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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of a
conventional speaker apparatus, and FIG. 2 is an exploded perspective view showing an
embodiment of the present invention. In the figure, 1 is a cabinet body, 3 is a speaker unit for
low-pitched sound, 4 is a speaker unit for high-pitched sound, 5 is a level controller, 8, 9 and 10
are mounting phases, and 11 / ri reinforcement bars. It shall indicate the substantial part.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
system omitting a baffle plate. In general, the speaker device is formed in a box shape by a side
plate, a top plate, a bottom plate, a back plate, and a baffle plate to which the speaker unit is
attached. This baffle plate is made of a good quality single plate of 20 (1) to 1 thick plate from
the point of acoustic characteristics and strength, and the speaker mounting shape is cut out
from this single plate, and the speaker unit is on the front It is screwed from. This conventional
speaker device is shown in FIG. 1, in which (1) is a speaker cabinet body comprising side plates, a
top plate, a bottom plate and a back plate, (1) is a baffle plate for mounting a speaker unit, and
(3) is a bass Speaker unit, (4) a high-pitch speaker unit, (li) d level controller, (6) a speaker unit ($
1 (4) and a level controller (II) t baffle Ij (one ffi fixed screw 17 A) that screw hole. In such a
conventional speaker device, 60% or more of the baffle plate is a cutout waste material as a
speaker unit mounting hole. In addition, the baffle plate after cutting out the speaker unit
mounting hole can not be diverted to other types of speaker devices, and further problems such
as dimensional accuracy and advanced processing technology are required for assembly with the
cabinet body. there were. In order to solve such conventional problems (8), the present invention
eliminates the baffle plate and provides mounting plates for the speaker unit, the level controller,
etc. individually and provides reinforcing bars in the speaker cabinet, and The present invention
will be described in detail in accordance with the illustrated embodiment which is a speaker
apparatus constructed by attaching the mounting plate to the outer frame edge of the cabinet. In
FIG. 2, (1) is a speaker cabinet body, (3) is a speaker unit for bass, (8) is a speaker unit) K is
mounted, and a substitute for a baffle plate is a mounting plate. Similarly, (4) is a speaker unit for
high sound, and a mounting plate (9) is also provided in this speaker unit. (6)はレベルコント
ローラ。 曽 is a mounting plate provided with this level controller (6) K, and am is a cabinet body
(also serves as a reinforcement of the bowl and a cabinet body (a speaker having the above
mounting plate (1) (9) (I) Screws for mounting the unit (x) (41 and the level controller (S), (@ lJI 'i
speaker unit mounting plate (3) (8) (9) and the level controller mounting plate 、 (7 ) Is the
screw hole.
The vertical and horizontal dimensions of the mounting plate (9) Ql are A lower than the
diameter of the bass speaker. In this invention, as described above, the level controller (5) or the
mounting plate (9) of the speaker unit (4) is a cutout of the mounting plate (8) of the speaker
unit (3). A plate of holes can be used. The speaker unit provided with the mounting plate can also
be diverted to other types of speaker devices. The mounting plate can also be a plate of a cutout
hole of another type of speaker device. Furthermore, the dimensional accuracy and processing
technology required for mounting on the cabinet body + 11 are not required, nor are the cabinet
body (1) robust because the cabinet body tl) is constructed using the reinforced after (b). The
cabinet vibration is less and the frequency characteristic is improved, and the distortion of the
weir is reduced to obtain a better acoustic effect. When the speaker unit mounting plate (81 (111
and the mounting plate (turn) of the level controller is removed 4)), there is an advantage that
the opening portion is wide and the internal repair service can be easily performed.