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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are diagrams for explaining the
operation and characteristics of a conventional cone-type speaker, FIG. 3A, the mouth is a crosssectional view of the edge portion of a conventional cone-type scaker, FIGS. 4 to 6 are views
showing the edge of a cone type speaker according to the present invention, FIG. T is a sectional
view showing an embodiment of the edge portion of the cone speaker according to the present
invention, and FIG. FIG. 9 and FIG. 9 are principle diagrams for explaining the principle of the
edge of the cone type Sbicaker according to the present invention. Explanation of the main figure
number, 7 ··· vram, 8 ··· cone, 9 ··· edge. Fig. 2-61-Fig. 2 (2) Fig. 3 (b) (2) (0) Fig. 4 L = (5) Fig. 6
(Fig. 6) ○ ○ (a) (LJ) Fig. 8 7-62-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication 52-54624 (3)
Fig. 9-63-
【Detailed description of the invention】 1 Ming-Name of L 4 コ シ ー シ ー コ コ 炎 市)))))) 島 島
〕 這 這 這 ン コ ー ン コ ー ン コ ー ン コ ー ン 19 It is bullet power C two kPV%, bullets! ! A
link-shaped edge that is made up of a column that casts a castle from one of the bodies. The first
forged part of the outside # corridor of the Etsuji of Eta which is less than at least%, and ffllli% L
(the cabinet is 2 l! il λ ピ ー カ フ カ フ ー レ ー and at least 1 l III! + 2 relic-like collar 2108 1st
part of the second coffin gun capital and direct relaxation 4 L (a threshold bowl; constant n cone
and t ′ ′ =, t, エ 11 of the edge and speaker frame! + Some part, 工 ′ ′ y 5 and the second
loose city of the corn ‒ the heavy condition seems to be brownish in the predicative LD%: (1. Ko
who is determined to have decided to open: JIIIi's first strength. a4 '') If'- is complemented by one
'is--: Improvement of the JtJ speaker, and the cone layer speaker's Eth! 19th with the 友 嵐 、, 改
改 改 特許 特許 特許 特許 2 特許 エ 特許 で で で. The power of the power of the power of the
power of the power of 1 徽 徽 1 il il 1: il 1 Figure g; In the situation where the first force is
stationary @ 1 =, one spike is a b-c-am-shaped T-shaped [li (: 65, l-n (indicated by a fortune))
Swing action 1: Therefore, if 1% b-('-= #-' s knowledge (or b-3-halt> with work), the edge is b-('-j
@@' If it is a4 c> Ella 5, +1! Three ゐ swords, which range from 域 (fl) indicated by the same
arrow in 3 to 刀 (fl) indicated by the arrow with the left in the figure and one rotation momentThe power is generated, and a red cedar is produced, and various foolish effects are generated
that overwhelm the speaker's original works. The downward facing sword (fl) acts as λ chiffnes
on the same side as the piston piston of the cone, and @ @ and the sword (閥 and rotating sevenmesito- It becomes. Therefore, if you are in the 44l) speaker, the 1st sex is open, and the Yuki
Fllllllv sword (fl) is. M2i1! 3C shown <1, 下 刀 (fl) and displacement @ gk are non-H ≦ 二 二
夷 な る な る ≦ ≦ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ 線 線 、 line,
approx. (112 Il! 1) 4) Ir) 1) It is recommended that 1 to 1 completeness be obtained by 1) IJi] left
flesh power (fl) and rotating t-mesit (complementary)-n It is necessary to remove it completely or
to remove it.
Follow fi! <Rat as known edge, No. 51. I! 1) as shown in i11 ') or (1), the edge of the
semicircular edge (υ 波形 波形 waveform edge +2) 熾-13 13μ 二 逐-L one end of the frame, 4)
and arrows a + 51 and 1;侠 憧 も の が カ ニ カ ニ カ ニ カ ニ j L s L above i) ial sword (f 嘴), left
facing sword (fl), concave-seven-mesit (rooster) is present The downward facing sword (fl) has a
righteousness in FIG. Load a net! (R% L (I2 shot [a certain form of a sheet: two or more are]) # for
the Bistoko vibration of-(8)! The F # sword does not stop the generation of the distortion (, and it
is impossible to prevent distortion. Furthermore, the eutectic is as jL overlying structure in the
Kashi 薯 speaker tray, and it's an ′ '! Against the effect of t 菖 4 tatami, prevention of resonance
I: a large edge of resistance to effect is desirable. In view of the various l) defects described
above, Honana is an l1it-diverged, and straight # l quality g 2 dkn, south of the non-capsular
collar 5)-to provide a speaker with the above-mentioned method A large pilgrimage area of the
city! Because iIt reference-it does. 4 cranes to 6 browns are the real bird's eye g; related "-n ss s
ve s s s: used eji s ink ink used 2-a) II J), and the collar 5 is a comb or shaft as shown in Fig. 4 C 2
As shown in section 5 of the 5th section 5), it is combined with att play to make a lissic state and
make 1 a l ・ ・ Iil column (61 is a 蘂 61 (a) case; as shown in the hollow-1 如 く as shown, 1 as
an 8 廖 萌 surface as shown in 1 chart Q). However, from the beginning, Rishik-like molded twopiece molding) produces @n against histo-historium of] -n. Unpreferable because it is in the
storage of the worm shaft main. Like the fifth meat! In the case of L, as shown in FIG. 711111
Nin 5 (7) is the speaker's memory, 1a) Fi speaker's cone-L field is the edge, and dO is another
sheet j: j) J! -In the material,-one frame (7) and fiIJg bini "951 Shun" said the edge (the season of
the outer circumference of the second part sI! 1 foot fL in the club, punitive kin "-n (8 と and ジ
ツ (9), 逼 M member-7 介 闘 闘 円 周 円 周 1-1 簑 足 1 pair It is done. However, IM of frame (7)
and ν, 19)!
Insert a delaying member separately provided in the part, and even if it makes 1-1111 contact
clear, 1) or-) the tip of 18)! i! ! We will process and connect the connecting member d.
Therefore, the shape of the edge (9% as shown in Fig. 7 is as shown in Fig. 9): as shown in Fig. 9:
as shown p i g n p n produced n, l, n As shown in Figure 1 "two parallel slopes (2) and four are
arranged, the edge (the season and 11111 at the M point, also-Ketsu Etsu! Narrowing while
holding a flat-shaped layer (1) and (4); (9) 911; !! It becomes 1018 shown to IO. If the shape
shown in this 910 is finished in the present invention in the completion state of the edge-U) 6
and the ninth position I-yu 9 move three points upward in the figure, the edge (9) 9) The work
shown in Fig. 9) ≦ ≦ −-Fig. 9 (Move to the upper blade while keeping the condition of Q). When
moving 3 points toward the lower blade, move to the lower blade like% Ii + J. As shown in Fig. 9, i □-Torashima et al. 11111 moves up F1 while sweeping the same shape without receiving any
power of a small-sized sword. Now @ @ l 81 j: Return to the specter. 7th offense ≦ earn a
second! 111), the frame (7) and the frame (7) and the explanation given in the (4) ring 4 and the
IIIJ image C 9 and thus the edge (91 seventy-one members four and σ 1 椀 a I-resulting force is
Only the sword (fl) between the F side is the% pressure direction sword (f2) and ll! 1-7-Men (搏
乍 (発 生 し な い ・ ・ 刀 刀 刀 fl) (fl fl fl fl 夛 夛 夛 夛 夛 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健 健, 夛 夛 夛 夛
ス. The relationship between the sword in the upward direction (fl) and the displacement is
shown in FIG. 5 i, and from FIG. 5 a typical crush 9, a sword towards the lower blade (fl) and
plexus-and I) @ 4 Mi 龜The target is obtained, that is, two 9 ° turn tg El /) j error 5 is obtained.
In addition, the leftward force (f2) and 1-turn t-mesito 14 are not generated at all I], so that there
is no capsule, no gold #), 夾 g; 7 from FIG. 5 It is hard to cause edge armor because the resistance
5μ of the Koshi-type speaker concerned is large enough to make it difficult to generate an
armored armor, and the deterioration of the sound image due to the resonance g2 is extreme I:
You can use pP. Sometimes,】-n C) piston J :: っ て エ エ downward direction g:: 工 工 、 工 た め
空 気 圧 空 気 圧 空 気 圧 で で で で で で で で で で で で で. Directional motion :: No
occurrence of non-pairing distortion caused by machining V, this 1 is a semicircular edge, 7)
large phase & point.
As mentioned above, this note 係 る〕 ン ン 金 ス ピ ー カ ・ ・ よ よ よ よ も の も の も の 提供
提供 提供 提供 提供 小 小 小 C)) C-CJ% C と もPreventing fresh fruits; drowning and practical. 4 6
'jIJC) jIIll bank example # 1 and #! Figure 2 shows the behavior of the rice-in-the-speaker's
speaker and the dignity t-squeaks) 囚 5 鵠 (図 is the lightness of Etsuji, the height of the edge of
the corn-shaped stalk of the master rice, Fig. 2 The 4th to 6th sections show that the invention of
the present invention can be maintained. The end of the first strength of the present invention
is η71 ′ ′, the iAa, the 4 vessels, the 2nd section of the Kashi 8 (2), Fig. 8 is -tg) bone property
diagram, and Fig. 9 is a cool sheet of a Koshi type sword σ] edge related to wood 楽 comfort!
The principle diagram of the explanation to explain in ・ King book 1111! 1/1 · · · · · · · frame, (8
evening · · · · · · · I field · · · 1 construction Siji. 夷, ljm draft i-applicant Sanyo fjl taste type
company representative 弁
[email protected] @ Figure 1 l! , Sa Tomi I ■ force rf ++ \ \ \ 3 °-\ \ / l (small.
], Too, +011, Kai b, I'm for now I '' :: '¥ Electric stock all village representative old Jl planting 261
.., 1. Fig. 4: Fig. 4 222: Two algae === 1 ° @ 5 Fig. 6 ○ ○ (1) 唄) · · l 1 l-レ) ii I · 1, representative
of Ryohiro Electric Co., Ltd. Distinctive smell) Uezu Tat 1 person 54624-· · ·: Figure 6 Figure 1 · · ·
· · 'i' ', bt /, + 9 9 Figure f 2), transfer 7 □' '7, 7' ',, 4J4 "/" ':' 7 ', 7'4. ++ 2 ′ ', </ ++ I + 12 q 11 i
excess il I 、 こ tY Electric stock ken representative representative 古 11 薫; l 546> A sopa'