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Description 1, title of the invention
Conductivity-type big up 2, range coil of コ イ ル 狩 @ ポ ー ル ポ ー ル ヨ ー ク @ ピ ー ス ピ ー
ス ピ ー ス は ピ ー ス ピ ー ス ピ ー ス ピ ー ス ピ ー ス ピ ー ス 固定 罎 罎 罎 罎 罎 罎 罎 罎 罎
罎 罎 罎In a wax-shaped pick-up designed to position the rear part of the offspring, the magneticmagnetic support fixed to the Lori-letter cannare bar, the burlap into one waxstone magnetized
with four poles right 'Ship-like pick-up that has an eye '18 self-supporting canna lever in a
manner that it is supported by a gap formed between the poles of the sea and the land.
3. Detailed description of the invention Non-explosion date 4. With regard to the paper sheet
type pickup, wait, 1) In the case of this single piece of magnet-type pickup, 1 g of g, in the case of
this sheet, in the case of 7 In the vicinity of 1 g, it is possible to position the magnetoresistive and
匡 fixed to the canna lever, and to place this 4 spit what in the near image and encourage by w
wax stone. That is, as shown schematically in FIG. 3, the canna lever (1) is made to vibrate
around the fulcrum [F], and the conductivity is fixed to the can and the bar (1) 2) 1 stone (3)-is
used to guide the bundle. Therefore, this type of material is induced to the special material (2)
because the distance between the magnet and the cast iron (2) and the one stone (3) changes
with the vibration of the can bar (1). As a result, intermodulation distortion occurs as a result. It
is an object of the present invention to provide a cocoon-wax pick-up cartridge in which the
intermodulation distortion as described above is generated and the on-the-fly pressure is
excellent and the structure is short. An example will now be described according to the invention
with reference to the drawings. Fig. 1 shows the outline of the first example of the village tax
plotter, that the fine movement fulcrum of the canna lever is set to the H-shaped four-pole sawed
one-piece clearance jilt shell. That is, in the figure, (1) is a canna lever, a stylus (1α) at its tip, and
high conductivity magnetism and injection material EndPage: 1 in soaking, so-called μ vibrator
(2 ) Is fixed. (4) is an approximately H-shaped magnet provided with air gaps (#) and CAb), and
four poles are formed on each of the magnetic poles, and the magnetic poles are formed via the
air gaps (φ) and (4b) The rigid poles are opposed to each other. (5) is a cylindrical damper made
of an elastic material such as bunal rubber for supporting the canna lever (1) in a vibrating
manner. The magnetically conductive + r (2) to be attached to the canna lever (1) is soft It is
pressing. And although this damper (1) is fixed to the base 7 by a known means, in the present
invention, the damper (5) part is a gap (#) of the H-shaped stone (4) It is fixed at the center. (6) is
a substantially U-shaped yoke, and a hole piece portion (9) is formed together with the coils (7)
and (7) wound. In the vicinity of the hole piece portion (9) or in the vicinity of the hole piece
portion (9), the magnetic guide / notch (2) in the i4 canna lever (1) is positioned.
Therefore, when the stylus (1α) is made to slide through the sound groove of the record to
penetrate the magnetizing force / pressure force 12), the magnetizing force per moment (2) is
copied using the center of the damper as the vibration fulcrum. The flux change in the smallheath (9) of the magnetically-conductive one-pole (2) excited by the magnet (4) is moved by the
yoke (coils (7), (7) wound around the ring) 1M, can be issued a signal. (1) In the schematic view
of the village of a real village of Il'j, the first husband, like the force, 1 in the magnetic flux in the
canna lever (1); 1 of r [2] A damper (5) with a wedge inserted is fixed at the center of the void (部
) of the H-shaped stone (4). B8) is a magnetically demagnetized ceramic material which is
magnetically adhered to the magnetically conductive / brick material (2), and the four
magnetically conductive pieces (漣), (8b), C80 at an opening angle of 90 degrees to each other. ),
(漣) has been banned. (6C) and (6b) are yokes in which coils (7α) and (7b) are wound
respectively, and the valence part of the yoke (≠) faces the specialized pieces (漣) and (8b), Of
the yoke (6b) is opposed to the magnetic conductive pieces (, e) and (8b). The +4 magnetic pieces
(tab), <86), (8d) are squeezed by the magnet (4) through the special material (2), and the
vibration of the canner lever (1) It can be taken out to the coils (7a) and (7b) as In addition,
guidance (8) is to provide guidance 100 (斤), <8b), (8C), (8d) for four acquisitions of J public.
Needless to say, the conductive plate (8) is not in contact with the magnet (4). According to the
spread Fj, the gap (4α) formed between the poles of the I5I pole in the magnet (4) according to
the interference bar (1) of the support bar (1) supported by the rim (5). Because the magnet is @
widely magnetized in a fixed jaw field during), as shown in FIG. 4, the guide bundle (the guide
bundle guided to the two rings is changed by the position change by the vibration of the canna
lever (1). Therefore, it is possible to significantly reduce intermodulation distortion and to reduce
the change in sound contribution due to needle pressure. Since it is excited with two poles of the
same and note, the output voltage is increased by turning it into one, and the l- inertia material
(2) is smaller and lighter than the conventional one. It is also possible to increase the compliance
or to reduce the number of turns of the coil and to provide the same output voltage as before to
reduce the induction of external noise. One fire 逗 8 + 7 C-to the fire 4 @! If you use a single
magnet (4), it is commonplace, and the number of parts does not increase, J] 1) White solidity,
t:% Scattering causes variation in the distance of housing darkness There is an R-like effect that
there is no fear, and therefore, a uniform, high-performance pickup can be displayed on a large
According to the present invention, as in the case of the pivot-hi, the intermodulation distortion is
small, the change in sound caused by the needle is small, and the high output independent
magnet type light 7 is lighted by a ts composition. be able to. In addition, in the mouth of 1j, the
magnet (4) is H-shaped and f: is limited to this, in other words, the vibration fulcrum of the canna
lever (1). It is a matter of course that various design changes can be made as long as it is possible
to make it れ る J with 1jl-pole in the air gap F of the magnet, and also to make the example C in
the page C ) Is not determined as a collecting magnetic material, and it is said that even if it is
used again, it will be in the range of an uninvented divine water supply even if it is used again.
not. 4 、 Shi Bljo during the car explanation 41 Fig. C1 A schematic view showing the first
unrealized j j, 弔 2 j j is the second! Jt #, a schematic diagram showing n examples, FIG. 3 is an
explanatory diagram for explaining the hydraulics of the conventional integrated magnet type
fastener, and FIG. It is an explanatory view for explaining a rose. EndPage: 2 (1) can bar (1 α)
stylus (2) exclusive material (4) stone (# l (4 b) void (5) damper (6), <fya), (6 b) yoke (6 7 people
(7 α), (7 b) coil (8) magnetically conductive plate (9) Hall B-((Pl vibration fulcrum hunter gauge
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