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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway front view showing an
embodiment of an acoustic device according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a crosssectional view of a speaker used in the device. Reel plate, [, 7U moving plate, 15 ...... Voice coil, 16
...... Damper, 17 ...... Magnetic gap, 18 ...... Dust cap, 19 19 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Sealing
material. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 f + 1-53 =
【Detailed description of the invention】 Zhi-Ran # Inner layer of the speaker to be a light
spinner go blue echo device Jl also O and h one time round characteristic ceramic clay and
efficiency ceramic clay h4 is there. Dentsu, such as visiting at 4 stools in water, etc .: A sound
device such as wood-par-two radio reception of water source- is being misted. With regard to
such an amount of acoustic silver, as a general built-in speaker, the magnetic gap portion is
configured as a damper, a whistle coil bobbin, and a dust-in-dust waterproof structure. In this
more loud speaker, 1 small space is compressed at the time of shooting, and the enlarged air
pressure in the small sealed space increases *, h1 decreases, and the vibration is damped. (A
small difference between the pressure in the enclosed space and the outside pressure causes
displacement of the voice coil from the design center point, and the displacement width of
vibration). There is a drawback that the Kjl liquid number characteristic has an influence even if
the efficiency is lowered. As described above, the present invention is intended to eliminate the
problem of the fault. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described by means of -mssq in
one embodiment and -2 in one embodiment. 31) A baffle plate 2 is provided in the front view,
and a partition plate 8 is provided in the middle part with a bottomed tubular body, and the
baffle plate 2 of this 111 body 1 is finished with Several holes 4 are examined, 411 holes 6 are
tested in the peripheral wall of the threshold with the bottom of the work WaS, and a filter for
letting the air C flow is attached to this hole 6 without leaving water. You are on top of it. Then, a
speaker 7 as shown in the second place is placed on the baffle 1 [2]. The speaker 7 supplies 7
frames 12 to the field portion 11 configured by arranging the columnar magnesite G and the
pole piece 10 in the l-ring 8, and the periphery of the 7 frames 12 is waterproofed together with
the gasket 1s. Material e *: bwam board 140 peripheral part is attached, voice coil 16 which is
constructed by winding a coil around coil dubbin in the central part KIl 111 of this vibration
1114 is joined, this die coil 16 g) middle part Is supported by a damper 16 made of a waterproof
material, and the voice coil 16 is disposed without eccentricity in the magnetic gap 17 of the
rising 1lk 1111, so that the @@@ 14 (one * part upper jot Ktl * material) It is made up of 4 pastes
that have been put in place. Further, the vent hole 19 is provided at the bottom of the field
alll1tD @ of the speaker 7, and the small eight space of the 111 vent gap 17 part and the outside
are connected by the vent hole 19.
As the field s11, the inside aj1 is shown, but it is a boundary portion of a grate having a center
ball, a ring-shaped magnet, and an outer magnetic core formed by laminating a ring-shaped
upper plate. In this configuration boundary astc 4, one of the plates is provided with a vent. If
such a speaker 7 is attached to the baffle 1 [2], the field 11s 11 will penetrate the sales 8. In this
case, if water intrudes into the space below the partition @S, water infiltrates into the magnetic
gap 17 through the air vents 19 of the field s11, so K is present. ̶The seal i # 20 is applied to
the outer circumference of the crane 11 and it is less than @ts II! 鴎 To O O O water 浸 to prevent
the soba. Due to the above configuration, the air-conditioning gear work 6 file 1
communicates with the space below the partition plate 3 of the tube 1 through the air vent 111,
and this space is a filter Because it is connected to the outside through the attached eye hole 6, it
is possible to prevent the small space of the Kll air gear and 117 part from being compressed and
enlarged to cause pressure difference during operation, and the temperature is rapidly The
outside air pressure and small are the inside air pressure and 1cII of space by the assimilation
etc. As a result, unnecessary vibration pressure is not applied to the vibration system iI1. As
described above, the sound device of the present invention is composed of a speaker having a
waterproof structure. The small space of the magnetic gap 1 or the roundness to communicate
with the outside, the pressure of the small space increased when the speaker was in operation,
and it became smaller to damp the vibration. Because there is no pressure difference with the
outside due to abnormal assimilation, the lis coil is recumbent to the gap, causing gap reduction,
resulting in efficiency deterioration, and the black color affects the single frequency
characteristics. The reason is that it is highly crystalline, so it is caustic, a large of practical l1l1)爵 6b. 4 and IIIm Brief Description The first garden is a cut-off cabinet of a speaker used in the
same apparatus as the apparatus of the present invention. 1 II body, 2, ..., pa, full song, a ,,,.
Partition plate, 4III hole, s, II hole, e, ... Filters 7,..., Speakers 11, 11,.., Grounds, 1aInkl [, 1s, voice
coil, 16 ····································· 18 Magnetic gap-18 1, 1, 2 G, vent, 20 ° 1. , Nehru material.
Agent specific gravity patent attorney Nakao Yao and others 1 person ■ Fig. 1 274 "虻" 6320If
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