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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic view showing a speaker apparatus
according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a schematic view showing the
same apparatus and a conventional full range speaker apparatus in combination. E Speaker for
middle and high range playback, 7 ° full range speaker. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-61-
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention is a simple and full-range speaker
system that can be used as a speaker system, and% to reproduce the sound y-shintan output from
the amplifier to all one wave number band with one speaker. The purpose is to make it possible
to restructure at low cost multi-speaker @@. In general, when reproducing speech, it is preferable
to reproduce the whole town m frequency band well with one speaker. So the whole frequency
vhm wave number band is reproduced in two or three divisions such as bass, mid-high and low
bass, mid-bass, treble and so on by using special Sbi 2 power Multi-speaker equipment is used.
However, this device is expensive due to the fact that several Australian speakers are housed in
one cabinet, or due to the use of a diplexer circuit as a fee for area division. Therefore, the
method of reproducing the audible eight-wave band by means of ril loudspeakers with an
inexpensive speaker device is taken as an option. By the way, Shun # 4 cloth who bought 1 fullrange type speaker device in the upper τ, wants to make the quality of the sound of Niyu in
order to make it possible to sinter clay, or if it buys a multi-speaker device sadly Do @ full lenz
speaker made chopsticks @ マ Ma · · It is possible to think of a way to remake it as a speaker
device, but the speaker equipment used by the former cane is now unattractive because the
speaker equipment used by the canal is unattractive, and the @ person is a reckless government,
h% m or membership fee There is a drawback that if you can always get a good +1 + monster,
there is no Fi habit. The present invention μ eliminates such a conventional defect, and a fullrange speaker device can be easily changed to a single ruchisbika wheel side 1 east bong 1 st 1 li
1 st poison 1 * 1 U 1 a 3 A speaker device is provided. Hereinafter, an example of the -lI right of
the present discussion will be described with drawings. FIG. 1 does not have the speaker
apparatus of this embodiment, and is composed of a cabinet 1 and a single-wave splitter
(network) 2 housed in the cabinet 1 and a speaker 3 (tweeter) for middle and high frequency
range now. ing. The above divisor 2 is the tone signal from the input terminal aKE lj added to the
middle-high range compensation and the bass signal ('· T split C as well as the middle-high range
signal output 1 The speaker is accustomed to the loud speaker 3. This figure shows a multispeaker device configured by combining the above-mentioned main speaker @ 1115 with the
conventional full-leninovy force device 6 in s12, + wave unit 20 V range signal output terminal C
is a full-range speaker device Wk & is made to the full-range speaker 7 that constitutes -6.
If life is performed in this state, middle-high mounting is possible from the speaker a of the
speaker mms +, and low-frequency sound is now generated from the speaker 7 of the speaker ca
6 so that good ^ 7 +: I11 can be collected. In this case, the output level of the speaker 3 is
adjusted to a level by the level adjuster (not shown) K provided with the branching 62K'A 4 so as
to match the level of the speaker 7. As described above, according to the speaker device of the
present invention, it is possible to easily change the configuration of the multi-speaker device
K11l without any modification to the conventionally used full-range speaker device, and a good
reproduction sound can be obtained inexpensively. It is possible to obtain a great practical effect
that can be obtained.