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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a plan view, and FIG. 2 is a front view. 1 ...... ultrasonic vibration emitter, 2 ultrasonic
transducer preparative sides for Supplementary of ...... 1, E ...... ultrasonic transducer. Section173-Judo 52-73675 (2 ') I? Figure-174-
Detailed Description of the Invention In accordance with the present invention, it is 4% related to
a supertooth IIL imaging device that emits ultrasonic vibration 會 emitting strong power in the
half-value direction of the 歯 -teeth or L-tube in the half-value direction. . In general, as an
ultrasonic transducer which emits ultrasonic vibrational fatigue to a wedge 15 which converges
at a right angle to the center line of a circle-shaped or tubular tube having a semicircular shape
as well as its semi-uniform surface, zirconate zirconate is used. Although it is conceivable to use a
round cup-shaped piezoelectric ceramic made of a lead-free compound, this f'L is extremely 1for industrial use. The reason for this is that this extra-tIR'ikR Sikiko is often used by immersion
in a liquid, in which case it must be electrically isolated, and 7101 is not easy, Even if the angle
insulation processing is different from the difference between the # and # expansion coefficients
of medium-sized processed parts and unfinished ones, the processed part peels off and there is a
lot of fL which becomes unusable. Corrosion, which is easy to damage because it is vulnerable to
shocks, and it has a point such as lack of hard cows, etc. Get a valid radiation of ultrasound, but!
Because it is difficult to produce one power, it is necessary to use the piezoelectric a device itself
as an ultrasonic mobile body and to use it as a radiator of ultrasonic vibration at one point of ζn
et al. Be However, the island also radiates a strong supersonic vibration in the direction of its
radius in the form of an annular ring, so it is possible to obtain the high-three ultrasonic imaging
system of the summer summer, so if fLtL, chemical engineering 11 [j Iii) reaction promotion and
its-it is considered to be extremely useful in many fields. From the point of view mentioned above
in X-invention, there is no one point as described in the ultrasonic transducer by the piezoelectric
a device as described above, which can produce a consistent power, has high VC fastness, and is
industrially used In order to obtain an ultra-f wave visco-scaling device that can be used as an
objective, the configuration is such that the outer side wall of the annular or tubular metal phase
is configured into a regular polygon or the outer 1μ rule Of the ultrasonic vibration radiator
outside the @ @ L which is shaped like a flat surface and shaken in the thickness direction of the
digging @ Each side of the passing of the lie of a lie or in the company flat surface The resonant
oscillator t-in the thickness direction, that is, the tip 1 of the a 'oscillator and the outer-wall and
inner # 11 e) of the radiator make it possible to vibrate both f' L at three antinodes. It is muddy,
and with the vibration of the oscillator i! The 1 la L vibration radiator is characterized in that it is
resonated in its radial direction. Implementation of vcK this Kana 0-911117K base 9
congratulations ・ The agate shown in the figure is outside l990 s, inside diameter 111SOssm,
No. 3001 turtle outer ring lll の mascot triangle Fix the waterproof '#r strain ultrasonic wave
moving element (7) which aooim thickness conforms to each side 12) of the ultrasonic vibration
radiator (1) formed and resonating in the thickness direction of the wall Immersing the scrubber
in water also with an ultra-mass-wave II 1 IIh device that radiates a resonant wave in the
thickness direction of the whole wall of the radiator 111 with the vibration of the mover, ie, in
the radial direction. When the oscillator @ was vibrated, intense ultrasonic vibration was emitted
from the inner wall of the radiator (1) in the radial direction.
Although, in the device A, a device using an electrostrictive element for the ultrasonic wave
system (c) is adopted, a strong ultrasonic wave oscillation is generated at a high frequency. In
addition, it is + 上 + fL application? llK at the same time as the ultrasonic transducer (Jl + 1 size
and the size of the radiator (]) itself should be attached to the ultrasonic detonator (110 de
cylinder wall tJIli formed in the square shadow) If one side of the outer peripheral wall is
increased to one radiator (1), the radiation effect of waves can be opened because one phase
does not lose the phase of vibration. In history, even though a waterproof type was used for the
stratified wave oscillator (T), as stated in # 1 this ultrasonic vibration device-) \-Easier was
immersed in the liquid Since it is possible to use a large amount of ultrasonic waves from the
purpose of use or the method of use KAja, it is possible to use a conventional ultrasonic
oscillator, so that the ultrasonic scissors in the present invention are made of waterproof scissors.
It is a matter of course not limited. Therefore, a plurality of ultrasonic vibration devices according
to the present invention are used in common. 1) A necessary view for the holder attachment in
the portion corresponding to the node of peristaltic movement of the ultrasonic peristaltic
radiator in advance. Recess #It-Place an appropriate holder Klj in series and set fL [j animals. In
the present invention, the above-mentioned general purpose and one over-ta pregnant woman
and an ultrasonic vibration radiator [As a separate body, an ultrasonic peristaltic radiator is
divided into a circular tubular metal material O outside m * In the regular polygon IC form II & or
in the outer side, a flat surface is formed on the south side in the south direction and resonates in
the thickness direction of the wall 15 and its outer wall O long side 1 study is flat Ultrasonic
transducers with electrostrictive elements on the surface-Resonant layer also in the thickness
direction #! Because the a- and the a-ll of the ll-ll tip and the a11 of the ll-ll emitter are both
wobbly and the foot of the l-ll, the radiator is a good eye Depending on the appropriate metal
material depending on whether it is a turtle or a metal material, it is easy to process, and the 1cffi
factor also emits high-power ultrasonic waves with high power. Can withstand 4 + 1 long-term