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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a pickup cartridge
according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view, FIG. 2 is a side view
showing the relationship between an exchange needle and a shield case, FIG. 1 is a crosssectional view after assembling FIG. 1, FIG. 4 is a bottom view of a base, and FIG. 5 is a central
longitudinal cross-sectional view of the same. A ...... exchange needle, 2 ...... pipe holder 5 ...... base,
6 ...... first pole piece, 5b4 ...... injection Groove, 8
·············································································································································································· 2nd pole
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a pickup cartridge
having an improved magnetic circuit. In the magnetic circuit of the conventional pickup
cartridge, in which the magnetic circuit is disposed parallel to the insertion hole of the pipe
holder of the replacement needle in the crucible, the pole piece to screw the coil is divided into
two parts, and one pole piece The other pole piece is wound around and integrated with the coil.
By the way, it becomes difficult to fix each pair of 7) pole piece and caisong to be mixed with the
coil, and it is difficult to match the pole piece to the hole part where the straw vibrator holder is
inserted. The 8 proposals were made in view of the point on the paper. The objective is to fix the
first pole piece divided into two to the base and insert the second pole piece into the coil fitted to
the first pole piece and the pole piece formed on the base. The object of the present invention is
to provide a pickup cartridge capable of fixing the first and second pole pieces in an accurate
position with respect to the base by making the animal housing 4 and 5. Another object of the
present invention is that by fixing a part of the second pole piece to the base with an adhesive,
the second pole piece can be securely fixed and -32 pole piece It is an object of the present
invention to provide a pickup cartridge capable of well preventing the projection into the pipe
holder insertion hole. Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings. The replacement needle is an exchange needle and is attached to a
shield case 11 of the cartridge main body B described later and is made of a meltable knob 1, a
vibration holder 2 fixed to the knob 1, and a magnet (not shown) The structure which is * Di or
more is fixed by force / tilever 3 elastically fixed to the temple with lA (not shown) and attached
to the tip 1 of the coughing cantilever 3 and the regenerating needle 4 and so on. . And in the
knob 1, there is a hooked inner hole 1a into which a protrusion 5a protruding from the shield
case 11 is inserted. The cartridge body B has a base 5 made of resin, a horizontal plate 5b
mounted on the horizontal piece 5b of the base 5, and a magnetic detection end molded on the
vertical piece 5a of the base 5. Two-pole pull-up device comprising a first pole piece 1, a coil 8
fitted to each of the ball wedge pieces T, and a second pole piece 9 inserted to the coil 8 and the
length 45b1 of the base 5. , A pedestal 10 provided with a terminal bin 12 for protecting the
pickup device and for leading out the lead gland from the coil 8 to the outside, and a permalloy
in which the pickup device and the pedestal 10 are fitted. And the like, and is formed of a
magnetic conductive material such as 1.
Next, to describe the details of the structure of the pickup device, the base 5 is formed in a
substantially R-shape, and a projecting piece 5a is formed on the upper portion of the vertical
piece 5a. The projection 51L is formed, and a hole 5a is formed in the lower part of the hole 4a
into which the above-mentioned Paipho-reader 2 is inserted. On the other hand, in the horizontal
piece 5b, two pole piece guides # 5b2 are formed in communication with the V-tab 5b in
communication with the upper one self-square hole 5a. Further, on the rear side surface of the
horizontal piece 5b, a concave portion 5b is engaged with a claw 60 of the plate 6 described
later. In addition, an engagement projection% 5c + engaged with an engagement recess 10b of
the pedestal 10 described later is formed at the front end of the rear end extension piece 5G.
Further, an adhesive injection groove 5b communicating with the pole piece guide groove 5b is
formed on the lower surface of the horizontal portion 5b. 1) The pole piece 7 is composed of a
dedicated village C, and its magnetic detection end 1 & is molded on the base 5 (on the vertical
piece 5 & is partially exposed and the square hole 5 & on) ing. In addition, a part of the magnetic
detection end 7a or the notch 7 & is, and is it? The joint piece of the base 5 is inserted into this
part at the time of ruth training, and the pole piece 7 does not come out as if the resin comes out,
and the length of the first pole piece T is substantially the same as the horizontal piece 5b. It is
formed in the same length. The shield plate 6 is formed of a conductive, non-stainless gold 4
such as copper, and has a ridge 6a in the longitudinal direction. And V groove 5b formed in this
mount 6a and horizontal evil 5b of base 5. The square hole is formed by nl, and the pipe holder 2
is inserted into this square hole. The ridges 6 & 5 have ridges 5m, or n, formed between the
square holes, but when the pipe holder 2 is inserted, the pipe holder 2 is elastically pressed
against the pipe holder 2 to insert the pipe holder 2 It is intended to hold firmly and make 1 \
contact good. Further, the Iff end of the mountain portion 6a is extended and folded back so as to
form a bent piece 6b'hXi, and a small hole 6b into which the first pole piece 7 is inserted in the
bent piece 6b. I am wearing a car. Further, claws 6C bent downward are formed on both sides of
the receiving method of the temporary 6 and this n is engaged with the concave portion 5b of
the base 5. The coil 8 is a bobbin QalC, but the bobbin 8a is formed thick enough to insert the
first pole piece T and a second pole piece 9 described later. The second pole piece The reference
numeral 9 is a U-shape formed of a conductive and magnetic material.
Then, one side 9a of each second pole piece 9 is inserted into the bobbin 8 & while the other side
9b is inserted into the ball piece guide groove sb of the base 5. As for the first construction of the
f-next receiving block 10, the receiving portion 10 & 10, the lid 10b and the thin connection
110Q are constructed. The horizontal portion 10m located on the upper portion of the coil B is
formed with the notch 10a1 engaged with the projection 5a of the vertical piece 5 & of the base
5 at 1TtI4 of the receiving portion 1Ga, and the horizontal portion 10IL , Drooping on both sides
behind and facing the rear end of the coil 8! 1 'j OIL as well as the hanging 1 oa. A separating
piece 101L4 hanging down to the center of the rear is formed. In addition, four lids 12b are
implanted in the lid portion IDbK, and a lead wire from the coil 8 is connected to the electronic
pin 12 as a plus case. The lid fB10b is an extension piece of the base 5 The engagement concave
portion 10b1 engaged with the holding convex portion 5c formed in 5G is 7 cedars 1 inch. When
the cover 10b is bent from the continuous delivery 100, the rear of the gfA child pin 12 is
positioned behind the hanging portion 10a, that is, on both sides of the separation piece 10b40.
The case 11 is made of a magnetically conductive material to prevent external magnetism and is
open at the rear, so that an assembly incorporating the big amplifier and the pedestal 10 can be
inserted from the opening m11 & It has become. Then, the same surface plate 11b is a hole 11b
into which the guide projection 5 formed on the projecting piece 5 & of the base 5 is inserted,
and a square hole 11b which matches the square hole 5a of the base 5. Is worn. Next, how to
assemble each part of the structure described above into 1ε′1? 2? explain about. First, the
small holes 6b1 made in the bending pieces 6b of the shield plate 6 are fitted to the first pole
pieces 7 fixed to the base 5 by molding and the claws 6G are engaged with the recesses asb of
the base 5. Then, the Poin 8a is inserted into each of the first ball pieces T and 0 in the following
manner. Next, a jig which is formed to the same size as the pipe holder 2 and on the surface of
which relief is performed so that the adhesive or the like is not easily deposited is a mountain of
V groove 5- and / or temporary temporary 6 It squeezes into the large corner formed by 461L. In
this situation, the guide of the base 5 5 4 rot 2 pole piece 90 9 9b 4sb. While inserting the one
9a into the bobbin 8a. And at this time the second pole piece 9. It is injected so as to make a loss.
If the adhesive injection '45b of 2 front stand 5 is injected, the adhesive is injected into the guide
45b, the adhesive is inserted into the guide 45b, so each other 9b of the second pole piece 9 is in
the guide 45b, Adhesive i! I) Because the light weight is fixed, the light guide groove Sb does not
protrude further. The second hole piece 9 may be caught even if the pipe holder 2 is pulled out
of the wheat that has pulled the jig out of this way: The second hole piece 9 will be lost and it will
face the magnetic detection rod 7 & of the first pole piece T It is possible to accurately determine
the distance between the light layer of the second pole piece 9 and the air-detecting skin. Next,
the projection 5 of the base 5 is fitted into the notch 10 & of the pedestal 10, and the horizontal
portion 10a is positioned on the coil 8, and then the lead wire from the coil 8 is 21 child pins 12
Solder it to In the case of a combination of the rear base 5 and the receiving table 10, the guide
projection 5a which is fitted to the opening 11 of the shield case 11 and formed on the
projecting piece Sm is formed in the hole 11b of the face plate 11b. Insert into From this IC, the
base 50 position rounding with respect to the shield case 11 is performed, and the t'L base 50
square hole 5IL and the 7-ruby case 110 square hole 11b coincide with each other. Because the
claw 6C of the common Noord board 6 contacts the 7-roll case 11. The wedge plate 6 is
grounded by means of a 0 which grounds the case 11 so as to resemble the young fruit of Nord.
Then, be careful to fill the package from the opening 11a and not to enter the inside of the
square) and coagulate, then double the four parts 11b of the pedestal 11? It bends at 1c,
engagement i of the cover part 35 and \ one 10b to the engagement convex part 5c of the base
5, and! ! Engage the part 10b1 and cover it. The Pinocano Torino is complete. As described
above, the coil having the first pole piece of one bubble as the base and the second pole piece
fitted to the first zole piece and the hole piece formed on the base as described above. By fitting
between the pole piece and the expansion groove, both pole pieces are fixed to the wooden base
at a certain distance d, so that the position with respect to the pipe holder insertion hole becomes
accurate, and a good Nisei can be performed. In addition, since the second pole piece and a part
of it are originally attached to the base, fixing to the base is ensured and the pipe holder does not
protrude to the side of the large hole, so that the pipe holder is difficult to push in Also does not
occur. 4\ノゴ【 41、i! A simple illustration of one side is a vehicle upload cart
according to this invention. Figure 1 shows a solid single row, X1t is a partial oblique view,
Figure 2 shows the relationship between the exchange needle and the 7-lead case, and Figure 3
shows the assembly of Figure 1 Flash.
The fourth A is the base no. FIG. 5 'is a central longitudinal cross-sectional view of the same. Arm
.. exchange needle, 2 ... pipe holder, 5 base plate, 6-potatoes 1 pole piece, 5b4 ... injection groove,
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