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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a horn speaker
according to an embodiment of the present invention. 12 ...... field portion, 15 ... ... diaphragm, 21
..... Ikofuiza, 151, 152 ...... fitting portion.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a horn speaker, in
which attachment of a diaphragm including a voice coil can be easily performed. Generally, the
center piece 11 and the ring-shaped field portion 12 are provided. When the position of the Heus
coil 14 with respect to the gap 13 is set, the periphery of the diaphragm 150 located on the
upper surface of the field section 12 is regulated by a jig, and the diaphragm 16 is fixed to the
field section 1'7 in that state. It is like that. Therefore, the jig must be used and the assembly
(manufacturing) operation is troublesome. This eight-invention eliminates such a drawback, so
that 'Icy a? In the embodiment of the drawing, 16 is a magnet, 17 + 71 yen, 18 is a positioning
ring, 19 ° 201-t ring-like spacer, 21 is an equalizer and diaphragm 15. Also, the spacer 19 and
the periphery of the spacer 200 have a fitting portion 151 and a fitting portion 1 and 2 fitting
around the field portion 12. 16はホーンアダプタである。 In this configuration, the outer
diameter of the diaphragm 15 and the outer diameter of the redundant spacer 19.20 are sized to
fit in the fitting portion 151 of the equalizer 21, and the fitting portion 152 of the equalizer 21
fits in the field portion 12 It is fat. Therefore, voice coil fixed in advance to diaphragm 15 when
positioning ring 18 regulates cap 13 between center piece 11 and field section 12 and when
equalizer 21 is fitted to field section 12 14 is in a predetermined position of the gear 13, the
spacer 20. The diaphragm 15 and the spacer 19 are placed in this order, and in this state, the
equalizer 21 is twisted in the field part? If it is fitted to 312, the spacer 20. The diaphragm 15 °
spacer 19 is moved and fitted so as to be fitted in the fitting portion 151 provided in the
equalizer 21. At this time, positioning of the voice coil 14 can also be performed. Thus, according
to the present invention, no adhesive is required for attaching the spacer and the field portion of
the diaphragm, and no special jig is required, so that the assembly is easy. Even in the case of
replacing the diaphragm after assembly, the replacement operation can be easily performed.