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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an overall connection diagram showing one
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a relationship diagram of a duct cross section and
a plug, and FIG. 3 is a relationship diagram of a duct cross section and a speaker box. is there.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Metal duct, 2 ... Insulator, 3, 4 ... conductor, 6 ... Amplifier, 10,
11 ... Left and right speaker box, +12 ... Plug, 13, 14 ... -Plug contact piece Mina 1 m 1 3 1 開 5279902 (2) na 2 swords 3 en! −4−
[Detailed description of the invention] In this invention, in 1-echo Sudereosenot, the amplifier and
the left and right speaker box are electrically connected (7, and the wiring of the stereo speaker
which can move any 9 positions at all of its mounting position can be done It relates to the
device. Conventionally, in the case of the Kikyaku device in which the speaker box is arranged on
the left and right, the audio equipment player amplifier and the speaker box τ on the right are
wired or connected to the wall surface etc. Wiring to the interior is not desirable. In addition,
there was a problem that the process is T1 via when the can kTh of the speaker box is moved by
the sound effect etc. The purpose of this invention is to provide a wiring system of stereo
speakers which can freely change the positions of the speakers without losing the conventional
technology described in G. and without damaging the interior design. The feature of this -4
proposal is that the two spring leaves are insulated and supported inside the gold @ duct, the
gold @ duct is used for the co-curve of the left and right speakers, and the flag connected with
the speaker is the intermediate duct It is in the weir attached to the sliding eye. The present
invention will be described in the following manner. FIG. 1 is a connection diagram of the whole,
FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a duct and a relationship diagram of a plug, and FIG. 3 is a
relationship diagram of Shibata 1 of a duct and a spiller hox. 1) In 7.1, l is a metal duct and has
an 111111 surface open part, and under that inside, it = 2-1/1 and 2 such as polyvinyl chloride ,
-F conductors 3 and 4 are insulated and supported. 5 is an audio equipment player, 6 is an
amplifier thereof, and the common lead wire 7 is connected to the above-mentioned metal duct,
and the left speaker cable 8 is connected to the inner casing 3 of the right speaker mm-de fi! 9ri
duct internal conductors 4 are respectively connected. IO is a left speaker box, 11 is a b speaker
box, and these speakers and metal contacts, conductors: (, 4 are connected through the plug 12
as shown in FIG. 2). Fig. 2 (indicates that the button of the speaker box YH is a button-t, 13 is a
contact piece contacting the inner surface of the metal tact l, 14 is a contact piece contacting the
upper 41 pieces 3 · 2 · · It is. The plug 12 is l80 [LJ rolled so that the contact piece 14 contacts
the F-part conductor 4iC greeting] tl is a collar plug for the right speaker. Figure 3 @ A smoked
duct l Speaker-Box 10? Kidney hanging support 寺 、 船 船 船 面 面 面 面 面 面).
Engage with the opening part of the duct 1 made of titanium 15 and insert it into the hole 17
provided on the surface of the hook 16t speaker 3 to 7 pad box IO provided on this part, and fix
the speaker box It is suspended and supported. In addition, f, each of the plug 12 and the
connector 15 Vi has a gold price, 11 days. 6) in the open part of the genus made of ducts 1)
supported in the presence of--male correction n. Since the above configuration is made U, it is
installed at an appropriate place of a single duct, and 7 to 9 IJ-wires from the amplification 56
are connected to the duct 1 and the upper and lower conductors 3 ° 4 respectively. When the
plug 12i is inserted from the end of the duct l, the connection to the speaker of 71 stone is
completed by the contact 13.14 of the plug 12. And even if it divides into movement of the
speaker box 10.11, since the plug 12 slides along the kettle duct lvC, the process of distributing
the weather is very fast. From the above explanation, it can be wired to the right speaker by a
duct made of this one-on-one duct from the light of T, and move the plug along the duct? Since it
can be tightened, it has the effect of being able to move the speaker box &: LI mountain, 'il:
without 1 inch 1 γ γ psie / 4 fi. 4−