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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional ultrasonic
ceramic microphone, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view of an ultrasonic ceramic microphone in an
embodiment of the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Bimorph vibrator ¦
oscillator, 2.2 '... Piezoelectric ceramic board, 3 ... Conical resonator, 11 ... Case, 12.12' ...
Terminal, 13 ... Elastic bonding uniform L Fig. 1 Fig. 2-195-
【Detailed description of the invention】 Home place, Piezoelectric 88,112 pieces, and also '' I
thousand electromagnetic book and resin, silver plate, silver plate, ceramic plate, pasted by
piemolts ti book do) jll sound supersonic wave, It is something to be done. First of all, the
conventional ultrasonic J on the kind of ultrasonic J) ic mic 4 / / with alse KI +-. 1st Cabinet K: 1
is 2 sheets of piezoelectric-superior 2. Bi-functional two-morph oscillator 231 which is laminated
in the reverse direction such that the direction of writing is 1kh and is a circle-like co-lifter of
metal or kiss accumulation-in this internal foam-like resonator 3-i-(imorph The central part of the
shooting lens 1 is fixed to IC and is a compound joint 4? Construct -C. The terminal 6, 6 'is a
large 41 terminal plate, and-) a bite P composite resonance stalk 4 is 911 with an elastic
adhesive 7 at the central portion of the chair 66). 8.8 'is the study of the bimorph vibratograph C
child 1 and the upper one terminal 6. The lead wire 9 is a cylindrical case and is fixed to one end
of the front lF terminal sVi case 9 at one end. 10 r 1 It is a lump-net ordered in order to one hole
part of case 9. However, the upper t 'quibble sound wave オ オ マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク
マ イ ク ク ク 、 フ フ 動 動 動 rm rm rm @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ 曽 曽 曽 曽 8. 11 會 Essential to
connect s 'to the bimorph m dynamic 1 and r voice terminal 6.6', workability か <, and one lead
of the lead wire, # lift characteristic by the reed 巌 break This invention is the fourth to examine
the traditional Hisashi in the upper P, and the following ′ ′ K) i ′ ′ c 111 m and oka ‒
individual 4- In FIG. 2, the same number is attached to three places, and FIG. 2 and FIG. There are
dumplings in storage. Reference numerals 12 and 12 'designate terminals of the bimorph fi 1
child 1 at present K11 @ month, and the terminals 12 and 12' are terminals jb4'thL of the case
11. 13 is a ds-based adhesive, and an elastic semi-conductive agent 19 with a semi-detached 42,
12'li + -n 11K OXt 614 is a case 11 with a hole 11 l attached to a holding lll I 4 . As evident from
the above v * # example, in the present invention Fi, bimorph 5lil + 縁 directly attached to the
end of the present invention-走 run. It is necessary to use conventional reeds, and it is not
necessary to make a dip on the end of a weft with a seven-point luff, and this is a 1 la-y
hierarchy. ・ Because this is a good book for business operations #hl. In addition, the space v in
the case is bimorph 壷 ょ -j ょ 2 work, 2 れ 2 11 11 岬 岬 定 定 定 定 定 枦 枦 共振 子 共振 子 共
振 子 共振 子 共振 子 共振 子 共振 子 共振 子This is a book that has the advantage of increasing
the mumm and increasing the high-sensitivity longitudinal acoustic characteristics.