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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a mounting diagram of a conventional terminal
board, FIG. 2 is a mounting diagram of a terminal board of the present invention, FIG. 3 is a pushin view of the terminal board of the present invention, and FIG. . 1 is a terminal plate, 1a is an
eyelet terminal, 1b is a portion of the terminal plate notch, 2 is a flat plate portion, 2a and 2b are
cut and raised claws, 3a is a convex portion, and 3d is a reinforcing rib.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a device with a
simple + 1Q for a terminal plate for a speaker. Heretofore, ・ ・ ・ 鋒 1 threshold (U <a part of
the frame is drawn in a five-letter shape, a mounting hole is made in the raised and lowered child
plate portion, and The mounting hole was opened, and the terminal board was attached to a part
of the frame with aluminum rice cooker or H eu Jly 1 tome. Articles and therefore parts of
aluminum iron or eyelet and parts thereof] tt1 stop machine and caulking I ': number needed.
This ship 4 plan does not need the parts, machine and trouble of hen, but simply press-fits the
terminal board, · · "S-7? fn-2 This will be described with reference to the embodiment shown in
the drawings. (a) · V of mouth 211 A part of the frame is drawn out in a five-letter shape, and cut
out at the end of the flat part 2 A raised claw 2a2a is provided, and the bent portion is cut into a
single claw 2b. 2) As shown in FIG. 2, a convex portion 3a is formed in the center of the flat plate
portion, and bending and reinforcing portions are made on both sides of the cut and raised claws
of the bent portion (forming the ribs 3b and 3b) . 2) As shown in FIG. 2, the end of plate 1 (hatlet
terminals 1a, 1a), which has been punched out of an electrical insulator, is attached to two
places. Eyelet end) Make a cut-out portion 1b by the length of the width of the raised portion of
the frame opposite to the direction of 1ala. As described above, the edge f plate 1 thus
constructed can be attached to the flat plate portion 2 of the frame by pulling the edge in the
direction of the eyelet terminal 1a1a of the terminal plate 1 as shown in FIG. Cut the flat plate
part 2 and insert one of the raised claw 2a2a and the temporary part of the plate, and the notch
of the terminal plate 1 is the part 1bi, and at the same time squeezing the raised and raised part
3 of the frame When the plate 1 is pulled out and raised in four parts of the flat plate portion and
pushed between the bent claws 2a 2a and the bent claws 2b, the terminal plate l faces: + lj wands
and raised claws 2a, 2a, 2a, The tip of 2b bites and is pushed by the convex portion 3af, and is
held by the bending stress, and the elasticity is maintained and strong: l1If it is fixed to the frame,
inn <FIG. 4 is fixed. Ru. Since the present invention is configured as shown below-L, the frame of
the end plate 1 (against the left and right, no back and forth rattling occurs. Father F direction)
This rattle also produces 14 1 . Honna Si, 以 述 べ (as mentioned above Q part of the frame ·
pull out part of the frame and attach it to the flat plate fiS part Q 、, aluminum steel iron, eyelet
etc · · 11 S products and caulking machines are required 4) so the hand to squeeze! ハJがいらな
い。 Easy G: A clever installation method that can be installed simply by pushing the stride board
at 11 ° VL flat 1 ■ of the frame and cutting the width of the flat plate 1 and the claws. Roo.
4: "During 4 fn Ql, Nama + 'jS1 + 411i ¥ 昶 子 仮 取 付 取 付 4 4 4 2 2 2 2 2 電子 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
3 3 押 し 込 み 押 し 込 み 項 項; 1 is a terminal plate, 1a is an eyelet terminal, 1b is a terminal
plate notch, 2 is a flat plate portion, 2a 12b is a flat plate portion, 3a is a convex portion, 3b is a
reinforcement Rib utility model registration conceding on-chair-Inc. + No 15? ] □ 一 1 2 b wound
21 Ri 3 A ,, = 壬 = = 2 = = 坪 坪 → → = = / 4)? 1カ Q58 12