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Specification-1, the title of the invention
Speaker diaphragm and method of manufacturing the same
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm
made of a mixture of synthetic pulp and inorganic fibers or organic fibers and a method of
manufacturing the same, which has high modulus of elasticity, low strain by high rigidity, and
high internal area. EndPage of the frequency characteristic due to loss: 1-. Conventionally, in the
speaker diaphragm, the paper is a part of a weir. This is due to the fact that no high modulus,
high internal loss material can be found to replace paper, and that paper has adequate modulus
and internal loss. Recently, metals such as organic foam and aluminum have been used as
materials to replace paper, but in organic foam, the elastic modulus is small, and in metals such
as aluminum, internal loss is small and there are advantages and disadvantages, and vibration for
speakers It is not enough as a board. Moreover, although there is a diaphragm mixed with
inorganic fibers or organic fibers in order to improve the elastic modulus of paper, it is usual that
the canine elastic modulus is not improved. Furthermore, although the improvement of an elastic
modulus and internal loss is tried by the mixed papermaking of wood pulp and a synthetic pulp,
it has not improved as expected. The present invention is characterized in that the binder effect
of synthetic pulp and the high elastic effect of inorganic fibers and organic fibers are combined.
Conventionally, a paper-made product of synthetic pulp 100% has a low modulus of elasticity
and a low bending stiffness, and is poor for practical use. −フ〉・。 Therefore, it is a reality that
mixing with wood pulp as described above is performed to maintain the characteristics of the
paper plate. The synthetic pulp in the present invention is mainly composed of polyethylene
polypropylene, nylon, polyacrylonitrile or the like, which is formed into a fibrous form and cut
into fibrillated pulps by short cutting and beating. is there. Although the fiber length can be
changed to a low frequency, it is suitable to be about 0.6 to 2 mm for easy sheet making.
Synthetic pulps also generally have a surface area that allows them to be hydrophilic and to be
compatible with water. Inorganic fibers used for mixed paper include carbon fibers, alumina
fibers, glass fibers and the like, and organic fibers mean ultra-strong fibers such as aromatic
polyamide. Normally, when paper is made from wood pulp, a polymer is added as a binder, but
when synthetic pulp is used, the weight of the synthetic pulp itself can be reduced because it acts
as a binder, and vibration for light speakers A board becomes possible. Furthermore, although
the paper sound pressure is weak to humidity, speakers made of synthetic pulp have good water
resistance. Elastic modulus and internal loss change depending on the mixing ratio of synthetic
pulp and inorganic fiber or organic fiber, and the elastic modulus is largest when inorganic fiber
is 26 to 36% of organic fiber, and internal loss is Party machine fiber or organic fiber became the
smallest at the time of 2o.
In addition, the fiber length of the inorganic fiber or the organic fiber used for mixed paper is
about 3 mm, and it is necessary to select an easy length for mixed paper. O Usually, the
manufacturing method of the paper speaker is after sorting into a sort It is a method of heatpressing conically or a method of heat-pressing after being formed into a speaker shape.
However, in the mixed paper of the synthetic pulp of the present invention and the inorganic
fiber or the organic fiber, the above-mentioned production method has been impossible. In
particular, thermal deformation occurred and the shape was not sufficient. In addition, after the
heat pressing, when the cooling was performed while pressing, the shape was completely
obtained, but the rigidity was not sufficient. Therefore, in order to make a diaphragm with
sufficient strength and elastic modulus' \, while mixing with the speaker shape \, without using a
heat press, the synthetic pulp is melted or a clearance equal to the thickness of the mixed paper ,
And the method of melting the synthesis pulse without applying pressing pressure to the mixed
paper was used. By using the production method of the present invention, it is possible to
improve rigidity as well as lowering the elastic modulus, and at the same time, the productivity is
also remarkably improved. Examples are shown below. [Example 1] A synthetic pulp of
polyethylene having a fiber length of 1-2 myn and a carbon fiber having a fiber length of about 3
mm were mixed at a ratio of 7: 3 and formed into a predetermined speaker shape and sufficient
140 ° with realism. The synthetic pulse was melted by hot pressing of C, the carbon fiber was
melted and bonded with synthetic pulp to obtain a diaphragm. The elastic modulus of this
diaphragm was 7 × 10 10 dynAa, 'internal loss (tan δ) o, 040, bending elastic modulus 5.6 × 1
o 5 dy r 1 / ci 0 [Example 2] Polyethylene synthesis EndPage consisting of fiber length 0.5 to 2
mm : 2: TJl bulb and aromatic polyamide fiber with a fiber length of 2 to 3 mm are mixed at a
ratio of 8: 2, formed into a specified speaker shape, and heated in an oven at 150'C, for 1 ° for
synthesis The pulp was melted. The elastic modulus of the diaphragm thus obtained was 7.5 ×
1d0′h ′ / ca, the internal loss (tan δ) 0.038, and the flexural modulus 5.3 × 10 5 dyn / ca.
The elastic modulus of an ordinary paper speaker is [email protected] C1'lQ / c + Ms internal loss
(tan .delta.) 0.025, and flexural elastic modulus [email protected] d "l rl / ca. As described above, by
using the speaker diaphragm of the present invention, a rigid dog- threshold diaphragm with
high elastic modulus and high internal loss can be obtained. Therefore, by using the diaphragm
of the present invention, the rigidity is low. A flat speaker with frequency characteristics can be
obtained by distortion.
Name of Agent Attorney Nakao and 1 other EndPage: 3