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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional ribbon
type speaker, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line II in FIG. 1 (magnetic circuit
portion), and FIGS. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a magnetic circuit unit according to an
embodiment of the present invention. 1: Permanent magnet, 2, 3: Yoke, 8: Magnetic gap.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a ribbon type speaker,
with less external leakage flux, and a flux density of ram gap. The present invention relates to a
speaker using an auxiliary permanent magnet to increase the volume. . FIG. 1 is a partial
perspective view of a conventional ribbon-type speaker, and FIG. 2 is a view showing a magnetic
circuit section taken along line I-1 in FIG. To you. 11 is a rectangular parallelepiped permanent
magnet, and the yoke 2 is joined to the faces 1a and 1b facing the permanent magnet 10. Similar
to the yoke 2, one end face 23 a, 23 b of the third ring 2 joins the yoke 3 made of a strongabrasive material. In the magnetic gap 8 formed by the field surfaces 15a and 15b of the two
yokes 6a and 6b as shown in FIG. 2, a ribbon-shaped conductor / diaphragm 4 made of an
aluminum alloy foil in the direction of the arrow 6 is used. Set up-cover. In addition, horn 5f:
setting 1. Improve the loudness efficiency. However, in order to improve the efficiency with this
structure, it is necessary to widen the gap and facing area of the decorative air gap 8 along with
it, when trying to thicken the l] l product of the shooting lever 4 + n. That is, the degree to which
the nitrogen concentration is reduced by VC is VC, and the responsiveness to the audio current is
reduced. In addition, the spread of the leakage flux to the entire external volume is large, and the
use of a magnetic circuit of this type in the television 5 distorts a drawback that it may distort the
problem. The use of speakers of the type was being spared. The present invention solves the
drawbacks of the prior art as described above, suppresses the leakage flux radiated from the
magnetic circuit portion, and increases the air-one flux density in the ribbon-like conductor /
sliding plate installation portion to improve cylinder performance. The purpose is to provide a
ribbon type speaker. The following five embodiments of the invention will be described by way of
example with reference to the drawings. 3 to 5 are, similarly to FIG. 2, a cross-sectional view of
the magnetic circuit section, and in FIGS. 1 to 5, the same parts are indicated by the same
reference numerals. 118.11b、12a、12b、16a。 Reference numeral 13b
denotes an auxiliary permanent magnet, and an example of a blue magnetic pole is shown by
tSVc to a magnetic 1 ° pole number. According to the configuration of the present invention, it
is possible to combine the radiation leakage fluxes from the yokes 2a, 2b or 3a, 3b into the
magnetic circuit portion and to increase the magnetic flux density # of the magnetic gap 8.
Examples of magnetic flux lines 7 are shown by dotted lines in FIGS. Table 1 shows the
comparison of the magnetic flux density in the air gap 8 in the case of FIG. 12 to FIG. 5 when the
shapes of the permanent magnet 1 and the yoke
= = I '-5 first face stomach size weight knee □ □---------------4h,-myo: Implement the invention as
described above The following effects can be obtained. (1) By utilizing the auxiliary permanent
magnet, it is possible to suppress the leakage flux to the area other than the mountain circuit. 10
(2) M effective nitrogen flux density increases, the speaker's special. 1 cow improves.