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Method of manufacturing speaker diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a speaker diaphragm for a speaker, which is excellent in moisture resistance, has
extremely low metal corrosion resistance, and is provided with flame retardancy without
impairing the acoustic performance. 2. Description of the Related Art In recent years, various
speakers have been proposed which have been provided with flame retardancy in order to
eliminate the occurrence of fire caused by speakers used in electric devices such as radio
receivers and television receivers. Such speaker members are mainly vulnerable to fire, and the
possibility of heat generation of the speaker 1 voice coil due to excessive human power or the
possibility of being exposed to high heat inside the television cabinet is so great. Flame
retardancy is strongly desired. And, as a flame retardant method, an internal addition method
such as mixing a powdered flame retardant such as an organic phosphorus compound or an
organic halogen compound into pulp slurry or kneading at the time of spinning, and a flame
retardant There is an external addition method in which the solution is adhered or absorbed to a
paper or fabric by impregnation, application or spray. However, in the case of the internal
addition method, the flame retardant particles are partially dissolved in water or when the
particle size is small, they are washed away with water and the yield of the flame retardant is
very bad, and it is necessary to use a fixing aid together In the case of the aqueous addition
method, for example, in the case of an aqueous method, EndPage: 1 containing a large amount of
a flame retardant such as phosphorus or ammonium such as ammonium phosphate, is
hygroscopic after treatment, The softening property is a dog, which corrodes metal parts and
deteriorates the flame retardant effect with time, leading to deformation of the speaker
diaphragm and deterioration of water repellence. Most of them are composed of the body,
phosphorus, or a halogen-based organic compound, which leads to softening, metal corrosion
and water repellency of the speaker diaphragm. The problem with the imaging plate for a
speaker manufactured by the external addition method in which the solution is impregnated with
a solution of a halogenogen compound, phosphate ester, ammonium phosphate or the like
according to the present invention, ie, high hygroscopicity, paper strength due to metal corrosion
It is an object of the present invention to provide a method for manufacturing a speaker
diaphragm which sufficiently satisfies the property of flame retardancy while preventing the
occurrence of deterioration and rust. <Examples> Four types of mixed drugs are required to
manufacture the imaging moving plate for speakers according to the present invention. That is, it
is a drug consisting of the following proportions. Flame retardant: 100 parts by weight of
unsaturated vinyl phosphate Either ram salt of sodium ester salt or soda salt part by weight First,
the treatment liquid is prepared as a single bath with a mixed drug composed of the above ratio,
and preformed The speaker ball moving plate is impregnated with this treatment solution, and
after preliminary drying (120C, 10 minutes, cure), heat molding is performed to impart flame
retardancy by providing a speaker having moisture resistance and corrosion resistance.
Manufacture the diaphragm for the
Here, each chemical used is compatible, and the mixed solution is stable, so that single bath
processing is possible, and processing is simple, and sulfamic acid / Addition of inorganic salts
such as mon to reduce the amount of addition of flame retardant to obtain desired flame
retardancy With less deterioration of paper quality after flame retardant treatment Furthermore
by the action of rust inhibitor and water repellent agent Since the hygroscopicity is reduced, the
change in paper quality with time due to humidity is extremely small. In order to improve the
paper strength, it is preferable to add melamine and polyamide epoxy resin to the diaphragm in
advance as needed. According to the method of manufacturing the speaker diaphragm of the
present invention, the flame retardant and the impregnation treatment are applied to impart
flame retardancy and moisture resistance without impairing the acoustic performance. A speaker
diaphragm having an anticorrosion effect can be easily obtained. In addition, the preparation
drug according to the present invention has no toxicity and there is no concern about pollution.
Attorney Attorney Atsushi FukushiEndPage: 2