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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are a longitudinal sectional view and a
plan view of a conventional example, and FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 are a longitudinal sectional view and a
plan view showing one embodiment of the present invention, The figure is a longitudinal
sectional view of another embodiment. 11 ······ Microphone, 12.22 ······· Microphone support
member, 13 ······ Support member main body, 14 ······ Vibration absorption part, 15, 25 ··· ... fixed
portion, 16, 26 ...... case body, 18.28 ...... fixing member, 19 ...... notched hole, 20 ...... microphone
ornament Element.
[Detailed Description of the Invention], 1. . 乙 7 乙 q 子 7 考 案 考 案 保持? 有 す る 有 す る 有 す
る 有 す る 有 す る 有 す る 有 す る? In the recording / reproducing apparatus, it is also
possible to provide a microphone holding device that can improve SZN when recording with an
inner microphone, that is, can reduce the noise recording noise f1. 1 and 2 show a conventional
example, and the microphone (1) is an elastic body I'I'l? The Hp microphone support member (2)
is held by the microphone support member +21 and the Hp microphone support member (2) is
continuously connected to the main body i31 through the can shaft absorbing portion (4)
consisting of a thin portion; Is attached to the case main body (61) by being held between the
case main body (61) by the M layer member (8) engaged with the fixing portion projecting to the
case main body (6, '7'). Then the microphone support member (21 main body of the case 161
automatism (-1 notched n, but the notch (9 □ pruning 1ll I (F (-t united body (61 Decorative
parts (101 are provided. In this case, for example, the case body (61 or fIh (including # vibration)
is taken by photographing to the motor, and the vibration is transmitted to the case body
(6′1′I the decorative portion i1 [1 ·, The whistling noise was recorded as noise-through the
microphone (1). (2) The present invention has been made to solve such a drawback, and one
embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings. In
FIG. 3 and in FIG. 4, a reference numeral lli is a microphone, for example, a main body of the
microphone supporting member IJZ which is made of elastic material such as rubber or the like,
and a 13C holding cage 7n. , 161 is microphone support shaving 1 + 21! i-case main plate: 16. A
fixed portion for mounting on the support member body 1 '& is a vibration absorbing portion (a
series of 14 pieces connected in series through a thin portion), which is structured with a thick
interior. − Is a microphone decoration member in which the microphone support member 2 and
C are fixed so as to cover the front surface of the microphone support member 0 and has a large
number of holes, and the peripheral portion thereof is along the surface of the vibration
absorbing portion 04 A fixed thickness of て 161 Hiq is inserted in a similar manner. The case u6
is a C solid 7v @ material because the case support GQK is attached via the microphone support
member 11 @ to the fixing S (15i, and the case is installed by fitting it into the fixing portion I17
provided protruding from the case body. In order to hold the fixed portion of the main body (the
microphone support member l) Z1 between the fields, it is configured @. (111 k 'i microphone
support member (the case main body 吋 portion of the front of 121 is notched and formed (3)
hole n notched hole @ j, No. F microphone decoration member blurred projecting port 11 rl?
However, it is formed so as not to be in direct contact. For example, when the vibration of a
motor (not shown) is transmitted to the main body, I11, the case main body (! Same attachment
member f 'attached to 61 (+ a ELIMA 4 support part irH: 5 5j "via the autopsy 1 microphone
decoration member? The vibration is transmitted to the microphone lll via the vibration
absorbing portion a4, and the vibration transmission is significantly reduced. FIG. 5H shows
another air-suction hook, and the fixing member rake 7 holds the fixing portion 1 of the
microphone supporting member '7' between the case Takigi residence and the fixing portion rK.
Even if the vibration of a motor or the like is transmitted to the case main body, for example, the
present invention can reduce the transmission of four vibrations to the j-g vibration, the wail 74,
and the decoration member. Noise bone * can be reduced and the S / a ratio at the time of
recording can be improved.