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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of an embodiment of a
microphone built-in type tape recorder according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is an enlarged
perspective view of an essential part thereof. T: Tape recorder, 1: Handle, 2: Condenser
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is an improvement of a
cedar dip recorder incorporating a microphone. Conventionally, the main body of the condenser
microphone (built-in tape recorder or commercially available VN, · · · · · · · this conventional type
is also a microphone or seven-even and the autopsy mechanism ( (The distance is short, the gain
of the condenser microphone is good, etc., so that fanning noise is picked up and the actual SN
ratio (noise ratio) is made worse. This C is especially loud when recording in a quiet place. Then,
a normal motor must be replaced by (1) y only because abnormal noise is recorded (/ -1 in some
cases). Also, because of this, there was also a case in which the mike's nostalgic change had to be
reduced to the same phase. The present invention is intended to eliminate such a conventional
defect, and in a tape recorder T having a mo-mo 1, the condenser microphone 2 is embedded in
an appropriate position of the grip l and the inside of the grip is The same is used to enclose the
microphone wiring and connect it to the (B) rating inside the main unit. The portion where the
condenser microphone 2 is to be buried is preferably a non-weighted portion with a hand, and as
shown in the first factor, the turn portion A of the handle l, the B1 + jll1 portion C1D, etc. are
preferable. In this case, the handle l may be fixed or pivotable, but in the case of pivoting, it is
necessary to have some club member hold it upright. Of course, the hand-rolling of the standingup locking is sufficient with a handle such as a subordinate X-city child machine (a usual handrolling with an illusion). Since the present invention # is made as described above, the condenser
microphone 2 is sufficiently separated from the motor, the control mechanism, etc. which is the
noise source in the main body, so the bone 12) covering Picking up allophone noise from these,
there is almost no noise, good one with good SN ratio. In addition, since it is difficult to pick up
different −-cars, it is possible to make one good and good ringing in a well-placed place, and it is
possible to improve the humanity 1t, and the normal motor condition as in the prior art
Inconvenient to become a father-in-law, · · · · 1 / 生 生 生 で で 、 (W, X, like conventional W, X +
dare to reduce the dare, must be able to fully demonstrate the characteristics of the microphone,
Even the point is thick (· · performance can be the same. Also, the space around the microphone
in the epidemic storehouse, compared to the molding 6, has an advantage that it is easy to catch
the sound door from the rear, and the purchase is also easy without reciting the beauty
Combined with being easy to build and cheap 10, it is really useful.