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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of an OTL output section in a
conventional stereo reproduction apparatus, and FIG. 2 is a block diagram of an OTL output
section showing one embodiment of a stereo reproduction apparatus according to this bottom
beam. . PAL # PA n ··· No noise amplifier, SPL # SPR ······ Speaker, C ······ Output capacitor.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to Stereo Toyosei 5kiii, and
in particular to the improvement of the OTL output of seven. Conventionally, as shown in FIG. 1,
the OLT output unit in the stereo reproduction apparatus has m; R power amplifiers (ax) for both
channels and (As) and speakers (spt) and (spz), respectively. (CIL (Os) is interposed to prevent the
Mk effect caused by the direct current flowing to the speaker. By the way, this output capacitor is
an AC signal (as opposed to two, as much as possible, the input gain (uIN) of one channel, two
channels, two channels, three channels) is directly connected to the power amplifier (pAL) of (L)
channel and (R) channel respectively. ) + (PAR) (two connected. And the output end of the power
amplifier (PA, 1) of the (L) channel is reversely connected to the speaker (spL)-(2), (2) of the (L)
channel, and the output end of the power amplifier (PAR) of the (R) channel is (R) The channel's
slider (spJ1 * I * I1) is used. In addition, (L), (R) quotient channel speaker (8PL) + (SPR) between
the common connection end (about ■, the latter 0) and the ground, for example, a relatively low
capacitance as an output capacitor of several 10μF @ degree Capacitor C) is connected via
insertion. As described above, a stereo noble device equipped with a 0 TL jtl power unit
configured in C2 is usually a combination of power amplifiers (PAL) + (paR) for both (L) and (Fl)
channels, @ * 3 tar Since PA ($ * 1tllllUt ° ′ ′ is obtained, almost no direct current flows
in the (S) 2 of the (L) + (R) 1tII channel (spb, (sp,)) Is it? 1 or t AC signal (in this case W capacitor
(e) in this case is relatively low capacity of several tens of μ yie 41 + summer, so in the low band
part m = channel input @ ( IN) are directly mirrored in (L) 1 (R) channel power amplifiers (P red),
(FAR) (two tII). And the power increase of the power 7 channel 2 (p mu L) of the (L) channel is
the speaker (8 PL) of the (L) channel! − E)、OM!! 11 絖 sales, (R)? The output terminal
of the + y * power amplifier (FAR) is connected to the (R) channel speaker (8PR) 1 2 0, 0. In
addition, (L), (R) both Chang-no-Luss-Piece ('Pl), (' Pi) common connection end (@ person e, after
11 O) and ground, relatively as an output capacitor of about several 10 μF Low capacity
Conden? (A) is connected via insertion.
According to the above, the OTL output payment and the built-in stereo reproduction device are
usually (L) 1 (R) both channels "A" / A (A / Q) / <War 77 '(P red) · ( PAR) also Oka ha-% # tcgt
L'C4 "41 j" Ml) 11 E% 111 111 U +: tx 9 p :. The speakers (8F, HA (8P)) on both channels (L) and
(R) have a direct current that hardly flows. Oh, in this case the output Conden? Since (C) is
selected to have a relatively low capacity of about several tens of μIP (2. In-vivo dance is made
large in the low band portion and the middle and high pitch range is made small. By the way, in
general, the lower part of music programming is often in four phases and the same bell C in both
channels (L) and (R), or in this case (L) channel @ (two inverter (INV) The (G) channels in the (L)
and (R) channels are derived in antiphase with each other at the output end of the (i both-channel
power amplifier (pAL) + (paIt) by (L) and (i) It will be. However, as described in 1 (in the lower
frequency part, the impedance of the capacitor (7) is made large, the (T,) l (R) m channel speakers
(SPL) and (sPθ) are both puffs. -7 ing (FA,) (The output terminal of PA is connected to the output
terminal of ii 伺 (equivalent (= = 2 connected and (L) channel speakers (5 PL) are reversely
connected, so both speakers (8 PL The same level sound is played in phase from +) (SPh) (2 = 5 ie
in the lower part, the same W + enters the meat channel with the same volume of 184g thread)
The 1BTL # (Balanced Transformerless) function, which produces a phase 1 town level sound,
can be used together with the 'OCL' (Output Capacitorless) III function. On the other hand, since
the impedance of the output capacitor (C) is made small in the middle and high frequency parts,
so that any one of the speakers (8PL) l (SPR) is grounded, the human power signal of the
negative phase component ≦ two and separation sufficiently. In this case, the input signal of the
in-phase component is reversed in phase at the output end of the ー ー ア ン ア ン PAL (PAL) and
(PAR) because one channel is inverted by the inverter (V). However, the strength of the meat (SP
+), (sPIL) is on the side of the single channel. ○ As it is reversely connected, as a result C2 both
come to produce the same phase sound, there is no hindrance.
In addition, the value of the output capacitor (C) in the above is selected based on the lower
frequency group wave number (j ') equal to or less than the human ear (a number iouHg which
does not give two-way agreement). If it is assumed that = 80 and the above jL = 8 UOHs, then C
"2TE-, fLRL, = 2'1 x 800 x 8 U =" 8 ([mu] F). Moreover, although the case (two was demonstrated
when using an inverter (engine NV) in the above Example, it is not limited to this, as long as it
can change the phase by 180 °). And, as described above, the stereo reproduction apparatus
provided with the OTL output section as described above (in the case where the signal of the N
level and the same level enters not only the low band but also the whole area), the output
capacitor (C) (2 It is very effective for hi-fi sound reproduction systems, because it becomes
possible to use so-called BTL-00L driving with alternating current voltage eliminated, and the
middle i1 + eyebrow part has enough separation so that the sense of direction (localized feeling)
is the same. be able to. Therefore, as described above, according to the present invention, it is
relatively preferable that the impedance be low only for the interleaving area by improving the
COTL output so as to drive the so-called BTL-OCL particularly in the low band. The cost can be
reduced to a large wheel by using a low-capacity output capacitor for a single flight, and at the
same time, it is possible to provide a very good stereo reproduction device that can improve the
sound quality as much as possible. It becomes. .