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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 to 3 show an example of a conventional
pyrospeaker, wherein FIG. 1 is a sectional view and FIG. 2 is a plan view with the upper portion
removed, FIG. FIG. 4 is a view of the sounding body as viewed from below, and FIG. 4 is a crosssectional view of the speaker unit in this embodiment. 21 ...... frame, 24 ...... electromagnetic
radiation wheels, 25 ...... macro net, 33 ...... cone paper.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] The present invention relates to a speaker unit, a speaker
unit (a speaker unit used for reconnaissance under a pillow or a pillow when using a headphone,
a speaker unit dedicated to a pyro speaker, a speaker unit used exclusively for y stone. A speaker
as shown in FIG. 2 is known as a speaker to be used by becking temple U at the time of gj3-ri 19
'-γ east recognition obedience throwing and this speaker's repair' ( In the case of [-藺 屯, first
and second [in reduced V, 1 is + speaker one body, 2 is an M body, 3 is a lead wire 4 lead hole, 5
is a center hole 6, hole piece 7, magnet 8. ボと79. An electromagnetic device comprising an
electromagnetic ring 1 °, 11 is a cosmetic ring 12 ° cone paper 13. A sounding body
comprising the diaphragm 14 and 15 are sounding holes. When assembling such a speaker of
the structure 1, the electromagnetic device 5 is interposed in the recess 1a formed in the first
rule of the speaker main body l, and the sound ring 11 is the speaker 1 in addition. Since the
main body IQ and the peripheral edge portion 11] (the lid 2 is good for attaching the main body
IVc of the speaker to the extraction disposed so as to coincide with each other), it can be
assembled in relatively small "i". However, on the% base where the sound producing body 11 is
assembled, the one in which the periphery of the cone paper 13 is in contact with the decorative
ring machine 12 is shown in the 31st sentence IVc. Thus, it is formed by bonding the diaphragm
14 having an approximately 11-square shape to the center of the cone paper 13 (2). The
diaphragm 14 needs to be bonded so that the center of gravity of the seven points is perfectly
aligned with the center of the cone i13. If the position of the diaphragm 汐 140 does not coincide
with the center of the cone q13 Not a single drop <77. However, aligning the position of the
center of gravity of the diaphragm 14 with the center of the cone-t13 is quite an old-fashioned
task, and from the aspect of efficiency, this is a major drawback in the manufacture of this type
of speaker. The wood J plan was made in view of the above points, and it consists of a frame and
a car unit in which an electromagnetic ring 1 is incorporated and fixed in a frame, and a cone on
top of the center of the diaphragm. The center is equipped with a sneaker uninoto that allows
you to easily match up with your emoticon δ. The specific structure of the present invention will
be described below. In FIG. 4, a frame 21a is made of, for example, a synthetic resin material, and
a circular recess 21a corresponding to the recess 1a of the conventional example is formed in the
central part of the frame 21a. 1. , (3) V-shaped hitting around the visor ・ Ring-shaped convex%
21b of a certain IV is formed.
22 is a terminal board, and 24 is a wire ring. 25 + -1: A magnet Iy device 5 of Iy11 and a device
substantially similar to that of the magnet I. 31 is in the form of a link: soot 11 (consists of socalled Yagami 32. Corn wholesale, 33. It consists of 34 pieces of penetrative cards and is 1
conventional! ・ 1: This is the equivalent of the sound generator lIU. However, the center L of the
cone girder 33 has a small hole 33a. It is different from that of the conventional 11jl ', which is a
point of connecting the cone 33 (and the pregnancy 31). In assembling the speaker unit having
such a configuration, the inside of the recessed portion 21a of the first magnet 21 (C electrical
cold wire ring 24. Distribute magnet 2 :) and place it in the city of it ', l + T ring CL so that the
outer circumference of 1 3 (1 root 3 · 1 will be spread on the inner surface of link-like recess 2
111 of frame 21) Do. Furthermore, the periphery of the corn scale 33 is in the frame 2. (Stuck to
11 pieces, seal 32i'i: and seal. Also, a hole 338 'formed at the center of the cone 33? Using the itype injection of W adhesive to bond and fix the cone paper 33 and the vibration adhesive 34,
and (4) as described above, the speaker unit of the present invention has a link-like projection
formed on the frame. Therefore, since the diaphragm can be positioned, it is possible to
immobilize and fix the diaphragm on the cone paper in the cylinder opening i and exactly 11 so
that the assembly can be performed extremely easily and efficiently. It can be produced. In
addition, a good sound quality that can be used as a headphone or small-sized C-over-zero-slider
to form a hole 2IC in the frame can be made as a speaker unit used for each of the 11 M sound
devices of the .delta. In addition, the speaker unit of the present invention can have one head
book of -q and a speaker unit different from that of the speaker unit included in the cabinet. It is
used as a headphone for monitors of teaching LL and Sound 8- that were not used in the market.