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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 1 show an acoustic lens device according to
the invention in which the wavefront is delayed in time. Fig. 2 and Fig. 2 · 1 are acoustic lens
devices of the invention in which sound waves are attenuated. 1 ... speaker 2 ... slide rail A, A '...
acoustic lens piece.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic lens
device capable of continuously changing the direction of a speaker. General ハ イ 啄 啄 番 番 指
向 指向 指向 指向 マ ツ マ ツ マ ツ マ ツ マ ツ マ ツ マ ツ 楽 し む 楽 し む 楽 し む ψ r ル ー ム
r listening room is a music hall suitable for na performance The sound source of various
instruments can be separately recorded and taken out by using many microphones at the time of
its production because the same sound effects can not be obtained, and it is finally put together
in two channels, Each instrument has a reverberation in advance assuming a room for training,
and the effect is similar to that of the music hall. B2 You can enjoy it (This one has been lost.
Only the L1 listening room is the listening room person who is dead from the listening room
where the acoustic effect is live due to its size, shape, sound absorption processing of the inner
wall etc. The range is wide (, the means to add reverberation to the program source mentioned
For example, there is a drawback that it can not be said that it is in the state 4 that everyone can
enjoy hi-fi tone reproduction. The present invention has been proposed six to eliminate the
drawbacks of the oblique, the purpose is to adjust the direction r1 of the speaker r + Ji to
program source and many different 7i))! Between the listening room which is in the form of '□'
(this sound 7 'j! The present invention meets the need to provide an acoustic lens device capable
of correcting and eliminating the incompatibility of effects. Next (follow the same with Fig. 1 and
Fig. 2). In the case of the speaker, the directivity is explained as the wavelength of the u wave
becomes shorter as the size of the radiation surface decreases. For this reason, the sound wave
from the screaming center to the periphery Q wave front]] to generate a spherical wave with a
time delay to form a special wave 11 (51 · 4) θ · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · A method is used such as
extending from the center to the periphery (reducing the pay with sound and sound waves to
measure the effective sheet exposure and expanding the directivity characteristics (FIG. 2)). In
such an acoustic lens, the present invention is arranged such that the acoustic lens pieces A and
A ', which have been shaved in two in the longitudinal direction at the center of the acoustic lens,
can be symmetrically adjusted on the slide rail L and the gap can be variably adjusted. is there.
When the gap between the acoustic lens pieces A and A 'is zero, the custom-made is the widest,
and the directional characteristic is the narrowest when the metric system of the lens members A
and A' is far from the radiation surface of the sound. It is a thing. In the case of a small-sized, livelived Snynogroom, the regenerated sound waves reach the direct wave directly arriving at the
listener and the indirect wave reflected off the wall in approximately the same time, and both
waves Because the level difference is small, the clarity of the sound gets worse.
In such a cast, the gap between the acoustic lens pieces A and A 'is covered in one section, and if
the directivity characteristic of the speaker is increased, the reach distance of the todo skin is
increased and the delay time is increased. And raise the level of the reflected wave. Therefore, the
reproduced sound can be heard with a high degree of clarity to the listener. Also, if the listening
room is bad, 3 waves will be absorbed by the sound wave reaching the wall, and the level of 1
wave will drop to a large IJ, and only 7 waves will reach the listener directly. It sounds poor. In
such a case, adjust the interval between the sound lens pieces A and A 'to make them spread (If
the directivity characteristic of the speaker is narrowed, the reflected waves from the rear wall of
the listening stain increase and the reproduced sound is rich. (I can hear it. In this way (This book
has two slide lens pieces A and A 'in the row group. (These gaps should be set in two lines so that
they can be symmetrically arranged. This makes it possible to correct the acoustic effect of the
listening room. You can get a good regenerating liver, and you'll be able to get a mound of