragm with a reduced air
permeability, there is a diaphragm that is pressed or coated with a resin liquid. In the pressed
diaphragm, the finished thickness of the diaphragm decreases and the stiffness decreases. The
diaphragm coated with the resin liquid can not be used as a film unless a large amount of resin
liquid of high viscosity and high concentration is coated, so the weight of the diaphragm
increases. The present invention is a diaphragm in which the air permeability is reduced without
maintaining and reducing the finished thickness of the diaphragm and reducing the stiffness,
except for the above-mentioned drawbacks. In order to produce the diaphragm of the present
invention, in the paper making process Q, as shown in FIG. 1, the paper mesh 2 is set in the
paper making tank 1 and the fiber suspension 4 is placed, and at the same time thermoplasticity
or solvent solubility Add 50 to 100 M of plastic powder, open the drainage cock 3 little by little
slowly, drain, and deposit on the paper mesh 2 to form a fiber layer. In this case, since the
settling speed of the plastic powder is smaller than that of the fiber, the plastic powder EndPage:
1 is mainly (-, the -L layer portion of the rubbed layer is gathered, this forms the layer as shown
in FIG. . In FIG. 2, the width of the fiber is 20 to 40 M, the particles 6 of the plastic powder are
scattered in the f-layer portion between the long fiber 5 and the fiber 5, and the upper layer side
is dense ing. This is dried, and the plastic powder is firmly adhered to the fiber by heating or
spraying a solvent only on the side where the plastic powder is collected, and the fiber gap is
filled, so that the air permeability of the product's diaphragm is increased. Reduce. The
diaphragm of the present invention is manufactured as described above, but since the specific
gravity of the plastic powder is 1.5 or less, it is lighter than the fiber, and the weight increase of
the diaphragm is small, and the fibers are adhered by heating or solvent. Young's modulus rises.
The present invention is a diaphragm in which the air gap of a product is reduced by filling the
fiber gap of either the front or the back of the fibrous diaphragm with a melt of plastic powder
particles as described above. It is an object of the present invention to provide a diaphragm for a
loudspeaker, which has a useful effect that the output sound pressure level of the loudspeaker
equipped with such a diaphragm is significantly improved.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a papermaking tank. FIG. 2
is an enlarged view of a fiber layer. 1 is a papermaking tank, 2 is a papermaking net, 3 is a
drainage cock, 4 is a fiber suspension, 5 The fiber, 6 particles of plastic powder Patent applicant
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