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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of a cabinet equipped with two
loudspeakers driven in bulk, FIG. 2 is a front view showing other types, and FIG. 3 is a speaker
system according to the present invention. FIG. 5 is a circuit diagram for explaining an
embodiment. 1・・・・・・キャビネット、4.4a、 jb、5*5a。 5b ····· Lee Mr. sound
for speaker, 8, 9 ...... bass speaker unit, a variable resistor as a 10, 11 ...... regulator.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
system. In general, for example, as shown in Fig. 1A, λ net fil K high-pitched spy ": Sr, '= $' spy
strength (4,) (5 eL) is attached to the floor surface (6) 12 ラ ー Ra, 'g-, /:'-: When installed, the
sound quality of the bass speaker (5a) close to the floor (6), the baffle effect of the floor (6) or the
floor 161 + D material The various effects of the differences appear. Also, as shown in FIG. 2, the
high fidelity speaker (2) and the mid tone speaker (3) are mounted on the cabinet fi + and the
low tone speakers (44) and (54) are provided on the horizontal grid as shown in FIG. The abovementioned influence of the wall surface (7) appears on the sound quality of the speaker (54)
which is placed near the wall surface (7) and the bass speaker (54) close to the wall surface (7).
The present invention is intended to improve such a point, and it is intended to para-drive two
bass speaker units installed in a cabinet. The sound pressure balance of each bass speaker is
interlocked in an interlocking manner. By adjusting with the operating regulator, when installing
the cabinet (2) (compensated with the unbalance sound quality of each bass speaker caused by
the change of soundness, optimum acoustic effect Try to get One embodiment of the present
invention will be described with reference to FIG. The speaker unit f81 + 91 of each of the lowpitched speaker f4 ++ 51 of 11 and 矛 2 is connected in parallel to the output terminal, and the
variable resistor (1 (1 (Ill in series) is adjusted in the circuit of the respective speaker unit + 81 +
91) This variable resistor Q (1 (Ill is interlocked to provide an operation body Q2 for connection)
A knob or the like may be used as the operating body α, and the variable resistor alan may be
attached to the knob so as to operate in reverse. Then, when the position of the cabinet is
changed (e.g. 31 k k, etc., the unbalance of the above-mentioned bass speakers (4) (5) caused by
receiving the influence of the floor (6) and the wall (7) in the room) The sound quality is
corrected by the variable resistors (1 (11111 in conjunction with each other). In addition, the
variable resistors 000 可能 are provided so as to be capable of independent operation,
respectively, so that one individual adjustment can be performed before interlocking operation of
them, according to the present invention, according to the present invention, the two bass
speakers By adjusting the sound pressure balance with the interlockingly operating regulator K,
it is possible to correct the unbalanced sound quality of the two bass speakers caused by the
change in the room's acoustic characteristics and to obtain the optimum acoustic effect. .