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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an external microphone connection
portion of a conventional tape recorder, FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram of the main part of the tape
recorder, and FIG. 3 is a tape in an embodiment of the present invention. It is a figure which
shows the external microphone connection part of a recorder. 1 ········· Jack for external
microphone, 2 ······· Remote control jack, 5 ··· Mountain · Built-in microphone, 6 ······ Remote control
switch, 8 ····· Hole or groove.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a tape recorder
provided with an internal microphone, the purpose of which is to connect an external
microphone to a tape recorder having a switch for remote control of tape traveling and stopping.
When used, the remote control switch is used but the external microphone is not used.
Alternatively, the inner microphone of the tape recorder can be used. In other words, when using
the built-in microphone, it is possible to use the remote control switch of the external
microphone to select and operate the running and stopping of the tape. In the conventional tape
recorder, as shown in FIG. 1, a jack 1 for an external microphone and a remote control / jack 2
are provided in contact with each other, and an external microphone plug 1 'is connected to the
jack 1 described above. The remote control plug 2 'integrated with the over-the-counter plug 1' is
connected to the upper convex ridge / jack 2 '. Further, as shown in FIG. 2, the opening / closing
piece 1a of the external microphone-shack 1 is connected to the recording head 4 via the
recording amplifier 3, and the aJ moving piece 1a is brought into contact with the recording head
4. The built-in microphone 5 is connected to the contact piece 1b. The remote control switch 7
provided on the external microphone 6 shown in FIG. 1 is normally connected to the external
microphone side D plug 1/2/2 by jack 1 °,. The tape is operated to select whether to run or to
stop. However, in the tape recorder of this ridge, when recording is performed using the built-in
microphone 5. One microphone could not be used, and it was impossible to use the external
microphone switch. Therefore, in the past, remote control switches had to be prepared separately
in advance and used to control the progress and stop of recording. In view of such conventional
drawbacks, the present invention provides a tape recorder which can use an external microphone
switch mode even when using a built-in microphone. The same parts as in the prior art are
described with the same reference numerals. As shown in FIG. 3, in the tape recorder of this
actual estimation, a hole or a groove 8 is provided on the opposite side of the jack for remote
control 2 from the jack for remote control 2 as shown in FIG.
4 Next, its usage will be described. When using an external microphone, insert the external
microphone plug 11 and the remote control plug 2 'into the jack 1.2, respectively, and record the
signal from the external microphone 4 When recording to tape and operating the remote switch
6, it is possible to select the progress and stop of recording, and as mentioned above, when using
the built-in microphone, the plug 2 'for remote control of the external microphone Is inserted
into the jack 2 to make the recording progress and stop. In this case, the external microphone
terminal of u external microphone-4 'u −7 -7, 1zj-7', f 、 え ふ ふ ふ ふ た め 皐 皐 皐 徂The
above objective is achieved. In the above embodiment, although the case where recording is
performed using a microphone is described, when mixing the signal from the microphone and
the single type raw signal from the tape, the place J for controlling the traveling and stopping of
the tape is J = @ 4 □ 1 Oh. According to the tape recorder of the present invention as 5 or more.
Even when the built-in microphone is used, the tape can be selectively operated by the remote
switch of the external microphone, so there is an advantage that remote control can be easily
performed without separately preparing the remote switch.