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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1A is a perspective view showing the appearance
of a conventional stereo type electric piano, FIG. 1B is a system diagram, and FIG. 2 is a system
diagram showing the electrical configuration of the present invention. In the figure, reference
numerals 26.32, 34, 65 and 66 are speakers, '40 is a tone generator, 50 is a blend circuit, 61 and
62 are addition circuits, and 42, 63 and 64 are amplifiers.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Name of the device Nabiki keyboard music-2,
practical prayer cover record-feature of the demand (1) all the musical tone signals of the
specified range 41! Sound collection generation of late-p like chestnut f generation-and. The
output signal of the above-mentioned four musical tone generations-of the tone range
accumulation generation-of the above-mentioned four numbers, and the output 111 tt! : All the
electric keyboard music-6 (2) first mixing characterized by having: a mixed circuit for passing the
first mixed code and the second i-th signal by one over the predetermined allocation. The first
aJJII 21 circuit which 1jll squeezes the output signal of Ura No. and the highest frequency range
'4 f original raw part, the second mixed 11 signal and the lowest frequency range all generation
woman's output signal and the second silkworm which is held 0 I! ! The scope of the circuit and
the practical lfr 4f * s 11 seeking which has t 1 For 110 Yu Jt tea # P fine workbook related to
44ri stereo magnetic keyboard easy. There are many (1) 5 倉-9 i · 'f many of the speakers in the
electric keyboard music-1 speaker, but the high-pitched parts and the low-pitched ones are
emitted from the same position. The mark which is felt to be unnatural to the performer is
decided to eliminate this defect, and the high-pitched part and low 1s are separately set to-d to
play different speakers, respectively. I am obsessed with 86645000. 楽 The book α0 is shown in
the first cause L in the cabinet (d) ii! 11 'J 41 is internally processed or tone-generated (40) to
generate a tone m corresponding to the piano sound. This electric-one is a single stage i1 (42),
and a speaker (62) located near the left end of the d-board, which reproduces with good
efficiency, and a speaker (62) placed near the right 1 Aft-Efficiency (9 speakers (64)) are
supplied, and the whole range is just like a 111 inch string piano! Localize to 1 to 2 and almost 1
to 2 Soundboards-To simulate the sound emitted, the full range speaker 6 is squeezed at the
panel half 4 of the board. However, the above U.S. (1) A large, high magnetic force Fl that allows
each speaker to share the accompaniment sound area to one qi piano I−のi! It is necessary
to select a speaker having the required frequency characteristics. ■ Re-basis, efficiency, and 4
human power requirements are imposed on the bass speaker. ■ The definition of the sound
image in the midrange becomes unclear. There are drawbacks such as One of the four
alternatives eliminates the above-mentioned drawback of the required Stella 4th Ari-Akira, and
the reproduced sound has a 41-dimensional effect r [Ski to a modified stereo. It is to offer.
The d point of the book 1j4 divides the whole range of the four-stage music a in detail, and mixes
the appropriate amount of 鑞 All 群 of the group to be cut with each other with respect to the
center sound, and the left and right channel signals In this case, the left and right channels are
111 檜 t ′ ′-t−n, and the left and right speakers are made 15 to emit noise. The invention will
now be described in detail with reference to FIG. Implementation of the present invention is
shown in FIG. (Comb-Tone generation of a zone-(40) r! It is divided into N details (preferably
equally) from the lowest sound portion (401) to the highest sound all (40M). The N-divided
output of the tone generations a (401) to (4 ON) are N-supply n of the N increase 11 of the
mixing circuit (50) connected vertically. This 1-book has two tigers of -1 and -1, if in row, a
distorter or cOg, 4t, 1. Then, the second stage transistor Qss of the lowest sound quality increase
/ hardness and the second stage transistor Qs of the treble tank 441 and the emitter drain n4 of
the second stage transistor 4N are grounded by grounding the Irt 烏 1 and the bird N. Each
sound of that 1111 = 4. 41 corresponding to the pancreas Shiba Tora / Sister To N, the emitters
A anti-km to T's, N-rk through n-rk, I- and I-n, 1 li-1; Ueno rice bowl, emitter 11 combined
resistance Rt! 1R83 ·········· to form a π1 communication circuit -1-, so that the tone signal of the
valley range details will be equal to each other by an amount determined in 4 to the above π @ 1
circuit. . Set the constant of R1l1 umbilical cord as tt & twirling increases and decreases from low
to low to mid to near i. (荀? な2. The pad circuit and the source circuit are not shown for
simplicity. 1 酋 i! ! The output signal of% 1 width-of Ijl (50) is put into two of high-tone group
and low-pitch group and supplied to the right channel 亭 addition circuit (61) and left channel +
S1 + ク ク 加 1 circuit (62) Ru. In the case where the weight number N is an odd number, the
deviation of the sword in the central region is equal to the adding circuit n. The outputs of the
two reservoirs are routed to the right channel repulsion power 4, 1lir (63) and channel power
increase by 1 (64) K, respectively, and the right and left speakers (69 and 66) t- To drive. Since
the speakers (65) and (66) are acoustically isolated at the left and right ends of the cutting @ of
the Yabinenot (12) in the rock band bells and so on 4 The sound conduction is continuously
localized to 1-1 of both speakers.
The tI 4 car 4m and the speaker are necessities ((i. Of course it is i L + 7 to use the outer hall
sound and the external speaker sound respectively. In addition, the external human power
forceps (67) and the reflex (68) are for stereo sound of a regular speaker such as spreo tape deki.
As described in detail above, if you work on a nine-piece planting, it is natural that each tone
range 01 No. 1 θ sound 1 elephant of a musical tone generation is reluctantly placed on 4 left
and right speakers. And a rich three-dimensional feeling is n. For a large hall etc., properly
arrange the room t'L for an external speaker-2 pieces of Nozomi, a candlestick of Dakan will wait
at 41. 4, 1 rate description of Figure 1f I 1 J? The si *, v-ste v o-type ft xi piano outside vRk 3 pib)
Figure 4. 13 + 1117-is a series flyjn ^ figure that shows the structure of the book Di. Aや1.
(2), (d), (65 n and (66) are speakers. (40) Boiling mu chestnuts, (50) a blend-path, (61) and (62) a
-JI + 4 circuit, (42), (66) and (64) increase, -1. Practical tr 某 i recording out person in charge
Japan company amuia type company agent 壇 相 Q (Q2y 、,, -12 <'-, / 422 φ,--p-26 (A) 3234 □
6 (B ) 1111 niece,% 9 '/. 5o50F−−−−−−−−−−デー
r−−−−]63654DH+IQ1+i+? 2 轟 111: 1 ° ::; 4 o,, 6: II: 1 ■ ■ 4,. 1: '-E 1Q,
N-11: 1:' +1 + 1----"": 11: 'l: 1 μ 66 I 1 140, "I: 1: 2 to 2,: (1, 140z 1111681 :: 1.110 ′ ′ ′ ′
′ ′, 夕 4′l, Q ++ 1 to 11IL − − === Ji − −J FIG. 2 ··· 2 · l ·-mue, 8 yo 7, 77 .1-2? t'ht 代理人
agent's attorney 1) Kumi Kumi