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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view showing a partial cutaway view of
a folded horn of a speaker device according to Embodiment 1, FIG. 2 is a central longitudinal
sectional view thereof, and FIG. 3 is a speaker device according to Embodiment 2. FIG. 4 is a front
view showing a use state in which the speaker device of the first embodiment is suspended, and
FIG. 5 is a central longitudinal sectional view showing the speaker device of the third
embodiment. L19, 21 ········ Speaker unit, 2, 34 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · Drive unit, 5, 24 ...: ... outside of the lid, 6.25 °°°°°° middle body, 7,26 ...... within the
panel body, 17 and 33 ... ... the sound emitting opening, 22 ...... cone speaker, 27 ...... roof body.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a non-directional
speaker apparatus particularly suitable for use in vehicles. In the conventional horn speaker or
cone speaker, the horn of the horn speaker is formed by coaxially superposing a plurality of
cylinders having different diameters, and the cone speaker is used by being attached to the baffle
plate. The emission of these ranges is concentrated in one direction of the front side of the
structure, and has directivity. Therefore, in order to obtain a nondirectional speaker device 1) J
24 '83 / -7 + lesson 1 by these speakers, a plurality of speakers may be disposed on the outer
surface of the spherical case, or the speakers may emit sound. It was formed by attaching an
acoustic scattering plate to the open end. Also, is it omnidirectional in the on-vehicle speaker
device installed and used on the roof of the vehicle? To get it, you have to arrange all the
speakers in each direction of the front, rear, side and all the louder or all directions, or use a
stand with a direction lvT change mechanism together, and also head forward The structure of
the speaker of the speaker received the wind moon as the structure of the axle travels, and in
particular, when the vehicle is driven at a high speed, it is blocked by the large wind pressure and
is thus blocked. The area of the sound emission opening end is reduced, and the installation of a
streamlined windshield filter is all necessary. Furthermore, as compared with horn speakers,
cone speakers have a larger diaphragm area, are more susceptible to wind pressure, and have
low electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, so they are extremely difficult to use as car
applications requiring high output. It is considered appropriate. In view of such a point, the
present invention enables uniform loud-broadcasting in all directions in the horizontal (2) plane
by folding a plurality of baseplates together to form a horn, which is used in high-speed air flow
Also, it is difficult to receive pressure from the diaphragm or the wind pressure, and the speaker
device with excellent aesthetic appearance is provided. Hereinafter, the configuration of the
present invention will be described with reference to the example shown in the drawings. t
<Example /> t As shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, the speaker 1 of this embodiment is vertically
symmetrical, and is folded back over all i rounds on both sides of the toe. It consists of a folded
horn i3 to be formed, and a V-d '' drive-one [4] housed at the central part thereof. In the folded
horn 6, the disc-shaped outer disc body 5, the inner disc body 6, and the inner disc body 7 are
sequentially disposed in the center direction from the upper and lower direction with the tote Q
pair. The end face of the outer panel 5 is covered with a lid 8, and the outer panel 5 is connected
to the cylindrical connecting portion 9 at the inner peripheral portion, and the other end of the I
connecting portion 9 is an inner panel. The inner periphery of the body 7 is joined.
Each of the hollow portions in the connection portion 9 has an electro-acoustic transducer, and
the movement unit 4 has a relative value of nT]! 8) The outer peripheral edge of the base metal
10, which is housed for publication and attached to the tip of the drive unit 4, is connected to the
inner peripheral edge of the inner disk 7. At the opposing middle portion of the base 10 of the
driving unit 4 below L, a diffuser 11 having a conical surface under L is fixed and supported by
spacers 12 connected to the bases 10 on both sides. In addition, spacers 16 are connected to
each other on the outer side of the two opposing PJ bodies 7 and connected so as to keep the
distance between the two completely constant. On the other hand, the lower end of the
intermediate body 6 is connected to each other at the outer peripheral edge thereof by the
centering out 4), and the middle, partial, and 'C of the intermediate body 6 have a diameter larger
than the outer diameter of the connecting portion 9 A sound guiding hole 5 is provided, the
sleeping disc 6 is completely surrounded by the inner disc 7, and the inner peripheral edge
thereof is attached and fixed to the connecting portion b 9 by a mounting bracket 16. In the case
where the external customer 5 and the inner shell 7 are integrally formed as described above, the
middle shell 6 is divided into two parts on the left and right as shown in FIG. Do it easily. The
folded horn 6 formed as described above is expanded from the center or outer portion of the
inner and outer disks 5 toward the outer peripheral portion (4) l to provide the first sound path
2a with the external consumer 5 and the upper and lower sides Of the second body 2b, and
further, the distance between the intermediate body 6 and the upper and lower external
consumers 5 is from the central portion A third sound path 2C is formed so as to expand toward
the outer peripheral portion, and is formed so as to be gradually increased from the central
portion to the sound emission opening 17 on the outer peripheral portion. That is, the sound
waves generated by the driving unit 4 are expanded in all horizontal directions in the conical
surface of the diffuser 11 and dislocated, and a pair of upper and lower sound outputs are mixed
to form a disk-shaped mountain. The first sound path 2aTh between the disks 7 travels outward,
and is reflected by the peripheral plate core 4 and divided into ten, the same between the inner
disk 7 and the middle disk 6, which are formed in a disk shape, It travels inward to the 2 sound
path 2b and proceeds to a third sound path 2C total external force between the intermediate
body 6 and the external demand body 5 similarly formed in the same disk shape through 1
sound monument hole 157 "t- The sound is emitted from the noise release portion 17 in the
entire circumferential direction. As in the case where the spacer 16 is provided between the
opposing inner disc bodies 7, between the inner disc body 7 and the intermediate disc body 6,
between the sword (5) ̶the intermediate disc body 6 and the foreign language body 5. If
necessary, the spacer can be properly fitted. Also, the storage location of the drive unit 4 may be
an empty space formed between the foreign language body 5 and the lid 8. In this case, the base
10 is extended to about the length of the connection portion 9, and the diameter of the
connection portion 9 is the base It is reduced to about 10 diameters.
Furthermore, the inner peripheral surface may be formed into a symmetrical curved reflection
surface so that the reflection efficiency of the inner peripheral surface of the peripheral plate 14
is increased. If it is used by hanging it from the above-mentioned speaker equipment @ 1 whole
ceiling, as shown in the figure, it is sufficient to attach all the chains 18 to the lid 8 on the -L side.
The lower lid 8 is mounted on the roof of the vehicle via a mounting bracket. Embodiment 2 As
shown in FIG. 3, the speaker device 19 of this embodiment is formed by seven drive units 4 and
7 at one side, and in this case, the diffuser 20 is a cone only on the lower surface. The diffuser 20
is provided on the entire surface opposite to the base IO of the drive unit 4 and the outer
peripheral end thereof is coupled to the inner peripheral end of the inner disc 7 on the opposite
side. 6) The other structures are provided in the same manner as in the embodiment. Example 3
tm 6 'e AK 7 J <j J: 5 K .; F% J Oxe-"0", h, N' AW @ 'A: * t% f! : 1 -1 z-yxe--32221, J'T'T "", 6 ゞ tli Jl
LI ls L & 40 Tib! 11 · [r * L, h-n 23 are concentrically coated with the disk-like external consumer
24, the middle disc 25, the disc 26 and the large disc 27 and a lid 28 is provided on the lower
surface of the external consumer 24 The external consumer 24 and the disc 26 are connected
29? The cone speaker 22 is accommodated in the connection portion 29 and the peripheral edge
of the cone speaker 22 is provided so as to be continuous with the inner peripheral end of the
inner disk 26. On the other hand, the roof body 27 has a diffuser 3De which is provided in a
conical shape so as to project downward at the center facing the cone speaker 22 and connected
and fixed by being connected to the inner disc body 26 via the spacer 31. There is. The
peripheral part of this large disc 2 is curved downward, and bent at the tip end thereof
downward to the inner disc 26 to have a sound guiding hole 62 in the inner peripheral part j ′
′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ Qd: il G # h? +-L-& & & & 1 & quot; 1 & lgr;-1]] 1] A folded sound path 64 is
formed which gradually increases toward the outer portion 11 of the sound emission interval 66.
That is, the sound wave generated by the cone speaker 22 is diffused in all the horizontal
directions by the diffuser 60, and is formed outward between the large disc 27 and the inner disc
26 and suppressed outward. 1 sound path 34 at the outer circumferential direction, and then,
toward the inward formed second sound path 34 b formed between the inner body 26 and the
middle body 25 and toward the entire center of the sound path The second sound path 34cTh
formed outward between the intermediate body 25 and the external consumer 24 passes
through 62 and travels in the outer circumferential direction of the third sound path 34cTh and
radiates from the sound emitting opening 66 in the outer circumferential direction.
Therefore, according to the speaker device according to the present invention as described
below, a disk-shaped folded sound path is formed by the folded horn to make an omnidirectional
broadcast or a low-speed broadcast capable of omnidirectional b When the device is used for
vehicles and placed in the tasteful air stream, the diaphragm of the electro-rheological transducer
is parallel to the direction of the air flow, and is caused by the resistance to the air flow or mainly
by the connection, and This resistance is very small, and a negative pressure (8) is generated in
the back direction to the air flow of this connection, and further, the air flow with most of it
passes through with an appearance shape conforming to the streamline. 1) a6 K · the vibrator 4
wind pressure 31 ° 7 pressure is not 161 and there is no hindrance to the effect of several lines
τ and there is no directivity, and it is on-vehicle For "; 73-7-6 7. J7あ6 、7.6、い、。 It
is excellent in aesthetics such as design or streamline, and is suitable as an indoor device and has
all the advantages in practical use.