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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the structure of
an electroacoustic transducer, FIG. 2 is a plan view of a conventional diaphragm, FIG. 3 is a plan
view of a diaphragm according to the present invention, and FIG. FIG. 3 is an enlarged crosssectional view taken along the line AA. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Diaphragm, 3at 3b ...
Conductor coil, 8a, 8b, 9ay 9b ... Terminal, 10 ... Conductor, 11 ... No tome, 12 ... Conductive
paint. yrym 72H-57-Japanese Utility Model Application No. 52-60828 (2)
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a diaphragm of an
electroacoustic transducer formed by printing a conductor coil t on an insulating thin film. An
electro-acoustic transducer of this type has, for example, a structure as shown in FIG. 1. In FIG. 1,
(1) is a vibrating film made of a thin film of a high insulating material, and (2) is slightly spaced
from the vibrating film. The magnetic (1) pole faces opposed to the vibrating film are alternately
magnetized in different polarities to produce a distribution of magnetic flux as shown by a
broken line. (3) A copper, aluminum or the like is printed or transversely located between
adjacent magnetic poles on one side of the vibrating film (1), IIL "ih * stm" 'f6Z ° f "hIIhl. The
inner rim is adhesively fixed to the frame (4). The conductor coil (6) in the above-mentioned
electroacoustic transducer conventionally has the pattern shown in FIG. 2, and the terminal: (s,
(one of 61 is necessarily located inside the conductor coil It will be. Therefore, the terminal (6)
located inside the conductor coil and the external terminal are electrically connected by the lead
wire (71). For this reason, the mass, rigidity, and tension of the lead wire act on an offset position
of the extremely thin vibrating film to cause an uneven vibration mode, causing a peak or a lag
on one frequency characteristic. The The present invention is intended to eliminate all the abovementioned drawbacks by making the pattern of the conductor coil symmetrical and to be
described with reference to FIGS. 47 + (1) is a vibrating membrane, (xa) and (5 b) are two
independent conductor coils printed on one side of the vibrating membrane (1), and are pivoted
in different directions. One conductor coil (6a) has a terminal (8a) located at the solid / foot
portion of the diaphragm and a terminal (sb) located inside the conductor coil and 1r (la), and the
other conductor The coil (3b) is located at the fixed part of the diaphragm), has a terminal (9a) to
be used as a device, and a terminal (9b) located inside the conductor coil (3b). The fourth end
(8b), (9b) penetrates the diaphragm in (sb), (9b), and the conductor (opposite to the surface on
which the conductor coil is provided) the conductor (a surface opposite to the surface on which
the conductor coil is provided) 10) electrically connected, the two independent conductor coils
(3a), (5b) are connected in series. The conductor (10) may be a thin wire of metal foil, but as
shown in FIG. 4, it can also be formed of an eyelet (11) and a conductive paint (12). As described
above, the present invention connects two independent coils pivoting in different directions to
the conductor disposed on the back of the diaphragm at the terminal t-− located inside the coil
from (5) and connects in series Because it is
The pattern of the conductor coils can be left-right symmetrical, so that a balanced diaphragm
can be constructed in i [amount, stiffness, tension. ), A diaphragm excellent in acoustic
characteristics can be obtained. ・フ