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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are block diagrams showing a prior
art in-vehicle broadcasting apparatus, FIG. 3 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of the
configuration of the in-vehicle broadcasting apparatus according to the present invention, FIG.
FIG. 5 is an explanatory view showing an embodiment of a combination of an on-vehicle phrase
and ground information according to the present invention, and FIG. 5 is a schematic view
showing an embodiment of communication according to the present invention.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an automatic
broadcasting apparatus for in-car broadcasting of trains. In the conventional in-vehicle
broadcasting, there are two methods, one having a sound source on the ground and transmitting
it on the vehicle to broadcast in the vehicle, or the other having a sound source on the vehicle
and broadcasting in the vehicle. . The former stores train information in the storage device 2 as
shown in FIG. 1 and transmits it from the processing device 1 to the vehicle by the
communication control device 3 and the communication cable 13 at the necessary timing. On the
car, at the communication control unit 42 ° (1), the voice signal is synthesized through the voice
synthesis logic unit 6 at the communication control unit 42 and broadcasted as a broadcast text
by the broadcasting unit 7 and the in-vehicle speaker 8. In this broadcast system, when
information is corrected or changed, it is easy, flexible, and excellent in maintainability because it
can be collectively checked on the ground. However, since the capacity of the storage device 2 is
large and the communication cable 13 is laid along the track, the communication control device
also has a large capacity and is expensive. As for the latter on-vehicle sound source, as shown in
FIG. 2, the sentence to be broadcast is stored in the storage device 5 on the vehicle, and the voice
signal is synthesized at 6 according to the necessary timing. And broadcast in the car at 7.8. In
this case, there is, for example, a one-man-bus cassette tape as a storage device, which is
inexpensive. -On the other hand, it is flexible because there are all the devices on the car. There is
no ability and there is a problem with maintainability. Therefore, in light of the example of the
musician and the latter, flexibility and reduction of capacity and maintenance are a problem in
the car's broadcast device, and flexibility is also a problem. (2) Yes, there is a demand for an invehicle automatic broadcasting apparatus with good capacity, small size, and good
maintainability. The present invention is in-store broadcasting of the train, on the ground of the
train. It is an object of the present invention to provide a low-capacity, flexible and maintainable
in-car broadcast device of a train by combining information and a preset on-vehicle phrase. In
order to achieve the above purpose, the present invention uses sound sources both on the
ground and on the car, keeps the sound sources on the car as a certain phrase, and changes the
sound sources on the ground according to the time, train and one train position It is a thing. By
combining these two sound sources, if broadcast as a complete sentence, the on-board equipment
will be relatively simple on-ground equipment and small in capacity. でよい。 Also on the ground
equipment, time, train and train position. Flexible to send information that changes depending on
the location. There is also plenty of safety.
Therefore, it is a conventional problem. Flexibility and maintainability, as well as low volume and
low cost, are simultaneously achieved. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in
detail with reference to the embodiments. (3)-The wood device stores in advance a certain
broadcast phrase in the vehicle load, and as information that changes depending on time, train
and train position, For example, the destination, the departure time, the next stop station, the
direction of the exit, the transfer guidance and the like are transmitted from the storage device
on the ground to the vehicle. On the car, the receiver once memorizes the taken information,
combines the pre-set car phrase and this ground information, and automatically broadcasts it in
the car as a complete sentence. For example, as shown in FIG. 3, an on-vehicle phrase is stored in
the on-vehicle storage unit 5 and train information is stored on the on-ground unit 2 throughout
the on-ground processing unit 1 as necessary. The communication control device 13 of the
present invention is transmitted to the communication control device 4 on the car as an analog
signal or a digital signal. The ground information received in 4 is once stored in 5 and then
combined with the on-vehicle phrase to be synthesized by the speech synthesis logic device 6
and train information at the required timing! In accordance with a broadcast command from
another system, it is possible to automatically broadcast in the car by the in-car speaker 8
through the whole of the broadcasting device 7. (4) FIG. 4 shows a specific embodiment of the
combination of on-vehicle phrase and ground information according to the present invention. In
this case, each track of the magnetic disk is divided into necessary sectors, and the on-vehicle
phrase and the ground information are stored in each track. For example, when the track number
01 and the first sector, the track number 21 and the second sector, and the track number 02 and
the third sector in FIG. 4 (a) are combined, as shown in the example of (1) in FIG. Phrase on ■.
The combination of ■ and ground information ■ in the order of ■, ■, and ■ makes it a
complete sentence. Similarly, if track number 03 and the first sector, track number 21 and the
second sector, track number 04 and the third sector are selected, a complete sentence as shown
in the example sentence (2) of FIG. 4 (b) is obtained. If this is broadcasted in-vehicle by 8 in FIG.
3, accurate broadcasting can be performed without error. Further, as in this example, the onvehicle phrase may be taken from the track number 01 to the required number of tracks, for
example, 20, and more tracks may be used as the address of the ground information. Next, FIG. 5
shows an embodiment of the communication method according to the present invention (5). In
FIG. 5, 9 is a train track, and a 10-train 11.12 is a communication device on the ground. In the
present invention, by having a storage device on the ground and on the car, communication on
the ground and on the car requires very little time to transmit information from the ground to
the car, so a specific communication section is installed to The information up to the
communication section may be transmitted from the ground in a short time.
Accordingly, ground information is transmitted from the communication device 11 of FIG. 3 to
the train 9, and communication on the car and on the ground is not new until the next
communication section, and when 10 reaches the next communication section, the ground and
on the car again. Communication between the communication devices 12 and 10. In this way,
communication can be performed with a small amount of communication system.