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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cutaway side view showing the prior art of
the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cutaway side view of an example of an actual trip of the present
invention, FIG. 3 is a plan view thereof, and FIG. Show a curve. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ·····
Metal case, 2 ····················································································· Piezoelectric element 5 ······ Filler. Figure
2 Figure 3
Detailed description of the invention 考 案 A to a pickup for a fan 4 using a draft 2 element and a
pressure 1 element. As shown in the first cJ), a cap (1 to 14 stainless steel screw (6) is integrally
attached to the 110F surface, and a stone IE zero screw is placed in the a4 case <b). (D) was
layered on the bottom of the − surface, and a pick-up was proposed for converting a hand-grip
distortion found in a 1-E4 element (in season) into an electrical signal via a screw <6). As shown
at 44 in FIG. 4, this pickup shows a high level at 共 OOOH 2 and a sharp drop at # 1 at 51000
Hz. Such waiting: Raw take out all that as an IEA signal from the vibrator taken by the string of
a% musical instrument, for example. No wonder, it will be 4 to see the demonization in their
color, etc., it takes 4 to 1 book which has 4 ・ Because it is not for the purpose of providing 1
pink-up that has eliminated the kidney, 2 and ≦ lJBA (as in ttmCifJ, the pressure 1 element
141 is removed on one side to the inside of -tel of illA tee た le which has 4 (2) added to 1 d) In
the event nurse tll, silicone rubber, putty, and a clamor (5) of the pond are lighted (flipped). 16)
and (7) show the electrode plate of the pressure it element + 41, and (8) (in season, it is derived
from both the 1.1 plates (6) (7) and shows the t lead wire. At that time, it came to show by 4 · Go
4 th, d. That is, the first communication wave that is not shown by the solid line? OOOHl, J high
level and about 1 around! 100011! The level with low f in IK disappears and it becomes
flat, and the curtain also thinks that it is higher than lOQOQH'A, and the co 4 I more! The level
divided into 4 wave stations is low. In addition, in Section 1 @ 3 Figure 2 (2) 4 dumplings · 嘱 嘱
こ れ こ れ こ れ 魂 動 動 動 動 よ う よ う よ う よ うWhen 41C is used, four layers of i and
traveling element + 41 are provided on the − side, and the arresting element (silicon rubber,
putty its own aa filling (− ′ ′ material (s ) 4 Ll with light (feshi in Sesame)! Flat and rising,
layer of vibratory body, 1 嘱 4 嘱 1 号 111 禽 の 禽, 1 気 4 用 い る を 用 い た, 古, − 不 の 的
t11 曵 tt , 'Fe defense, there is also a resurgence of the protection function is also performed.
Figure 4 of A-'s 4 turtles A- shows a cutting-plane view of the prior art of the present proposal, 1!
FIG. 2 shows a series of broken lines #, FIG. 3 shows its plan view, and FIG. 4 shows
characteristic curves.
(1 st · mA Taste (2) ··· Take 1 杆 (3) ··· Inner 4! + (4) ... Piezoelectric element (5) ... '11! Filler utility
model noboru-out-people today's company 彊 彊 代 作 代 1 person Kitamura 欣-欣 \ 2-外 (4