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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1A is a side view of the structure in the case of
sound removal on the front and the upper side, FIG. Specific structure in the case of FIG. 1a:
fllO11, 21: Case; 26 is a top panel, 11 is a side panel, 29 is an adapter, and 20 is an upper gap.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the sound removal
structure of the speaker of a cabin apparatus including a portable speaker, radio, transceiver, etc.
The conventional speaker O sound removal is limited to one forward direction or one upward
direction of the 5 l Ithi panel, and when it is attached to the 9 ml belt put in this equipment tube
leg pocket and carried only in one direction, the clothing has only one direction If the sound
release panel is blocked due to the sound, etc., the sound is extremely attenuated and can not be
heard. In addition, when carrying in the waist belt wearing or chest chest and carrying it, the
sound removal of the speaker should be above the device V- 1-/--2) 2 /) and the V% is 9 hands
KNL When listening to the front panel, it is easier to hear as the wider direction can be used as a
baffle plate if the sound is extracted in the direction of the front panel O This way, the sound
quality of the speaker is different depending on the usage condition of the speaker. Alternatively,
it was considered that even in the conventional method with only the side or front l1it \) it was
inconvenient and inconvenient in the present invention. It is a thing. You can use the drawings to
explain * m examples of this invention. In FIG. 1a, the speaker 2 is attached to the #i side panel 5
by tilting it, the direction of the mit panel 5 and one cough! This is an example of a book 'J' in
which a sounding hole 3 or 4 is provided in both directions with the ceiling surface of the lI
curved hannel upper blade and a t metal plate is formed from these holes, and FIG. 1 is a front
panel On the other hand, the speaker 12 is inclined in the negative direction with respect to 15
and the sound release holes 141189 are provided in both directions of the 1-screen panel 15
and the hat tonnel 7 in the embodiment of the present invention. The figure is a perspective view
for showing the concrete structure of FIG. 1 (,). Loudspeaker 22t-You may attach the speaker 22
to the #i face panel 25 through a wedge-shaped adapter as shown in FIG. The speaker may be
attached to the one made by integrally molding one equivalent to the front panel 25. The sound
removal can be performed not only in the front and the upper or the front and the two sides but
also in the front panel direction and the upper and the three sides of 1111 [l] as the same side
with two negative faces. However, if the sound output from the speaker is small, adopting only
two directions of the above combination will be more practical and effective. If you want to limit
the sound to only the two directions of 1 # と panel direction and the upper side in Fig. 2, if you
A space consisting of speaker cone, forward facing panel, upper ceiling surface, and inner ga
surface without L-deep hole on the adapter is created) +, 7 ' Scold me. The shape and size of the
space should be designed appropriately for the output of the speaker and the shape application
of the device. The present invention has a configuration as described above, and if the device
with built-in speaker and 41 or portable device such as a blur peg or pager is worn in the waist
belt or chest pocket, the front panel is chest It is very convenient because it can be heard well
from the voice company ceiling or ga side even if it is blocked at the back of the pocket o