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Description / 0 name of invention
Frequency division filter
Detailed Description of the Invention J1 The same wave number division filter used in the
present invention has a multi-channel sub-block. Conventionally, frequency division filters are
generally divided in each frequency band in the case of output breakdown-power, soot (acoustic
output noga flat wave characteristics gold having gold, voltage sum C '# pressure) force (flat
frequency If it can be divided roughly into moppi and to have the characteristics, among these,
especially / IeLB / o. The 3rd-order filter which has 4-a steep cut-off characteristic and a
frequency of 2 aJ has flat same wave number characteristics in the river as well as power phase
and voltage sum 73; as shown in FIG. 1, all plural Jfiz filters When the frequency band is divided
together, the electric 11 phase has a flat f1 frequency% or a single voltage sum is generated as
shown in FIG. That is, as shown in FIG. 7, for example, the overdetermined wave frequency
threshold value θOH2, /, KHz, Da, 1 KHz (7'-41 divided filter, an input signal with an OH2 mea
cutoff frequency a to bus The low frequency output is taken out through the filter and the cut-off
frequency is high / 'of Q Q Hz respectively. 11. Filter out the middle-low range output through J
filter / and /, / KH 17 '0-pass filter 11. By-pass filter 3 / 4K with bypass frequency 3/4 / KHz '7)
cut-off frequency, HZ no Rt / Ih R 7 & number? With the low-pass filter / I + letter [2 to take out
the middle high-frequency output, branch from the bypass filter 3 and cut the f'KHz cut-off
frequency of the bypass filter 5 frequency to take out the band output In the division filter, if the
same wave number division filter is configured by combining the low pass filter having the same
frequency, q, EndPage: 1 m frequency a'ir and the bypass filter, the combined voltage
characteristic has a flat frequency characteristic; As shown in the figure, the combination of
different fill frequencies of the cut-off frequency results in 7 "li 9 of the ratio / dBa degree as
shown in FIG. In the case of Fig. 1, the cut-off frequency power is separated by 55 times each (if
it is to go down, the swell is about / dBld! 'It will be, the cutoff frequency force; when it comes in
the proximity 1, the unevenness (one, swell) will be intense 1, and if it is reduced to h12 times
the frequency ratio, it will be at least a peak, at least a peak of jliFl, t / 1 -2, there is a
disadvantage of having a dip of? In the case of the conventional case where the housing is
divided into three parts / 7), the configuration is as shown in FIG. 3. In this case, too, the phase is
rotated by the filter having a high power cutoff frequency, and Disadvantage 7 that the city
pressure frequency characteristic is embedded!
3;あうた。 In the present invention, in view of the above-mentioned defect IC, t is also fl, and a
place where it is assumed that / ♂dB / o yi-y uses a third-order filter and uses at least three or
more r / + filters. Even the power phase (of course, the frequency characteristic of the voltage
sum is': '+'-can provide a frequency division filter, and the difference between C and t is the
higher difference trI +! IJ filthani, which cancels the phase rotation of the filter with one wave
number and flattens the output voltage combined frequency characteristic, IJ ?? It is intended to
be provided. One embodiment of the invention will be described with reference to the drawings.
Driving is a basic block diagram of the same wave number division filter of the present invention,
and FIG. 5 is a block diagram for explaining the case of using a three division filter by using a
transfer function. In FIG. 2, // represents a bypass filter, / + 2 vi low pass filter T human A7)-et al.
4 divide the signal 4+ into a low pass output and a high pass output. The signal from the human
power B is taken out with the / 3d phase shifter, and the phase shifter output is taken out
through the / 7'l polyphaser. Transfer function of C (7) +74 pieces, bypass filter //, low pass filter
8 // J *% phase base 3 H (S), L (S), Φ (s), and so on--each transfer function Is expressed by the
following equation. That is, the relationship of-(8 + .omega.O) (. Xi. + (DOQ + where .omega.0: cut-off angular frequency where Ill, +210.31 from
equation Hrs + Lrs) = 4) rs is established. ζ hjrJ division filter J When this phase shifter is used.
Filtered IKi (R) light offset with high (60,000) cutoff frequency 1. Thus, it is possible to flatten the
output voltage combining and wave characteristics. -In FIG. 5, the three division fill J-.sigma.)
Cutoff frequency is set to Comparison of the conventional one as that of the present
invention and the one according to the present invention using a transfer function: 1-1-US q q
Output pressure-31 tM-Transfer saving-Number W1 (B) 1. According to the invention E, if it is
the transfer function fF2 ('8),... +41. In this case, there is a very simple T compared to the transfer
function 1 2 2 (RHd conventional transfer function P + rq) by 0 manipulation, and instead of Fl in
equation 51 of the present invention (6), and since this equation (6) shows the characteristic of
differentiating to an absolute value of 1 / amplitude / 7 ′ old, the phase shifter has a higher
cutoff frequency. Fill 4- / I) position +1-+ rotation and can be stabbed into output l · title ·
combination or directional wave characteristics.
Ten thousand conventional phase shift 41? In the transfer function fr (B) 4 with C 1, instead of 8,
the whole function of j 0 as a substitute for 8 gives a total frequency of y 0 iq に よ っ て
according to the frequency even with the amplitude. Further, if the G division filter σ · case is
connected as shown in Fig. Z, the transfer function 1Ell in that case becomes EndPage: 2, and the
absolute value of the frequency transfer function in this case becomes / . In addition, the case of
fill l− with j division or more is also applicable, and the circumferential mantissa characteristic
becomes flat. As described above, according to the present invention, in the multi-channel multifrequency wave number division filter with the third-order filter having the continuous
characteristic of -tj'dB /, r ', the output voltage synthesized frequency can be reduced by .mu.Ct.
Remove the irregularities of the C characteristic (Ut) Reno by using a phase shifter or a T- thing
1 Brief description of drawings Fig. 1 a Block diagram of the postgraduate teacher's postmortem
filter, Fig. 1 is the frequency characteristic curve diagram of Fig. 7, Fig. 3a block diagram of the
three division filter of Fig. 1a promoting rice, Fig. 5 is a block diagram showing one embodiment
of the nail division filter according to the present invention. Fig. 5 and Fig. 5 show the case where
the frequency division filter of the present invention is a three division filter and a division filter.
It is an explanation and a block diagram using wave number. In the figure-/ /: bypass filter, / J:
low-means filter, / j ζ phase-shift agent agent patent attorney Aihiko twenty two pi figure? @ 埴
[Hx] → Ya? ! ! -3 Figure 11-4 End Page: 3