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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
speaker device, FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of the speaker device of the
present invention, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line 5--5 of FIG. 3, and
FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view showing a second embodiment of the present invention, and FIG.
6 is a vertical cross section showing a third embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 7 is a
longitudinal sectional view showing a fourth embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 8 is a
longitudinal sectional view showing a fifth embodiment of the present invention. 3 ······· Speaker
body, 10 ······ Diaphragm, 18 ······ Horn-like sound path, 21 ······ Bulkhead, 23 ··· Buffering Material.
Detailed description of the invention The invention of the invention relates to a speaker group m
which is open to the outside through a plurality of horn-like twists in which the back direction II
of the sliding plate of the speaker body is provided to the side force of the speaker body. .
Conventionally, those having two or more speaker bodies for determining the reproduction band
are as follows. The horn-like sound paths (B) Yk are provided on the two swords of the mid-high
range speaker main body (4) as shown in Fig. 1 for the number 1 of the directivity time
characteristics of the bird area speaker main body, middle 1 Guide the nine backs of the vibro-ya
to the outside mail via the horn-like sound (B) (21 meeting 41, di). The pressure on the back and
forth of the plate IIh is made equal by making it possible to obtain a symmetrical air-like
vibration back and forth and by actively utilizing the sound pressure on the back side. It is
possible to reduce the transient response and distortion rate that are favorable, and to make the
phantom localization clear. However, when using the above speaker device, there may be
interference between the sound directly emitted forward from the speaker body (4) and the hornlike sound path from you (the sound emitted through toughness may occur. In order to prevent
interference, the length of the horn-like sound path (6) must be at least the wavelength of the
lowest wave number used. For example, when using a frequency of 1 KS or more, its wavelength
is about 50 cm, so a horn 3l-like sound path (the length of II should be 60 polarized At least it
will be necessary. As described above, when the horn-like sound path (II is provided in a straight
line, the shape of the entire speaker device becomes very large, which is inconvenient when it is
worn in the speaker box KII. The present invention is intended to improve such a point, the
speaker Kt you! In the plurality of wedge-shaped horn-like sound paths, the sound emitted from
the front surface and the back surface of the diaphragm does not interfere with each other by
making the back surface lI of the diaphragm open for communication with the outside. If the
horn-like sound path f) is made as large as necessary, the radial dimension of the horn-like sound
path can be made small. The -II wheel example of the 4 呵 4 + N single invention will be
described on the basis of 21. A mounting groove (41) of the speaker body (3) is formed at a
predetermined position of the panful plate 121 of the speaker box il +, and the speaker body 131
is fitted in this groove (4. To explain the lII composition of the speaker main body 13), (5) in the
figure is a center ball, (6) is a magne 7), and 17) is a plate.
(8) Capoice coil, L9) is a damper, tl (1 is a peristaltic plate). The tt U is a frame integrally formed
with the gunt (7), and the tl is an aperture drilled at three equidistant portions of the frame 1111
so as to face the back of the JS III J plate 11. Then, a horn is fitted to the frame 1 and the frame
IIIK is stopped by appropriate means. Formed concentrically with the above-mentioned horn oh,
among them IIJlllu 4 and outer wall 4 and the speaker main body (3), the upper (5) 1 Kli plate tte
between these both walls a4 is fixed by hooking The sound input holes a 対 向 facing the holes
Q3 are formed at six equally spaced points on the circle side 11a4, and a horn-like sound path ttS
having a maximum is sequentially wound from the human sound hole value η toward the
outside. Then, the end of this horn-like sound path {circle over (1)} is inserted through the abovementioned external wall (IIK drilled through the narrow and round sound output hole 0). In the
above-mentioned horn-like sound path between the inner set 141 and the outer wall 1 (I), the I /
Is part is provided with an appropriate S material. The sound path σ barrel of the 2 上 紀 ho /
shape is the partition wall Q as shown in FIG. It may be made to adjoin and form by D. Further, as
shown in FIG. 6, the aperture 0 of the frame 1111 made to face the back surface of the front
diaphragm 4 is opened directly to the sound path of the horn opening 61,, + f's As shown in FIG.
7, the speaker main body (3 (7 L /-(11,)) is formed to be positioned above the surface of the
baffle plate (2) with an interval. In this case, the VC # i horn U may be mounted between the back
surface of the frame (11,) and the baffle plate (2). Further, as shown in FIG. 8, a space 10 is
further formed like a Kil on the outer side of the outer wall 4 of the horn 0, and a foam urethane
or glass 7 is used to adjust the sound pressure of the sound coming out to the outside in the
space StU. It is also preferable to use a buffer material such as eye par, and further, the space
IIIm between the rear surface of the diaphragm and the Il1 surface in the frame l1lO, the outer
surface and the inner part 4140 of the gutter and the frame The sky 11111i1. Also, the shock
absorbing material O may be added to the inside of the honkei horn-like (7) sound path value
box. In addition, a pair of positions of the frame IIO aperture I and the sound input hole an of the
noble wall in the horn 峙 O, the expansion ratio of the diameter of the 訃 and the horn-like sound
path Q barrel to -1, the horn The number of sound paths Ql can be changed according to the
requirement 41K. Further, the outside 1111 a50 sound emitting hole α of the horn 0 may be
any material as long as it can maintain the necessary opening area ka , such as a continuous
metal hole such as a punching metal.
Further, the entire shape of the horn 0 can be considered to be various horn shapes such as
etasponenon yalho-7, conical ho 7, etc. The present invention is not limited to the example of this
practical example. (8) In the present invention, the plurality of spiral horn-like sound paths
provided to you of the speaker main body open the communication plate to the back S of the
back of the pregnancy plate. The length of the horn-like sound path can be made as long as
necessary so that the sounds emitted from the front and back of the work board do not interfere
with each other), but at the same time the radial direction of the horn-like sound path The
dimensions of can be small. A variety of sound quality can be obtained by forming a horn-shaped
sound path at two intervals and forming it next to one another at a radius of 14 mm.
Furthermore, by providing a buffer Wt inside the horn-like sound path St or outside, it is possible
to adjust the sound pressure of the sound coming out to the outside S. t9) · Mi-hea '-(m; top